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  1. that bad, i hope there is an animation or something in new pk update because even if its just for the RP, beheading people with actual blood sounds fun
  2. im asking mah man, i mean whats use of executioner axe if u can't behead people
  3. How do you use it to behead someone? does it actually behead?
  4. So hosting a persistent kingdom server is almost impossible unless u get a scripter or rent scripts from the devs themself?
  5. Are normal persistent world scripts engouh to host a server? (say u already have the database server etc) there is no need for a different scriptset?
  6. Is it not that PK 1.2 scripts are not compatible with PW scripts anymore? I find PW scripts but i assume they are not compatible with PK 1.2 anymore while PK 1.1 was.
  7. i typed scripts in the search thingy but i only find complaints and suggestions of making scripts. i can't find anything
  8. Are there any scripts for Pk 1.2? Free ofc thanks rats
  9. Persistent kingdom can keep adding content but trying to experiment things that are already in the game would also be fine. Like said before, a week of testing to see would not hurt the server. Only when clans will decide to play the child game and say they won't play if horse archers are on the map.
  10. Amen to that Its like the maps are all flat fields with no cover from arrows. If done right mounted archers could just be just a class used to harass rather then kill in 2 hits. You see mongols as a force that just destroys all in its path. It was not. Yes mongols were good horse archers but one of those factors is because they grew up in the harsh conditions and were trained from birth in horse archery and used this to their advantage. In europe you typically would raise an army, get farmers and train them on how to use a sword and formation training. There are exceptions for knights and lords but armies were mostly not as experienced. Another factor to take in account is that mongols made most of their kills in the retreat of armies and take them in open plains. This is persistent kingdoms u don't have flat land going to the horizon. Infantry with heavy archer support is the key like u said. That is in a way how Richard the Lionheart's beat saladin at the Battle of Arsuf. Facing his army to the coast he would prevent archers to shoot in the back of his army and when saladins army got confident they charged and got too close, where then archers and crossbows would rain fire upon the horse archers. Horse archers also had a shorter ranger then crossbow and regular foot archers because of the thinner bows
  11. Lol its not like factions will even come out of their castle even if there are no horse archers afraid to loosing their stuff to some plebs on horses
  12. good man
  13. Richfield next to montibel, i already get a feeling there will be a lot of pleb wars there
  14. i'll change my name to 89898998989 and when they try to halt i will tell em to say my full name and one second later i log off
  15. Add this and u will make it like the game floor is lava the castles are chairs the rest of the map is lava where u lose ur stuff Plebs will dominate the server hail to the plebs