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  1. Im Outlow all my life and i have plenty of money.. Robing armored and selling they weps and armor. Its easy to sell. If u get halted all they can do is check ur money pouch.(make sure u always have 0)
  2. We cant store food, weapons, armor.... everybody at any time can come in and take it..
  3. Feature Name: Gates Detailed description of your suggested feature: Outlows need some kind of gates to protect their camp. We dont have privacy, we cant plan out our halts, looting castles, other factions just run in bump, halt and we are easly outnumbered. Would be nice if we have gates to lock ourselfs in and feel safe.
  4. so what i halted him and other outlow broke rules and now is my foult?.. If im wrong then i will refund him. Good thing this is from 3 days ago..i toght this is invalid and delited all my videos from that day.. rly nice..
  5. can you give more logs I know this is wrong ..
  6. In that kind of heat its better not to get close to fight.. Its hard for outlows to know who is friendly and who is not..Ur foult.
  7. Looks like they were fighting ur faction and u came for idk why(kill them??).. Its hard to see who is friendly and who is not in that kind of situation, because they are fighting whole faction.. Most of the times u would just attack them from back saying u "killed my faction members"
  8. yes Check logs. I didnt even touched you. And u were halted.
  9. As i was hunting him after he RDMed Funil he Cloged...