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  1. no
  2. only virgins allowed on the staff
  3. would be fun to bully in admin meetings
  4. You were banned by an admin who left the team so one of these admins will help you.
  5. @Henricus @Secan @Onward
  6. Log into another server your Guid will show up at the start, we can't find your name without it.
  7. You were denied just 6 days ago, this just looks like you're gagging for admin powers.
  8. Accepted & moved. Your ban was lifted. The server updates the ban database every few minutes. Try and connect over the next 5 to 15 minutes. If you are still not able to connect, message the admin that dealt with your complaint. Make sure you understand the server rules before playing again in order to create the best possible in-game experience for yourself and other Phoenix players. [automated message]
  9. I banned you for RDM not Clog.
  10. It was a month ago, not really a long time. When are you going to stop RDM'ing people, you've already been banned for Mass RDM, I had to then ban you again for RDM.
  11. You've been banned since 2016 and your first action after getting unbanned is to apply for admin? Did you actually put any thought into this.
  12. Solved & moved. The complaint was solved by the admin and his verdict is the final judgement. If you have evidence that the verdict was given upon wrong proof, you may dispute the verdict by posting a ban appeal, message the admin on the forum or posting an admin complaint in this order. If you feel you were handled unfairly without valid evidence you cannot dispute the verdict. [automated message]
  13. Denied & moved. Your appeal to be unbanned has been denied. If not mentioned by the admin otherwise, wait a reasonable amount of time before posting your next appeal. If you keep spamming appeals in order to get unbanned faster, your ban will be extended further. [automated message]