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  1. Fair enough, i think i see the end in sight anyway to this, i guess thanks for looking anyway.
  2. I cant remember tbh, i did appeal a ban once when i proved i dropped connection although i think that was oasis. If im honest was probably to save plate or if id been rdmed but i know theres no excuse and ive never done it again, plate or not.
  3. No thats understandable, thankyou anyway
  4. Yes i have played under different aliases: secondcity, Herb, Captain_Darling etc, mainly plebbed unless i played for factions depending on the server, didnt really get involved with all the politics of the server over the years. And yes i tend to lurk on forums as i usually find it is difficult to incorporate yourself into already established forums and it can be social faux pas to start commenting into threads of which you have little influence or standing, that being said i liked to join the TS from time to time and hear what was going on whilst playing.
  5. No i can respect that, i looked through the archive and got the general gist of peoples previous applications and saw the way they usually went before submitting my application anyway, so i understand as i am practically an unknown and people are judging on the basis of what right have i to do this or that? Which is fair. Appreciate the feedback anyway bridge, food for thought.
  6. Lol yes that is exactly what i said
  7. I thought a bit of impartiality would be a good thing? How is an admin fair if everyone is mates? More chance of bias if you are friendly with the user. I am a recent ftm for lannister, and ive modded irc channels, reddit and servers before, one of them being my own. Nevermind though, dont ask you dont get, I honesty dont mind if its a no i just thought the forum could use a hand dealing with complaints and i had some spare time.
  8. Your in-game name: Ftm_Aeric_Lannister Age: 27 Are you currently a member of a clan? House lannister What position are you applying for? Forum admin. Have you ever been banned from from the server? If so, why? I was banned from nexus for combat logging before but not from phoenix as far as i am aware. Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words) I work as a shift lead in a hospital and have experience managing staff. I know it sounds silly but i feel the majority of the player base for PW is quite young, and i feel that bring some experience and age, along with fairness and neutral opinion, would benefit the forum. Especially in the player complaints section which i know needs constant attention. I have no particular bias towards any clan, even my own, and simply would like to help the server out, as although sometimes can described as a toxic community, i feel it is a good community all the same. Hopefully you will accept some extra age and fairness into the forum team, and also just to apologise for grammar, word count etc in this, but i wrote it on my phone. Also before people question my inactivity on this forum, I have always been active on nexus, oasis, legacy. Just haven't been on here much as of yet. Link to your steam profile: