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  1. What???? First of all I didn't make any assumption I just gave examples to underline my argumentation. Second, what kind of evidence are you talking about? "He wouldn't call for help if Aurion was standing" should be an evidence? That's the same kind of evidence as saying "I didn't RDM as I don't RDM". Third: evidence is what I talk about. As you've been SA the last few months you know exactly that if I kill someone for not halting and he says he halted, I have to provide evidence that in fact he didn't. Quoting myself
  2. Well Tav that's kind of the same as "helping faction members": When I am in your faction and see you attacking someone, I kill him and afterwards it is found that you randomly attacked him, it's not me that has to take the blame but you. If someone calls out for help it's not up to me to check if the kill reason is legal or not, because I simply can't. But as I said: It's complicated
  3. Ok here some logs, it's confusing: 20:48:31 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Bawo_Lannister] QUEER HALT 20:48:33 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Bawo_Lannister] QUEER LAD 20:48:34 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Bawo_Lannister] HALT 20:48:40 - *LOCAL* [JudenNase_Ifeqevron] big man halt 20:48:45 - *LOCAL* [JudenNase_Ifeqevron] halt big man 20:48:47 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Bawo_Lannister] JUDENASE HELP 20:48:51 - *LOCAL* [JudenNase_Ifeqevron] show pouch to me 20:48:58 - a_big_man_who_is_scary revealed a money pouch containing about 0 coins to JudenNase_Ifeqevron. 20:49:14 - *LOCAL* [a_big_man_who_is_scary] May I leave? 20:49:21 - *LOCAL* [JudenNase_Ifeqevron] listen to bawo 20:49:26 - *LOCAL* [a_big_man_who_is_scary] ok 20:49:26 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Bawo_Lannister] HELP 20:49:28 - GoodTale attacked a_big_man_who_is_scary dealing 189 damage 20:49:28 - GoodTale <img=ico_couchedlance> a_big_man_who_is_scary 20:49:31 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Bawo_Lannister] no loot 20:49:35 - GoodTale put Old Tabard(ID: 90)into an inventory. 20:49:35 - Levy_Bawo_Lannister attacked Horse (GoodTale) dealing 35 damage 20:49:35 - Levy_Bawo_Lannister attacked GoodTale dealing 17 damage => So what will we do about this? @Bawo Do you have Screenshots or stuff that he indeed moved?
  4. In fact I was called to relog as Admin (was playing but zero included to the whole thingy). When I did almost everything was over. I announced first "Stop skirmishing Vornstone" second "cut the fighting now - starks too" and third "peace now or get banned" (As both Ifeq and Lannis chose to make war on Starks after I told them not to skirmish) to get the whole situation straight. I did this because I was told that Starks were being spawn-camped and the spawn was illegaly blocked. But as I said: when I finally relogged both Ifequs and Lannis already left Vorn. As things escalated a bit after my announcements Scorpia told me he will take it to the forum to relive me ( <3 ) and that's all I can contribute. If you ask me personally: A skirmish (or call it raid idc) is a fine little thingy, but when you want to overtake a castle with ladders, kill everyone from the faction and even spawn-camp: There is a game function included in persistant world that is called "war". It is there for doing exactly that kind of shit. A skirmish leading to spawn-camping is for me more like harrassment and as a spawn-block was reported I felt I had to intervene. @Hagaron @Tommy Some Senior may wanna look at this situation if it was ok or too much.
  5. I talked to both him and Brenn today in game and we solved it with a 10k refund. I reminded him that it is illegal and he will be banned if he does again (leaving a warning at his account). Solved.
  6. @Greaves Caught Miki in game. He excuses and is willing to refund. It's 433 per calf and as he killed 5 cows, let's make it 10k for the wasted time and stuff?
  7. Ok we have only 3 single attacks of Ascanias on cows (could be stray horses, too), but indeed I found this: 15:05:15 - *FACTION* House Lannister [Ftm_DeLeon_Lannister] They didnt kill the cows 15:05:17 - *FACTION* House Lannister [Ftm_DeLeon_Lannister] a pleb did 15:05:19 - *FACTION* House Lannister [Ftm_DeLeon_Lannister] i saw him 15:11:13 - *FACTION* House Lannister [Ftm_DeLeon_Lannister] Miki_Forever was rdming our cows btw 15:11:17 - *FACTION* House Lannister [Ftm_DeLeon_Lannister] he isnt in the ascania fac So I found this: 14:53:03 - Miki_Forever attacked Horse dealing 35 damage 14:53:34 - Miki_Forever attacked Horse dealing 33 damage 14:53:35 - Miki_Forever attacked Horse dealing 28 damage 14:53:40 - Miki_Forever attacked Horse dealing 36 damage 14:53:42 - Miki_Forever attacked Horse dealing 35 damage 14:54:09 - Miki_Forever hit door for 1 damage. 14:57:01 - Levy_Levhan_Lannister attacked Miki_Forever dealing 41 damage => Have you any screenshots or shit of Ascanias attacking the cows? Miki has 24h to respond
  8. @Anal Inquisitor Alright man, as it was your first offence and you indeed waited two month I belive you regret it. Just do stick to the rules. Unbanned
  9. @Tywin No Tav we just had a unban appeal about that: A skirmish is a fight between two factions were everyone has KOS on each other as long as it is ongoing. A "help" just involves random people to it. How shall I know who I can kill and who can kill me if other factions are involved in it? Basically with one single help you could get the whole server to fight through the whole skirmish. That would be horrible for the game and for the admins who have to deal with 10000 complaints afterwards. "Skirmish" has been added to the ruleset to make the whole "who can kill who" situation in big fights transparent. Helping through the whole skirmish achieves the complete opposite.
  10. Ok sorry for leaving this open for so long, had a little talk with my collueges and bosses and we came to the following: You in fact can be killed in a peaceful war, but a peaceful war has to be made only to capture the castle. So if you make a peaceful war, cap the castle and don't peace for the sake of people killing others and get their loot, you are breaking the rules. Sorry again for the amount of time. Solved.
  11. Yeah not that I am too lazy to do my acctual job in this community, it's just that if this was the case then Levhan should understand he did wrong, apologize, refund and we are done. That's how I like my complaints
  12. Hello, Before asking about evidence about skirmishes and fighting my way through a jungle of 10000 players logs, let's try it that way: @Levhan Is it right that you helped the Yorks in the skirmish because one of them said help? Because a "help" in a skirmish doesn't allow you to fight the whole skirmish as if you were in the Yorks faction. A help only gives you kill reasons for the imidiate situation. One help is no free-ticket to kill everyone over a long time span. Skirmishes are kind of the field-battle equal to a war. If you want to take part: join one of the factions involved. So if this was the situation here, could we get out of it in an adult manner? Please let's do that for good ol' Hans
  13. For some reason the video doesn't work for me. But mistakes happen, Yukki is sorry. 40k transfered. Solved.
  14. @Bridge Troll