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  1. I don't know tbh Is anyone else apathetic about this?
  2. I once used an alternate CD key and a different steam account, went on PW under a random new name, joined a small clan and had a decent time with them and stopped then stopped after a little while
  3. Baino's been waiting his whole life for this one moment, because he knows roasting John is the only way he himself can get to Glopaxi
  4. Following the general direction PW has been going in for the last 3 years is hardly a shocker
  5. >When no one gets the joke
  6. He wanted to give things a more hands-on approach
  7. Back when banking was done manually. I think this was the first time I got plate in PW "Community Support Danny" asking someone to drop the money bag to go in his bank
  8. Okay now start getting a faction up please
  9. There's no hypocrisy in saying "my civilisation is superior, let's take over the inferior ones". Europe was superior, but now it's not, and we're being taken over. Our job isn't to complain about it and say it's morally wrong (which it isn't), it's to make it superior again as it should be. It's worth noting that we weren't taken down by conquest, but through subversion. Firstly, your emphasised "you", when talking about Europe makes it seem as though you don't consider yourself part of Europe at all. Whether you are of European heritage or not, Zaira, you are enjoying the benefits of Europe's past wealth and glory just by living a normal life here, so it it benefiting you too. To put it bluntly; we had a right to African land because we decided we did, and (we could have decided) Africans didn't have a right to European land because we said so. You see, I don't fall for any universal principles of human rights here, I take into account most of human history where people conquered because they were superior. No civilisation, up until the 20th century, didn't conquer another when they had the chance just because it was "unfair", or "we don't have a right to their land". They bloody well conquered for glory and power. I might be sounding very jingoistic there, but in reality we didn't just slaughter Africa and brutally conquer it, we did treat them well when compared to those past civilisations I talked about, many of which simply killed or enslaved everyone. We certainly had the means to completely wipe out races but we didn't. Well, in some cases we unwittingly did it by spreading disease to America but that was unfortunate and we couldn't have known it would happen. It's all down to my priorities; I happen to believe that ethnic and cultural homogeneity is more important to a nation than a short-term benefit to the economy.