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  1. Shrek is kind of right about this, how many times have i seen plebs stealing horses and just going into the water just of the sake of the guy buying a new horse Its about the same logic for the gold bars
  2. If there ever was a cringe compilation video for mount and blade, this has to be in in it.
  3. Good point, but you are in an english server and u are expected to speak english no matter what your native tongue is.
  4. Exactly, i mean using common sense u would know that doing that will just encourage russian players to not actually learn english (the language of the server) but just go their own way.
  5. more shekels
  6. did we never learn u in school how to make a proper argument? glue sniffer
  7. Just tell these stupid russians who can't speak english to learn it Why do they have to be special, put the rules in arabic while ur at it But hey, its cool from u to do it, but i just think it makes russians go speak more russian on the server and not understanding the english speaking people
  8. Can you only count to 1? because that's the amount of times u told me if i am involved or not. I am adding relevant information to the topic e.g: i examined the video and noted that in the chat u can clearly see you were halted way earlier because of how the chat disappears.
  9. Play this during a wedding lol or when you get invaded by some roleplaying viking whores
  10. Unless you type as slow as a fucking autist u can see in the chat it took u a while before u actually stopped running so pls stop tryna avoid
  11. Maybe if you change that "random fixed point" to the point where u died, i believe u have coordinates on the map when u die, if u could just save that point each time u die and let u spectate from there would be better rather then staring at some random bush in middle of nowhere
  12. You obviously bumped the guy just infront when the video starts and you can see in the local chat that you said "halted" because you were halted earlier but it did not show in the feed because it disappeared after you tried to run away. had to say this bcs reading these complaints and seeing this kinda shit gets poor plebs banned
  13. Sounds like on 17 July 1918 in the Ipatiev House, Yekaterinburg there will be a lot of fun
  14. Richfield is the ancestral land of the plebs. Its near the commoner spawn and our brothers can join us within minutes after joining the server if they are commoners. All the other castles are like walking n shit, thats way too much just to have a fight
  15. + Ur not able to declare if you are in richfield and people can't declare on u wtf is that bullshit