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  1. I'm coming back for this. You may not have consulted me, but I'm the non-toxic fun-loving kind noob-helping Youtube professional this community needs
  2. Pleb wars are shite with this spectator system, you die constantly, normally you could watch the other fights but you have to wait 30 seconds. I tab out of the game, and lose interest
  3. Sure, Tav is a Machiavellian schemer, no doubt about that one, but AURION? The secret mastermind pulling the strings behind the PW community??? @Aurion get a load of this
  4. That's what they said about you wasn't it? Flavius 2017
  5. The clan isn't interested in paying a ransom to get the player back The clan is interested in paying a ransom to get the player's tin back. If the ransom is higher than their armour was worth there's absolutely no point paying, and if the ransom is lower than the worth then the clan with the hostage wouldn't bother giving a ransom
  6. How dare you insult the great and noble lord who I am the squire of, retract this inflammatory slander or I will take up arms against you on Ludus
  7. Since we don't have people like Hestia on the team, and most men pretending to be female are in Lorraines (Alice, Aleria, Janni) this man would be a fine addition to the team to represent a certain demographic
  8. Sorry this is not an age Please enter 1 number, which is your age I'm 20, not 19 nearly 20, not 20 nearly 21
  9. Could someone please give me a quick rundown on Bawo?
  10. Jesus Christ dekkers, there's no need to pour all your inner emotions into this map-making.
  11. Gerald "Princess Sivy" the Hidden doesn't like you so it's a huge /Vouch from me
  12. In this case, Mexican
  13. Following the general direction PW has been going in for the last 3 years is hardly a shocker
  14. There's a glitch in Hellwood Hold at the front gate where the bridge is. If you move towards the gate on a horse your upper body glitches into where the enemy shieldwall would be. You'll see it in full effect in my next video, stay subscribed to Spudgun Official!
  15. He sounds like a hard man, better not devouch in case I get jumped outside Tesco
  16. I like your profile pictures Same age as me There couldn't be a better candidate for admin (other than me), vouch
  17. Sorry, on this server we don't normally allow PW clan leaders to be admins at the same time.
  18. My official predictions for the map
  19. Kingdom of Lorraine: *Has more numbers* Why the fuck ar starks camping archer spam?? House Stark: *Has more numbers* Why the fuck are lorraines camping archer spam??
  20. I don't hate electronic music per se, but for God's sake why does so much of it have to be do disorientating and constantly going up and down in volume - and why are these ones the only ones blasted over gaming videos
  21. Not Alaric