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  1. No wonder these Germans went underwater, it's the only way to be safe from British firebombing.
  2. I would have thought posting DISGUSTING ANTI-SEMITIC depictions of Jews like that is illegal in Bridge Troll's country too
  3. *Breathes in* Noo, plated charger down
  4. Times have changed, I've got a clan and a YouTube channel.
  5. Good times This weather report is more relevant than ever on today's Realm Divided
  6. It was a good war and they waited patiently while we amicably handed back a castle which we didn't damage outside the purposes of sieging it and stole nothing from
  7. The weaponisation of complaints continues
  8. Slow the fuck down there, 20 minutes isn't long enough for the Saxonies to give their side of the story.
  9. It doesn't matter if you actually hit me during the fight or not, we had a fight nonetheless and here's a screenshot proving it.
  10. Okay, say for argument's sake that my "no loot" was invalid, you still attacked me therefore my faction members have a kill reason on you.
  11. I told you not to loot inside the teleport door room, you and Janni then killed me. Jochen, being in my faction, had a kill reason on you because you looted when I said no loot, and then attacked me. Do you not remember this happening?
  12. It's irony of course
  13. They weren't at war because you can see this message come up. A rookie error, Cappy, but I'll let it slide this time.
  14. (((Phoenix Lottery)))
  15. So you can't block the spawn itself, but you can block 100% of places a spawn leads to thus basically blocking the spawn. Gotcha.
  16. Or maybe he solved all of those complaints, thought "what in God's cock am I doing with my life" and decided to take a step back from this madness.
  17. >tfw too intelligent to not be toxic
  18. I did halt you, I can upload the video showing you not halting but I think this will be enough to jog your memory. 60k for that gear is having a giggle by the way.
  19. A Lorraine siege but every time a Lorraine posts Nazi material online it gets faster
  20. The music is disorienting, and the sped-up video zooming around everywhere is disorienting.
  21. Fair enough but there is a big dedicated RP server called Calradian Roleplay which you will probably enjoy more than Phoenix