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  1. No I just screech bias because certain people are biased. It's called a true statement. Aren't you one of those annoying bastard who follow people around on forums and always seem to be poking your nose into other peoples buissness who deserve to be exterminated?
  2. But admins don't have common sense.
  3. Admins often look only on one side of the story, I can confirm that he's new to pk.
  4. Do you want it at richfield or for the admins to do it?
  5. Sure... If that's what you want to believe.
  6. Do I sense the fact that you should get off this complaint?
  7. If you say so Pharis I'll give you 5k at richfield.
  8. You can have 5k. Better than being banned by a biased admin. I'm not paying more than that for a naked with fck all.
  9. Actually I can't be bothered with this there's no point anyway, sure I RDMed him he's probably an admin anyway ban me for a week, save you all exchanging money etc. Solved. If there's a rule that I can't rob admins/big clans can you not just have tags on so I know which to not rob?
  10. I halted you round about the armoury, counted to 10, you were already at the bank. If admins tell me to produce evidence you may aswell ban me since he's in a big clan you will anyway. I don't see why I can't play pk without fucking screenshots every 10 seconds and videos. It was 10 seconds. As in 1/6 of a minute.
  11. When Kebab complains about RDM and rule breaking.
  12. Never seen him RDM, as far as I know he never has. He's a valuable addition to Eu Phoenix.
  13. Vix I said halt and you moved to. get a weapon