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  1. The more admins who are accepted, the higher the percentage of the admin team that does not consist of MrOtto. /Vouch
  2. Not Otto /Vouch
  3. That's a really good pack. But check out my latest video
  4. Answer: if he has broken the rules yes, and for a proportional amount of time if he hasn't broken rules, then no What a stupid thread
  5. We should vote no but implement a feature where your character starts to get increasingly marginally overweight, and move slower. After a certain point any attempt to mount a horse will result in its instant death. And they won't be able to fit into armour unless they use a special breastplate stretcher item. And also I would recommend implementing SCUM shitting mechanics.
  6. Thanks, very cool!
  7. @Chinkilla Pinging Chinkilla so he can come and respond to this complaint against him
  8. Reflect on this
  9. Alright lads, I looked at my footage and those logs that Evilmay posted, and familiarised myself with the whole situation again. I was the first to attack CI people, all the hostilities between us were starting by me, I'll take that responsibility. I don't know if the warzone rules, or my own reasons, make it legal or not. I don't know. I'll hand out any refunds (even though the complaint is banmongery and says "no" to refunds) or punishment. My reason for attacking the Mexicans was that our leadership told us that the CI were about to attack us all and fight with the enemy. I made a pre-emptive attack on some CI people in order to give us the best chance of surviving. I made the choice based on the war situation, instead of the rules. That's no excuse for anything, I'm just saying what I did. My footage shows us being told clearly, many times, that we were in imminent danger from the CI faction. And it also shows all of the movements, positioning and body language of the CI which backed up the suspicion of this threat. I hope my honesty will lead to some honesty from the complainers, like I said, it's very low-effort and banmongery. It just says "they attacked us for no reason - look at the logs", and it doesn't take into account the situation whatsoever.
  10. There isn't really a case here, the whole castle was a warzone throughout all this. These are the 2 classic signs of a low-effort banmongering complaint I have a recording of the whole thing, but I won't have time to look over it until the evening. It'll show the warzone, it'll show Swann leadership telling us that the CI were about to kill us (giving us all a strong reason to preemptively attack them, for our own self preservation, and that would be our leadership's responsibility for telling us we were in danger) and it'll show that a general skirmish happened between the CI faction, and the Swann faction
  11. As a House Swann member I really barely even know who Walex is. He's got one of those generic European continental male accents that just blend in together. He sounds the same as about 7 other people in the leadership. So it's no problem! /vouch
  12. This is House Swann right now. No other clans want to play because House Swann just demoralises them through constant success
  13. This forum is so dead that I don't even have a normal topic to derail by posting this video, and this topic I made ages ago is still so high up that if I made another one nobody would fall for it, and I'd be spamming So here you go
  14. Were you aware that you're named after a famous company?
  15. That was a great edition of Phoenix News. But hold on - go and watch my new siege video