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  1. you were dying so often by Polaks, was no other way to make picture so.....
  2. yes, unfortunately idont have many pics to share. Who would know, it will be cool to keep them. its 4 years so
  3. Well, like i said. Years ago VoS had its own armoury, classes like sergeants, footman, archer and rets of farming classes. Was there to protect farmers and so on. I know it cause i was always making Bohemia Mining Company. It could be different version of VoS but village worked very well And this is where banner was. Pics taken 8 June 2014
  4. Agree. Unfortunately there are 4 war factions for clans. Lets say godwins and all pubs in Zendar ( main city ) like they had in the past. Then u got another 3 war factions for 150 clan members around....lancasters, nilfgards, french ppl, ice, bohemia, beaufort, england and idk what else. If u are expecting that faction with 70 ppl in will war another fac with same numbers, ur wrong. Cold war will prob start once again and nothing will happen on server than waiting for other clans to declare. Im glad,we have godwins, its the only faction not scared of losing shits. On the other hand, map is pretty cool for plebs, i must agree.
  5. So 4 war factions and village. Are you going to remake village so its war faction and not actually peacefull ? add armoury, weps, small village walls around, little defences. Years ago it was like this and it was cool. Banner was infront of tower. If its already war faction, sry for bothering.
  6. Yes, no point of banning people for shit reasons exactly, thanks that u said that. And refund i mean for doctor and pickaxes that Kari wanted to loot
  7. for next blind person, i said many times it was rule break but not rule break to make him banned for personal feelings. People getting banned for cart glitching in wars. This what he did is max for warning, nothing else
  8. ofc your feelings were hurt while ago before u reported him we smacked your head in war and looted your tin. No way you are doing it to protect phoenix of rule breakers. Your intentions are clearly personally
  9. I said it was rule break, not arguing. My point is u lost few HP and nothing else another person would ask for doctor or money for doc and get over it your report is clearly to make him banned even though only your feelings were hurt.
  10. rule break ? ofc it was rule break, im not complaining here. Im complaining about not taking money back for doctor. Video clearly shows that he had nothing on him and Kariso lost just hp and not even accepting refund, yes thats banmongering. But please, lets not make a discussion here, wait for admin. Im not saying he shouldnt be punished, im saying that no one lost anything.
  11. Im writing here on behalf of my member. In cart, there were 5x breads and pick axes which is 3k lets say ( 1 minute on video shows it ). If u wanna refund for cart u wanted to loot, fine, i will give u those 3k and next cool 500 gold for healing as u fell down from roof...... and i can imagine, it extremely hurt you, so maybe next 500 in case of sickness. Now lets make it clear. KarisokuroO* guy is reporting naked guy with nothing on him..... for glitching of course, BUT, not accepting refund even that he didnt die is kinda interesting. Its pretty clear that he is just banmongering and for what ?? for 3k from cart ?? its prety weirdo boy. Note: I can imagine that glitching with carts during wars and so on should be punished harshly but this is not that case. No need to banmonger here when u lost nothing.
  12. Thats pretty sad that u are getting extremely hurt via internet, i feel soo sorry now once more dont spam topic and wait for admin...
  13. Accepted, for more informations add: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198013056923/