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  1. I fully support this message!!
  2. Seems I have 6 days to burn through 200k worth of heavy horses despite the fact I never play cav interesting
  3. This map is called skyrim but literally looks NOTHING like skyrim wtf dekkers
  4. Perhaps this has already been covered, but what will happen to our forum inventories once the new mod is released. Will all items carry over? Will we be refunded the cost and all items deleted? Will they all just be flat out deleted?
  5. This I think is a matter of clans vs pubs. Clans (I presume) won't like this because it lengthens the process of stocking castles, nobody wants to be the poor guy selected to create 100 maces for the upcoming war. If this is implemented those 100 maces become 10x longer to create. However those who enjoy playing the mastersmith role, myself included, would love this. :( and we all know who wins any decision that is pubs vs clans
  6. Does creating new items entail 3D modelling, exporting to a certain file type then texturing your item, or is it another process?
  7. If you're going to make your own mod perhaps it would be best to create a new subforum similar to "support & Suggestions" where people can suggest new features for the new mod, and the community can vote on each idea?
  8. This. When you make events solely for clan members and throw out permabans for anyone who dares consider joining in on the event, you give off the impression that pubs are in fact not part of the community. I wasn't banned nor did I take part, so personally I'd consider myself a neutral party, but the fact this has occurred is down-right pathetic. If you're going to exclude people from playing the game and permabanning them for joining a clan-only event, make a clan only server. It's retarded.
  9. This. However there are many other ways to reward people, for example: Daily rewards. (x amount for killing x amount of players in an enemy faction that day, x amount for travelling x amount of distance during that day, x amount for crafting x amount of items) Implementation of something along the lines to "Repairing x amount of damage as a mastersmith/building x amount of ladders" gives you a few k, "Healing x amount of damage as a doctor" gives you a few k, "Travelling x amount of distance if you're trained the traveller class" gives you a few k, "Sailing x amount of distance as a sailor" gives you a few k. It all depends on what the new server side scripts can support.
  10. surely this is just inflation of the PW economy and nothing would actually change other than lowering the value of the gold people already have in their banks, and making their current bank limit less valuable too.
  11. :( I guess this map wasn't a success?
  12. Would it also be possible to track damage dealt too, rather than just kills?
  13. Wow, a map that might actually make me interested in launching pw!!
  14. Outlaws do not need to request help to be assisted by other outlaws. The above is a great rule. It means that pub outlaws who meet up in game don't break the rules by accidentally forgetting to say help, and it also increases the fluidity of the outlaws gameplay experience. However, commoners who meet up in game and decide to play together don't have such a luxury, and this could potentially lead to new players to the server being banned, and dissuaded from ever playing Phoenix again. I also often play with newcomers, and it's frustrating watching them getting halted and killed, and not being able to help them in the situation purely because they panicked and forgot to type help in local chat. They then ragequit, never to step foot on PW_Phoenix ever again.
  15. I like it. The armor was more for everyone else. I would love to see this list implemented.