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  1. Were you aware that you're named after a famous company?
  2. That was a great edition of Phoenix News. But hold on - go and watch my new siege video
  3. Damn, it sucks that you're getting kicked from the server. But hold on a minute - I've uploaded a video go and check it out everyone
  4. IMAGINE THIS SCENE at the end, with no spectator
  5. Thanks, my conscience is now clear.
  6. I've never donated to charity and now I'm donating to a gaming server Am I a bad person, guys?
  7. I have numerous people agreeing with me. We're on to you. This won't be the last you hear of this.
  8. Glad other people are noticing it and it's not just me suddenly, coincidentally becoming shit at Mount and Blade combat just as PK came out
  9. UAVs are horrible though, I support keeping spectator gone, my idea is the best middle ground, best of both worlds. I really want this suggestion implemented since apparently it's just much easier to die in PK. Has anyone else noticed that even with medium armour you die in 2 fucking mace hits? Has anyone else noticed that a fucking hunter can be immobilised with 1 arrow hit? It's bloody awful now.
  10. Feature Name: Detailed description of your suggested feature: When you die, you "spectate" some random fixed point on the map instead of being able to roam like you used to, as spectator was removed. Removing spectator was good, but I'm quite annoyed by the downsides, which is that I have no idea what's going on when I die, around the area I died. It's frustrating since you used to be able to keep interested even after you died and watch what was going on. Now it really kills the action. It's especially annoying as I record everything, and dying is now really detrimental to getting footage because you can't record the fight continuing after you died. So my answer, which would solve this frustration, and not bring back any of the exploits that spectator had, would be to lock this static spectating point, when you die, to the spot you died on, or just above it.
  11. I'm not having a competition with Kloney I was going to do a video about his one, which is brilliant, but I decided to make one
  12. DOWNLOAD LINK: Featuring tracks from Spudgun Official, and Koifish, the music masters of Mount and Blade Also featuring special horn noises which you will find yourself by downloading the mod!
  13. Fantastic I'm going to do an in-depth mod spotlight on this
  14. I'm coming back for this. You may not have consulted me, but I'm the non-toxic fun-loving kind noob-helping Youtube professional this community needs