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  1. I did stop in a few seconds after the message.
  2. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Lannister_Kachok_Durachok The person(s) you are reporting: [RKP]Astrid_Thors The time and date of the incident: 18:15 - 24/07/2018 What you are reporting them for: RDM (Random Death Match) The full story: I was riding in Richfield and accidentally rode through Astrid. As it was low speed bumps happen twice automatocally (as she was still inside the horse) yet I rode through here once, I think it's a known feature. Then I was told to halt and instantly was killed. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: logs Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No/10k
  3. Your GUID and name: Lannister_Kachok_Durachok Reason for refund: I joined for the first time on this very map. The serwer spawned me somewhere at the bottom of the sea and I drowned with a precious tin. Date & Time: 9:00 p, GTM+3 Did you take a server crash refund (if applicable): Link to the complaint (if applicable): Screenshot: Estimated amount: I don't know the cost of all items so... ~50k (was a rly good tin) or if you check the items I lost -- the exact cost of them.
  4. Filipo's complaint only state that the trial admin had a consultation with higher admins, no criterium stated how they decided. Therefore, I will simply ask @Secan to introduce us their view on this very issue with lands... to finally close this complaint as solved/invalid. I think there's nothing to add here so let's abstain from posting till Secan finally comes.
  5. I left the area where was halted lol, and didn't enter your lands. And that complaint showed that high rank admins didn't call it sb's land. Both there and here that guy and me were distant enough. I don't comprehend why you still can't see obvious things, that I was entirely on the neutral field.
  6. You'd better be entirely convinced that you believe in what you think more than in what you see with your own eyes since it's a clear lie that I was at your gates/farms, check your own SS. And in that case he tried to imprison which appeared to be invalid. Matching the complaints and dislocations of all essential objects here and there (positions of the offended, clear castle lands) leads to an obvious conclusion that I am right here about lands and it was RDM. @Secan It was fair enough agreeably outside the borderline and it was not at the farms or any other serfing shit, check the SS where I actually was lol.
  7. Have a precedent on this very matter where it was decided to be a neutral chunk of land. This one shows that it is not just my imagination but a decision of high rank admins. (he was halted close to castle walls and thus some decided to arrest him thinking it was their land) With THIS complaint I had my estimations that I was clearly not on their land and managed to follow the demands (not to enter hre lands and left Wulf). @Secan
  8. You are that man who has his own frame of what chunks of land belong to him and with this see some evident things in his understanding. The field is not f yours and I was running only there, shut. So if you halt me and then I decide whether to rape you... you already know the answer to attack me? You already know that I will turn suddenly left or back? Omfg Yeah we both write a lot of bs here, it's quite hard to explain you your borders and your prejudiced cries that some Kachok was "trolling you" and for that some HRE were so driven up the wall... KILL THAT F TRANNY, HE APPEARS IN MA EYES WAY TOO OFTEN. Your lands... Anything beyond borderlines AIN'T yours, wake up. I drew your approximate borderlines, I was not even close to them, wake up. Players are not supposed to run half a map to comply to LEAVE. It ain't the first time I am told to leave lands, even Praven lands on this map, nobody gave a shit when I got farther than those wheat fields. You appear to be the first ones to have some shit that far from castle lands. Some mad clan members wanna justify their actions by means of own interpretating of unclear things about castle borderlines with some incongruous whining... HE DIDN'T RUN TOO FAR, HE IS NOT FAR FROM OUR LANDS, HE MIGHT SOON COME BACK AND STEAL A SCYTHE FROM OUR POOR SERF AS HE DIDN'T 100% DECIDE WHERE NEXT TO GO. Circus has come, buy tickets...
  9. Nothing... yet he has sense to call that chunk of land to be not yours. And as I said million times, I followed all the demands. Didn't enter your land, got away from the place where you halted me. When I did what was told, I was free to choose my own time and path anywhere farther away from some toxics. My was-current position had nothing against your demands thus you had no right to slain me. These borderlines, that everyone has his own view is total shit and mess. Yet it is not regulated anyhow and thus you had your own estimation of where is your land as well as I had mine. It pushes me to call that a misunderstanding and for that reason I wrote what I thought in my previous post. Lying you say? So generally moving towards spawn must be unstoppable including the fact that I made quite a distance from you? And once more... the exact demands were followed and then on my way I could like... write something, scratch my ass, dance a little, my business. Only if I had turned back or to Praven/Old Port... I didn't, though. Example: some boi was told to leave, he went 30-50m, stopped to write his mates that the bastard who had stopped him was KOS, and then would have continued his way.
  10. I was strolling along that very moment of running and actually left Wulf and didn't trespass. Because it wouldn't have given them a reason to kill anyway, I go whenever I want and my chosen path was simply safe (tho it appeared to be the other way). Chunks of land belong to some castle only if there's a castle/wall/gatehouse/farm/pen etc, something functional. I cannot relate to that an empty chunk of land with some grass, such a statement would be groundless. It was my ESTIMATION that they wouldn't have touched me there (in the wild field) and in comparison to your believings mine has more sense. Annd... ye we don't get along, the bigger reason to do some shit to me. We have quite different views on the land and here it is essential. And even an ex-admin said here that I was not technically on their land. SInce the other side do so strongly believe in opposite I can call it a misunderstanding (till we see some clear explanations in the rules). Misunderstandings are usually solved with some refunds to the damaged so I will gladly accept a refund for a wedding dress set + cheap weps + EU SHOP cooldown (24h) on that dress.
  11. 1. You did 2. I was 3. Incorrect, I was actually leaving the place where you halted me and not trying to run towards your lands. 4. I left your area (ran quite far from the place where was halted) and didn't enter nor was trying to enter your lands. 5. I did get due to Oswald's obtuseness. 6. I actually did expect since they help me to prove my was-actual dislocation and the details I explained via them. I didn't return, I left them and was in that wild field, I am not supposed to run through half a map.
  12. Don't quote a question like my statement, you falsify my explanations, glue sniffer. These *HRE imprisons ppl for no reason* *HRE does wrong things* were my phrases to judge your clan for imprisoning a peaceful man, if you call those killbaits - kys. And asking for a meeting in this story is never a killbait. What Leopold did was rather a mockery. You got warned for horsebumps so you can't call them pointless.
  13. this is the pic of what happened and the SS supports it with the positions of me and Oswald
  14. I drop this as the time was actually short.
  15. Proofs of harrasing you all-entire day or get out with your whining and overstating. I have decried your clan only when was imprisoned for no reason and killed a few times (horsebumped, shifted off the bridge, stabbed in the field), simple reaction. I didn't return, I was in the wild field that doesn't belong to you. Give her somebody a slap for lying here that I returned ON THEIR LANDS (as actually I dislocated on the wild field with a few timbers). It is natural to not accept refunds for being killed after following demands.