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  1. Not Nord's
  2. Map is like 89% playable, just finishing armouries n'stuff since it's getting late and i wanna get off, ill wrap it up big lads the whole map is based on swadian theme, i didnt take parts from the actual mount and blade native map because im not a fucking loser but you get the idea also enjoy my precision X stats Castle 1: Castle 2: Castle 3: Castle 4: Castle 5: wide shots :
  3. A real laugh out loud moment
  4. I literally saw you from the inner keep.. you had a courser and your buddy had a saddle
  5. You broke the gate along with another cav guy. What do you expect?
  6. The video you linked shows you attacked SlowBoi. SlowBoi simply killed a horse and therefore you attacked him, giving him the right to defend himself.
  7. Ye man just press the green arrow box to the right of my post
  8. fuck this community
  9. It's because some of the names in the list got pushed around. Atleast I think that's the case anyway, I remember some names being deleted and added for 1.2, so that's probably the cause, same happened with NA
  10. That was so difficult to read
  11. Fucking hilarious