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  1. Locked. 1. A SA/HA has to decide, there's no value in players discussing wheather it was right or wrong, we already saw that both opinions are present. 2. I tried to explain what I mean with "interfering at war" but ONeil does not seem to understand what I mean so there is no need for us two to go on talking about it. Locked till decision.
  2. That, my friend, is called "an example". People use this in their argumentation to clearify their point. I myself used this example to show that your point acctually is not right, because people could rely on "He shot me, so I had a killreason" to start a skirmish in a warzone (which already happened several times with bans and huge refunds following). But as I am not here to give you rhetorical lessons I just say: Please refrain from posting into a complaint in which you are not involved as this is breaking the forum rules (that goes out to everyone but ONeil). Thanks.
  3. Ah yeah right. So if two factions with 10 people each have war and a third faction rides into the castle with like 20 men, then one of the 20 gets hit they can like start a skirmish and kill just everyone? I mean legit kill reason and legit skirmish isn't it? Wrong, it's heavily interfering in a war. Like I always said and will always say in every admin decision that I make: please, please, please use common sense. Of course this case is not written down in the ruleset and it does not have to be as it is just logical. That's the same as if you see two people fighting and you decide to help person A by saying "Halt B". You simply help person A without a legit reason (like A saying "help"). You won't find that in the ruleset, too, but if you do so and B reports you, you will get punished by me. Why? Because that's my job. I think I made my point clear, won't respond anymore till decision.
  4. Oh wow dude, please don't pretend to be a noob. You were riding around in a castle that is besieged next to the defending faction and say I randomded you? You know that that is a war zone. And to stand in a castle that is besieged and kill an attacker who is activly fighting with defenders inside their castle is obviously interfering in that war. You don't need t h a t much common sense to understand that. What annoyed me the most is that you did not just lance me but stood next to me watching me fight with Zino before killing me. Simply interfering.
  5. My side of the story: We (Pleb horde; Glunmar and Bredby) had war with Martells (Old port). I attacked old port and went inside where several Martells were hanging around. I shot at them and hit one of the people riding around. As I got closer I saw it was ONeilio so I sheathed my bow and blocked (common sign for "hi" or "sorry") when Zino_Greyjoy was already advancing me (I only survived that with my spider-like jumping skills). ONeilio watched that saying "mate fuck off", and then as I pulled out my bow again to shoot at Zino who drove his horse against the wall right next to me. Then ONeilio decided to lance me in the back while at least three enemies were around me in the enemy castle. I deem that as interfering in war so I temp-banned him. Screenshots: The Charger on the left is Zino_Greyjoy who tried to kill me before ONeilio decided to do it, thus interfering in war. Thanks for the time.
  6. Lannis had kos, Lannis were around. How can you think you are save and free to log? @piotes That's a completly clear case of combat log for one of the dumbest reasons I have ever heard (changing name... That had to happen in that very second, right? in the middle of a skirmish zone?). Ted did nothing wrong and a 2 days ban is not harsh but mild. The rules are not just there for Plebs and Levies. They affect all players. Dume - like everyone else - really should know that logging out with your enemies around is simply forbidden.
  7. Update: Reopened the complaint and solved it again, yet ONeil is still not pleased so I reopened this one to make a higher staff look at it.
  8. Yeah well, haven't got much more to say then the people above: Just write me a message. If we would leave every complaint open even though we solved it, so everybody involved can recheck and recomment everything we could close down the whole complaint section. That's why I (like every admin) closed the complaint after solving it. Will reopen it tomorrow.
  9. You can't join/train Glunmar as sergeant because the training post is too close to healer on the right and MAA on the left. Maybe I am just too plebish but I couldn't make it today. Personal note: As Bredby has no training, nobody can peace the starting war so technically the first capture after restart is always in an illegal war. Just sayin'
  10. No, it is not. It is ridiculous that many players like to think they know the rules and how to handle complaints best. Just a overall statement here, not personally adressed to you.
  11. Rowan claimed (for my understanding of the english language) that he wasn't part of the group that halted. But as we all know the "skirmish rule": If a skirmish breaks out and you walk into it as a member of one of the two fighting factions you are KOS to everyone from the other faction. And we do know that a skirmish doesn't end if there are still people alive which fought in it. I neither say Rowan is dumb nor he is banmongering with his report. I say he was at the wrong place in the wrong time which got him killed. There have been loads of similar situations in the past. Anyway I guess I made my point and will just wait for HAs decision.
  12. Hello, Hm, I think you got me wrong in some points. Basically you did not quote one of the evidence I myself brought to show that you can't acctually have been somewhere else. Sorry that I did not come to TS. Like I told you via Steam chat: I am pretty ill and since this afternoon occasionally my head feels like a dwarf inside is testing his new jackhammer. Now to the point: I never wanted to say that you have to show me any evidence or else the kill is legal. I searched a shitton of logs and from what I saw I thought it is enough evidence to acctually show that you were around. Don't want to requote everything but my point is that from how I understand the logs: J3yne, Preston, Sandor, Chinkilla and Otto (part of the halting party) were close to each other. As Preston and J3yne killed Srensen shortly after he killed you they coldn't have been somewhere else which means nothing but: you couldn't have been somewhere else. From what I understood from the posts and the logs the halting was at the gate and you followed Srensen up the stairs onto the walls. That's not somewhere else for me that's clearly a legitimate skirmish zone. It's neither that I dislike like you nor do I have any special feelings for Srensen trying to protect him. The one and only reason is that I've seen such cases quite often in my time as an admin on phoenix. For example: Lannisters raid a castle, fighting breaks out in the courtyard, Lannisters clear out the complete castle (including unarmed serfs/smiths) claiming a skirmish zone. Those cases were mostly deemed legal kills. As Srensen was killed by the raiders shortly after he killed you I say you were close to each other. Thanks for your understanding and sorry for trouble/anger I caused.
  13. Hello, Sorry for not answering, got a lot of stuff to do in RL and because of that I got not much nerves to do admin stuff in the meantime. Wasn't professional but I'll answer here now. The point is you made 3 reports on North for being killed three times within 30 minutes. Logs showed me that Boltons and North were skirmishing before that time, through that time and after that time. Going through all these logs took me more then one and a half hour and within that I saw many Boltons complaining via global about rule breaks by North which acctually were no rulebreaks. Don't want to accuse you of banmongering but as I think it's proven the skirmish never ended, the skirmish happened around your castle and you wrote "Was walking outside around my castle he rdmed me" I think it's just a legit kill. Again sorry for not answering. That's all I got to say.
  14. Give me half an hour online and I'll get 5 to 10 such situations and will get reported 5 to 10 times. Just some random picture from my archive: Someone could now just ride through those two people and then slaughter Alucard? I don't think so. Would be illegal help/interfering. Imagine a skirmish between 20 people? One riding through the skirmish zone would give you at least 6 KOS. So you could just join in the skirmish then killing everyone? Nope. Would be mass RDM.
  15. The first complaint refers to me and not to Ted as an admin. The second is solved 100% right: If you are moving and someone halts you, he has to give you 5 seconds to acctual read that you are halted and to halt. If you are standing, someone halts you and you start running then you clearly try to get away meaning he can kill you.