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  1. I dont really mind if ur are not going to attend anymore you have no idea how to balance events so what u wrote here is pure bullshit, nothing else. Not like ur the only one whinning here about balancing events.
  2. Im balancing event for numbers and clans to stand vs each other. I really dont get what are u talking about here. Not my fault if some clans cannot cooperate together to win a round. And i doubt there is a person who knows more about events than we do. One side is organization, second is community and clans. About balance again....makes no sense to split clans into two groups. This is not training server where you guys will fight against your own clan.
  3. This map was originally made for pubs, small clans and such to have som fun. I dont think we have 200 ppl anymore to use for some serious field battle maps, where we could use all classes. About balance...i doubt any clan would play, if i would split them into two groups, so it makes no sense
  4. Yes, for some kind of events it can work
  5. Well, we dont need yolo cav in our events so i can live with that if you dont want to attend. Not like we already decided to do not let you to play as a cav, if you are incompetent to play with event rules.
  6. Haha, Otto said u gonna attend as a cav or not attend at all. Do not try to talk bullshit here. And whining ? I told him that horses were allowed to use for some parts of the event. Instead of this godwins were spamming them for whole event.
  7. Thanks, unfortunately some clans will join only if there is a cavalry class to choose.
  8. i plan to do it for another battle event ( not this one ). Factions will have limited resources to use for battle.
  9. and thats the problem of story line events. For us, admins its good to organize these kind of events, but for other ppl it might be .....meh to know they must die anyway as defenders or attackers
  10. i have bad experiences with battle events. Hard to control campers. If one or even both factions will decide to camp, it can ruin event.....but ye, we already thought about making the battle of agincourt. Also, im thinking about to limit arrows / bolts for our events.
  11. Sergeants and archers. Yes, there is no cav at all.
  12. yes, we added most of them for this kind of event
  13. Recruiting is closed, sorry.
  14. godwins ? yes. Event changed to pleb war where yolo couchers riding around and Otto ?? with godwins completely ignored my orders when i told them that horses are allowed only for some parts of the map. Thats all what i can say about it. If this map will be played in future, Horses will be locked. Nothing more to say. About england, That clan was the only one who actually tried to defend city gate. Godwins camped their horses behind, refused to dismount and defend a ladder for example. Templars then built a ladder and whole army moved up by ladder without losing a single man.
  15. Well im pretty sure you know what theme event is. And yes, main problem was spawn time for defenders. 120 vs 70 was pretty good balance, but unfortunately when defenders spawning in same time as attackers do, it is definitly a problem. We played this map back on pw mod and no one complained about it. Was also same balance 120 v 70 +-.