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  1. Not very long
  2. I have ascended
  3. Some call it a refund, some call it paying for rulebreaks
  4. Eye'm sure, but even if I was the rules were suspended for this thread!
  5. Don't worry just some stock picture
  6. It's the eye of the tigerIt's the thrill of the fightRising up to the challenge of our rivalAnd the last known survivorStalks his prey in the nightAnd he's watching us all with the eye of the tiger
  7. When a naked serf accidentally gives you a technical kill reason
  8. While we're at it, let's remove paper from rock, paper scissors.
  9. My official predictions for the map
  10. How can anyone NOT like the above song
  11. Sorry I would like to apologise for the above post in which I gave a historical falsehood about the Danish participation in the second world war. I had always, for some reason, had 6 hours in my head as the time it took for Denmark to surrender. It was in fact 2 hours now that I have checked the facts. Apologies for the misunderstanding.