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  1. good man
  2. Richfield next to montibel, i already get a feeling there will be a lot of pleb wars there
  3. i'll change my name to 89898998989 and when they try to halt i will tell em to say my full name and one second later i log off
  4. Add this and u will make it like the game floor is lava the castles are chairs the rest of the map is lava where u lose ur stuff Plebs will dominate the server hail to the plebs
  5. when can i pay 10 shekels for admin
  6. I don't get it, normandy lost because they were worse then HRE what the fuck are the whining about? HRE had all the plebs including me were in HRE and i can tell u there were no major problems with "not listening to orders." Pubs can fucking organise an entiere war in EU_Phoenix by just typing in a fucking chat but u can't even fucking organise an attack on a small arena Seems like the problem came from the clans not the organisation. Yeah sure, expecting clans to seperate in two groups is expecting too much from this community u mean. Level of some clans/people is pathetic
  7. I suppose having a mix of cav,archer and infantry is the best way to have a big amount of players in the event
  8. Great event, if there were more people would have been alot more fun
  9. They are both based upon the persistent world module u mean i believe, but i think comparing persistent frontier and persistent kingdom is big thing, one has rifles one has swords lol
  10. What about the animation that also changes the hitbox, u could do some hidden passages along the map that are only fitted if you are crouched or proned. could be fun
  11. Why even ask such things xd, i can walk like a nosey individual
  12. Just disable horses and u will fix a whole lot of problems. Yeah, godwins are worth 10 for 1 man. Its not like they pussy out of each war or get fucked by pleb hordes each time. Sellsword are known among people ur the only one who seems to be out of touch
  13. Yeah xd, my bad
  14. A suggestion for next event could be the siege of paris by the vikings? a lot of close quarter fight inside the city could be cool
  15. Hey thats me on the screenshot :3 i was pleb Crusaders and muslims had their advantages/disadvantages I think the pile christians pretty much sums up what happend in the first fort on the wall xd