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  1. So sorta like the current admins but instead of not being permitted certain admin tools, they just dont have the IQ to use them properly.
  2. his steam profile has pics to sum it up im pretty sure it only has baratheon inspired armour and the KG gear, nothing else, could be wrong doe
  3. This is phoenix' second website however this was used from april 2016 so the hoolio guy is a bullshitter anyway haha helper btw
  4. Yes my name was 'DeezNutz'
  5. If you wanna die of boredom then sure
  7. Yes i remember you wlecome back pal
  8. He just made you look like a right bellend
  9. Tbf there was a problem before with that castle spawn but it got fixed and the spawn was changed. Pretty sure they put on a broken version Not like I know who actually changes the maps, probably one of the retarded admins
  10. To be fair the main problem with PK is that most maps have material limits like 100 iron or some bs, meaning that all the stocks were done in 1 hour by the same sad human beings who log on at 7am and serfing was literally useless as no one made profit. Now this has caused 90% of the population to only log on for an hour or so for the same retarded boring siege. Both of your points make sense, a map needs to fit the current playstyle which is have everything already prepared for clans to fight for 2 hours a day, then reset. Mike also has a point that this really needs to change. The amount of times I've had people ask me to add stock to food in each castle on the conversions was pathetic.. I mean it's literally food how lazy has this community got. The server has turned into a TDM, and the server rules haven't helped much either and has killed off the pleb community hence why people don't need to play during the day. Thanks whoever changed the war rules you scummy cunts. Unfortunately making stocks low won't help the server situation, changing the ruleset will. Good luck with that when you have a bunch of morons circle jerking it.
  11. really funny
  12. Map is like 89% playable, just finishing armouries n'stuff since it's getting late and i wanna get off, ill wrap it up big lads the whole map is based on swadian theme, i didnt take parts from the actual mount and blade native map because im not a fucking loser but you get the idea also enjoy my precision X stats Castle 1: Castle 2: Castle 3: Castle 4: Castle 5: wide shots :
  13. i would luv to have that but people would QQ are your posts moderated or am i blind wtf
  14. Not Nord's
  15. yikes
  16. I literally saw you from the inner keep.. you had a courser and your buddy had a saddle
  17. You broke the gate along with another cav guy. What do you expect?
  18. The video you linked shows you attacked SlowBoi. SlowBoi simply killed a horse and therefore you attacked him, giving him the right to defend himself.
  19. Ye man just press the green arrow box to the right of my post
  20. fuck this community
  21. It's because some of the names in the list got pushed around. Atleast I think that's the case anyway, I remember some names being deleted and added for 1.2, so that's probably the cause, same happened with NA
  22. That was so difficult to read
  23. Fucking hilarious