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  1. Proud EU players boycott an NA thread on the Phoenix forums, circa April 2017
  2. What, is that a saudi arabian woman leaving the house alone? Without wearing any head coverings?
  3. It seems like this thread has had 2 effects: The EU people have realised I'm right and have joined me in calling for an end to this, but the NA people are only getting worse with their gibberish and since I made this poll even more random ones I've never heard of before have appeared out of nowhere.
  4. Even this thread isn't safe from it
  5. The results are looking completely clear so far, especially since most of the "no" votes will be coming from those Americans themselves.
  6. Since we don't have people like Hestia on the team, and most men pretending to be female are in Lorraines (Alice, Aleria, Janni) this man would be a fine addition to the team to represent a certain demographic
  7. look my parents were from mexico, but I'm a proud american!!! (posts unfunny meme)
  8. As someone with a shadowplay recording of the entire war from a cavalry perspective I can tell you it's not true, sorry And no, it's not part of a pre-planned "Order 66" to horseblock the spawn either. Unless the codeword to horseblock the spawn was actually "don't horseblock the spawn cav."
  9. Some outlaw groups will make things a bit more interesting, and stop people from roaming the map with 0 coins, knowing they can't lose their gear if they follow every demand.
  10. Trying to calculate if the donation revenue from NA will outweigh the cost of their server
  11. Rogg>>>>>>>>Outlaws>>House Stark
  12. Personally, the solution to this would be to have the spectator system as it is, but after 20 seconds of being within spectator various videos from Spudgun Official begin to play
  13. Sorry this is not an age Please enter 1 number, which is your age I'm 20, not 19 nearly 20, not 20 nearly 21
  14. The anti-UAV cold blooded perk would be wearing a felt hat
  15. Could someone please give me a quick rundown on Bawo?
  16. Jesus Christ dekkers, there's no need to pour all your inner emotions into this map-making.
  17. Gerald "Princess Sivy" the Hidden doesn't like you so it's a huge /Vouch from me
  18. In this case, Mexican
  19. When you go to see if any heart-warming old nostalgic PW screenshots have been posted but it's just Dekkers shitposting Here's North Korea marching through Glunmar village circa 2012
  20. If only there was a feature on most forums which allowed you to create a piece of text or indeed picture which would automatically be displayed underneath all of your posts. - Funny Gif
  21. I don't know tbh Is anyone else apathetic about this?
  22. I once used an alternate CD key and a different steam account, went on PW under a random new name, joined a small clan and had a decent time with them and stopped then stopped after a little while
  23. Baino's been waiting his whole life for this one moment, because he knows roasting John is the only way he himself can get to Glopaxi