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  1. wow wow wow using a map from bohemia event on your own ?
  2. Restocking at least forcing them to play normal and farm. If i would put hight stocks, they will just join for wars and then leave after. Why would they sit there any longer if its not necessary ? High stocks wont help server at all. Problem is with server. It should be on for a week and not reset every morning.
  3. Whats wrong with starting stocks ? Its low, so workers have job to do and get money for it. If we would put high stocks in, no one would ever train as serf or engi, anymore. Not like i have a problem with that contact phoenix staff and if they agree, i will put high stocks, so you guys can only join to fight and leave server, but i dont rly see point of it. About helmet i was informed, will be updated
  4. Edit: Grinders added
  5. William said nothing about it but ye i can remove it. I removed original great helmet from casterly and added this one. Thought its same , just different view
  6. True, its been good for years. No sense to change it now.
  7. for backdoor there is only space for 2 ppl to go through. If clans cant hold a place like this by shieldwall 2 ppl, they shouldnt use castles like this at all ....dont u think ? And also....backdoor is originally made by me and dekkers on game of thrones map and its still there if im right, so there is really nothing new
  8. So you think, only clans with 30+ ppl will be abble to defend those castle ? absolutely bullshit And about adjust to the clans which plays ? Map was on other servers already and ppl didnt complaint about changing castles on their own so why would i do it here ? no way. You can hold backdoor with 5 ppl, u dont rly need your 30 ppl in...
  9. Remove backdoor ? not gonna make any updates for small clans. Thats not rly problem of map if small clans cant hold it. Practise more then, nothing else. Eyrie backdoor is to reach faction farm so ppl dont need to walk around. I will just remove wooden door. You found 5-6 ladderpoints in Casterly ? post screenshots please, i would like to see them
  10. Indeed, they are big. Map was made when there were lannisters, lorraines, starks and other big clans. For sure i would keep some castle as they are and prob remove or remake some of them. I havent been here for a long time so i dont know current situation on Phoenix, if clans and ppl still playing and how big are current clans.
  11. I dont really mind if ur are not going to attend anymore you have no idea how to balance events so what u wrote here is pure bullshit, nothing else. Not like ur the only one whinning here about balancing events.
  12. Im balancing event for numbers and clans to stand vs each other. I really dont get what are u talking about here. Not my fault if some clans cannot cooperate together to win a round. And i doubt there is a person who knows more about events than we do. One side is organization, second is community and clans. About balance again....makes no sense to split clans into two groups. This is not training server where you guys will fight against your own clan.