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  1. ***edit***
  2. ye i got what do you mean, but Devs are going to add more things to this mod anyway, so they can think about this aswell and test, if its gonna work or not. Like i said.... It would change sieging ways and if it would work, they can remove then ladder props aka ladder and box which would balance it. The only problem i see is that if ladder is destroyed, there can be a space where ppl can be bugged in, but it never happend in CRPG. So ye, its all about to test all things about it if devs and community approve it. ladder gif: https://gyazo.com/be576d0448fa2d34dc8c46ea801e0ab1 for attackers it will be much easier to get on the walls with many ladders ( hopefully it could be somehow limited ) but for defenders, they would see for miles who is carrying ladders = balance for both sides and more interesting and fun sieges. Also ppl cant complaint anymore if there is originally only one ladder to siege enemy castle so they better stay and do nothing
  3. 3-5 hits were enough to destroy ladders if i can remember. I mean, it stayed destroyed forever ever, attackers had to buy / craft another one
  4. i dont see any problems about ladders working ingame. It would really fit for master smith class to be abble to build ladders on the walls. In the end its worth to test it :) It will change sieging styles
  5. Feature Name: buildable ladders Detailed description of your suggested feature: I think it would be cool to have own ladders in castle to craft and use in sieges. On Crpg mod you could buy i think at least 3 different ladders, different in length which you could put anywhere on the walls, gatehouses etc. Link: https://gyazo.com/be576d0448fa2d34dc8c46ea801e0ab1
  6. - Helheim castle is OP as fuck. Add some ladders to second wall. - Update stocks of all armors and weapons in castles. There is too many of them so no one can craft it. For example Springvale castle has 15 stocks of all heavy armors, boots, gauntlets and weapons even more. for Heavy things make max 1-2x so people need to craft it and other armors +- same. Its not event server. Make them to craft it on their own instead of this when all castles are restocked already. - same for horses. Put a lot stocks for sumpters, cart and saddle horses but not rest. - you need to make one more way to other side like unite lands. Its bad that you can use just middle bridge to go to other side of th land. - you need to set up iron, salt, gold, silver mines. you will hit it few times and mines are down
  7. looks nice Its more like city at all than village. it could also work as Main city on this map. Up to you if u want to use it like this. Then it would need other war classes
  8. Ye put there some normal village classes like serf, engi, smith etc and for soldiers only footmans and archers.
  9. indeed. Hopefully he will find some time to update it before map change
  10. u dont get me. I said to remake it and add proper war village like its on Normandy map now so ppl can fight for it.
  11. I suggest one more tthing yet and i guess everyone will agree with me. In th middle of map is Peacefull village ( shop or smth ) if im right. I think its totally useless to have some faction like this. It never worked cause soon or later its gonna be random fest around. Villagers usually halting, robbing and rdming arounds without chance to be declared on. Take some time and rework this place. Would be nice if you can make there proper village or small wooden fortress so people can actually fight for it. Will be also good as strategic position for clans.
  12. indeed
  13. They are afraid of losing they armors. Thats why they do not siege fair wars. U could see that they had 80-100 ppl in faction in last two days and didnt declared on anyone and now i think it will be just worst on this new map. who knows....
  14. as u can see everyday, big clans will camp anyway and it doesnt matter if its big or small castle. Maybe its just my opinion but there is so much open space on this map which make it for infantry almost unplayable. I can imagine that it will be also over for big skirmishes which happening everyday now on Normandy map and did on other maps. Well lets see how it will work. Map is nice and castles pretty just i dont think that it will help now when situation on phoenix is so shitty
  15. on westfold are all castles big and traveling from castle to castle is too far away + map is made mainly for Cavalry. Infantry will be useless.