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  1. then put ImDaGod out of the report if you think that way
  2. That was a valid war, we capped you. You need to use brain too cause you wrote "We are rdming that guy who declare" and im just laughting the hell outta me right now The guy who rdmed you was a pleb
  3. cant you read? 1. He is reporting ImDaGod / Filipo, he didnt attack you before war so then take it out if you dont want to use that 2. The Complaint he posted got solved ingame not this one, I think you need to use this phrase Use common sense where applicable! in your whole life pls
  4. First i was in the faction wich decleared you so i think i can answer here so lets beginn 1. The next things are to complaint AGAINST the illegal war and with that to defend ImDaGod 2. You take a complaint wich got solved ingame so noone could see what really happened 3. In the complaint there wasnt a cap Attemp(at least i think it was solved so), we capped your castle 4. If you want to use a complaint as your defense pls take a full one where you can see things
  5. Paying the refund if Ademarr cant find a screen with the aim on it
  6. https://imgur.com/a/5ZDvAex i could also get a video on but this SHOULD be enough Edit: I could also add a video so it is getting clear that its like ~4 seconds
  7. https://gyazo.com/0e651d68419041837d44cdd591f09705 https://imgur.com/a/PhilyB9 Dont ask me why 2 different sides, one is from filipo the other from me
  8. Idk if Germane is "involed", because nearly every report and post from him is invalid and retarded, if you didnt knew Filipo was banned for a time so he wrote me to do it, otherwise i can post old reports that could help ... just learn the rules before using not existing rules
  9. IDC about this i want to know if it is still a killreason btw the 5secods are reaction time and YOU wrote in your previus posts indirectly that you recognized the halt and dropped it then
  10. I spawned in the CI faction inside their castle, they halted me straight away demanded me to show pouch and kicked me from the faction. I showed my pouch and didn't move or anything, even asked what they are doing now. They started talking in spanish and killed me after like a minute without telling me anything. So did all HRE then because the day before it was the HRE faction so dont tell me that
  11. Have you ever read the complaint i posted? Ted is making sense instead of "New mod no existing rule" Edit: Ted " (e. g. player drops a moneybag to a friend, the friend takes it and runs off - no "no loot" would have been called, so the halting party wouldn't have a killreason) "
  12. Same admin yeah but as you can see in the second sentence, if you can read, it was with the ADMINTEAM ... and if you want to say NEW MOD NEW RULES why we are using the PW forum and most PW rules? You cant save yourself with NEW MOD NO RULES otherwise everyone could random everyone