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  1. Remember when phoenix had a good head admin? i dont either, just checking
  2. as said in the title just something quickly put together. this will be finished, just wanna put real life study before map ofcourse. this is also stops people like semke crying that i never finished anything for this cancer community
  3. shut up loser /vouch
  4. Thanks for reminding me I killed him. Can we have the logs some seconds before where he took money from the chest? I also still want to ask why you're reporting me for clog, I wasn't in a hostile situation as I had already killed you. No one else was attacking me.
  5. Stole from our money chest lol and not sure why you're reporting clog? UPSET?
  6. andy vouched therefore i /devouch
  7. Gay Turk??????
  8. I think someones upset plop killed them on a video game
  9. i mean, otto rhen ulfur lmao
  10. /Devouch
  11. The hounds are back awhooooooo
  12. They probably have something against Mongolian blackbelts.
  13. @Espanagorrito :)))
  14. Cheers