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  1. 25k transfered, thanks for the cooperation. Solved
  2. Ok I am unbanning you, but this will be your last chance. Stick to the rules or be removed forever.
  3. Logs: 14:22:30 - *LOCAL* [Reek_von_Schnitzel] show pouch ragnar 14:22:30 - Player Ragnarr_Lothbrok (GUID) has left the server. 14:22:30 - <img=ico_headshot> Ragnarr_Lothbrok 14:22:31 - *LOCAL* [Reek_von_Schnitzel] and halt => Acctually he left the server the very same second as you told your demand. There's no chance in proving that he saw it before he logged. Even if he did a combat log I couldn't refund you the tincan he had, as nobody can tell wheater you would have killed him in a fight or not. Solved
  4. Well, tbh one of them tried to kill you but you got back getting away from him. Still in the scene we had 4 tincans at the cage against you as doc with spiked mace. They should have opened to kill you (at war) or to set you free after the ten minutes have passed. @Sir Krein
  5. Done. @MouS You're unbanned.
  6. Logs: 14:43:04 - *LOCAL* [Templar_Initiate_Benji] arethar halt 14:43:14 - *LOCAL* [Bannerman_Arethar_Mormont] halted 14:43:16 - Templar_Initiate_Benji attacked Bannerman_Arethar_Mormont dealing 13 damage " He instantly attacked me. " Not really. 5 seconds are enough time to halt then you are killable. Solved.
  7. Ok well so we have multiple rule breaks. Multiple notes in your ID say me you don't know the rules and don't care about them. The only reason you give me to unban you is that Phoenix is a good and big server? I know that. But keeping it good means keeping notorious rulebreakers out. Make a proper appeal which gives me at least one reason to let you back.
  8. I'll check it tomorrow
  9. Well the basic definition of a skirmish is that you two factions have kos on each other. When you fight and then quit the fighting for a long time you still fought. As I witnessed the skirmish myself I think it is a legal kill.
  10. You seriously want to be removed from this community, don't you? Change your fucking in-game name to something not-Nazi or I'll perm ban you the next time we cross pathes. That's a promise.
  11. Well ok, then basically my name for a "pleb war" is "boring bullshit and mostly illegal cause of no valid cap attempts, might also be banmongering as you provoke combat log as it is going on for hours". Ye I guess "pleb war" is a better name as it is shorter When I do wars with my plebish factions the goal is always war, blood, murderer, slaughter, ofc loot and most improtant: taking a castle.
  12. Most of you commenting my story did not get the point in any way. My fault, should have expected that. I don't blame a single clan for shitty/toxic/whatsoever behaviour. It's just as soon as the pleb faction became a clan faction the motivation of bringing some action and nice fights to the server changed to "Hey there are some unarmed serfs trying to make some money from their work/time they spent on the server... LET'S SLAUGHTER THEM and afterwards laugh at them on global and like rape their corpses and stuff because this is what makes pw so damn funny that I spent my free time there." Fucking bullshit. And @Falcon nobody with a clan-tag (active clan) can repesent plebs, as the definition of plebs is "not being in a clan". @Harry Btw what is the definition of a "pleb war" by the way? I mean I heard this quite often but pretty often it was used to justify obvious rule breaks like "come on it is just a pleb war". So? What's the difference to a "clan war" or any other war or anything?
  13. Let me tell you a little story that just happened right now: (47 players online) MouS had a pleb faction (3 members), warring Yorks (round about 10 players) so I decided to join plebs. We started from Praven, took Hakrholm, finally took Osvirklif and peaced it. Our numbers were growing so I was thinking about what we could do next when MouS decided to give the faction to a Varangian (was like 3 of them in the faction) for him to fuck up some people (Starks I think) who wanted to sell their silver. So now Varangian Lord, declaring on Helheims faction, fucking up silver-serfs and capped that castle. In the meantime it was like 5 other Varangians logging on, the lord was completly ignoring request for keys (though announce-spam by me) and the doc completly ignored questioning about his positions (though announce-spam by me), but answered perfeclty in faction chat to his clan mates. As my anger grew I announced that I will make a new pleb faction and the remaining plebs could join me. Joined the York faction owning Osvirklif (empty by now) and got a just joined Master Smith to vote me lord. Everything cool now? Wrong! Because by the time I got myself voted, Lorraines joined in an empty faction and just as I got lord they declared on me. So us (me as xbowman and a master smith) tried to hold against 4 or 5 Lorraines which ended up in them capping Osvirklif. Hm ok. Shit happens. Ok let's get another castle, what do we have? (Remember my fac had 2 members) Fjorgenhold owned by Sessex (round 10 people and most of em inside) - nope Nordheim with 20 Starks - nope Osvirklif with now like 8 Lorraines - nope Praven, Helheim, Hakrholm, Rangers by Varangians with like 10 clan members plus some plebs - I could get one of those, right? So I move to merc camp. While I do I see Varangians following me. I walk inside merc to buy a banner: Varangians gathering outside. Soooooo I waited there for like 13 minutes now while there was 8 Varangian heavy cav camping the merc camp. Seriously boys and girls they did literally nothing out there but hanging around, waiting for me to declare to slaughter me and my comerade. They did not even take all those castles it was MouS, me and ChubbyCat. => Summa sumarum: As the pleb fac destroyed itself by giving lordship to a clan, it was absolutly impossible for me to establish another one of those. Even if I would have had 10 other people to join my new fac and we declared, at least half of them would have been instantly couched and lost their class spawning back at mercs. Commoner spawn camp included. As you can image I had no nerves, gave lordship away and logged out. THAT is a perfect example of how to destroy a community or a server.