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  1. hell yeah, all you wannabe whitecompany's
  2. Let everyone start at 15 mil so tav doesn't have the advantage at launch
  3. Id only say put barriers over the stairs to allow cav to go up them tbh
  4. It has a ladder that goes straight into the inner keep at the back, nothing needs to be nerfed.
  5. Pure arrogance will get you nowhere, stop trying to be edgy.
  6. If you're gonna be a cunt to someone willing to actually make something for this toxic community, then don't bother posting.
  7. enjoy your free shekels sir
  8. hi, your the most toxic community on the internet btw anyway since PK is coming out and will have better textures than vanilla which looks fucking disgusting I actually have the effort to make a map which will look decent for everyone, not only those in use a texture pack. castles in this map probably look nothing like they do in the actual books or show, mainly because there's no picture of them and no one has properly seen what it would look like, therefore leading to my own depictions of them. The map itself revolves around Pyke, the other castle are pretty irrelevant unless your some kind of GOT nerd. Ill rally up some pictures of each castle. Not close up as there is still empty spaces, but at least enough to get the vibe of the terrain in each area. Pyke ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ten Towers. Not an exact depiction but tried to make it "towery" atm its only an island with a boat to get over, gonna wait for the new tp doors in PK to allow foot and horses through. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vornnestone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hellwood Hold ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lazsloburg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Other ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Probably will add a village or something so people can go rdm, maybe a shop, but that seems pretty useless considering the website shop. Content King BTW EDIT : if someone wants to fix pics for me, ill transfer some gold as a compliment ;')
  9. theres your banner of peace
  10. The sigil is too high on the banner and wont fit the shield shape. I edited it for you
  11. Clan Name: --- Banner Description&Details: Noticed how only one baratheon banner was available, thought why not make both Renly's and Stannis' personal banners. Banner Image (Optional): First one might already be in PW, not sure, don't think so atleast.
  12. talmburg? east sussex?
  13. I'm sure going from around 20 to 60 in one day is quite concerning. No had 80% of the vote when I checked yesterday, now it has 50%
  14. Well someone's exploited the poll by getting their whole clan to vote "yes" for slower reloads. It was completely different yesterday with the majority voting "no". If players are gonna vote at least have your own opinion and not a clan leaders.