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  1. Baino's been waiting his whole life for this one moment, because he knows roasting John is the only way he himself can get to Glopaxi
  2. Following the general direction PW has been going in for the last 3 years is hardly a shocker
  3. >When no one gets the joke
  4. He wanted to give things a more hands-on approach
  5. Back when banking was done manually. I think this was the first time I got plate in PW "Community Support Danny" asking someone to drop the money bag to go in his bank
  6. Okay now start getting a faction up please
  7. There's no hypocrisy in saying "my civilisation is superior, let's take over the inferior ones". Europe was superior, but now it's not, and we're being taken over. Our job isn't to complain about it and say it's morally wrong (which it isn't), it's to make it superior again as it should be. It's worth noting that we weren't taken down by conquest, but through subversion. Firstly, your emphasised "you", when talking about Europe makes it seem as though you don't consider yourself part of Europe at all. Whether you are of European heritage or not, Zaira, you are enjoying the benefits of Europe's past wealth and glory just by living a normal life here, so it it benefiting you too. To put it bluntly; we had a right to African land because we decided we did, and (we could have decided) Africans didn't have a right to European land because we said so. You see, I don't fall for any universal principles of human rights here, I take into account most of human history where people conquered because they were superior. No civilisation, up until the 20th century, didn't conquer another when they had the chance just because it was "unfair", or "we don't have a right to their land". They bloody well conquered for glory and power. I might be sounding very jingoistic there, but in reality we didn't just slaughter Africa and brutally conquer it, we did treat them well when compared to those past civilisations I talked about, many of which simply killed or enslaved everyone. We certainly had the means to completely wipe out races but we didn't. Well, in some cases we unwittingly did it by spreading disease to America but that was unfortunate and we couldn't have known it would happen. It's all down to my priorities; I happen to believe that ethnic and cultural homogeneity is more important to a nation than a short-term benefit to the economy.
  8. Might makes right. We took over Africa because we could and it benefited us. I would prefer it if everyone on the right could just get on with admitting this instead of trying to argue about it on the basis of the left's idea that every civilisation should be held to the same standard. We were simply better, at everything.
  9. You can tell from the video that I had no idea you were coming until I had already brought the skirmish towards those ruins. Also, Orys was already there
  10. These two points are irrelevant as the kill reason was that you were inside a skirmish zone
  11. The skirmish had been going on, prior to this, for a long time all the way from Praven to the Iron Abbey bridge That skirmish was continuing through me fighting Rabadox, Baraa and other lorraine cav (You can see them trying to attack me as soon as they see me) Towards the start of the video you can see a fight going on at the ruins - That is Orys Lannister fighting Lorraines in the skirmish too. You know it's him because you can see him talking to the Arborean outlaw (who had been interfering in the skirmish a lot) in local chat as I ride past Overall it was quite obviously a skirmish zone. Bawo strolled into an area with an ongoing cavalry fight and should have watched his back - instead he walked in to the skirmish zone thinking "hehe if someone attacks me I'll report them and not accept a refund"
  12. Alright lads complaint over, chuck it in the invalid banmongering bin.
  13. It was a clear skirmish against your faction, I will have shadowplay of it up later.
  14. The Left circa 1960: Don't worry, if we allow openness about sex gays will never become accepted The Left circa 1980: Don't worry, if we allow openness about gays, paedophilia will never become accepted The left circa 2017: Look, we can't punish paedophiles, if what they're doing doesn't necessarily harm anyone!!!
  15. When you apply to House Lannister
  16. Just a quick reminder that the free market was the right's desperate, foolish response in utter disarray to the massive unleashed forces of social liberalism which exploded after the folly that was the Second World War. A true conservative person should avoid free-market liberalism, and support Keynesian economics and protectionism. The above statement is what I always say three drinks after I promise not to get political
  17. There's a glitch in Hellwood Hold at the front gate where the bridge is. If you move towards the gate on a horse your upper body glitches into where the enemy shieldwall would be. You'll see it in full effect in my next video, stay subscribed to Spudgun Official!