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  1. Totally that. If you get reported, you call me via steam, I go through the logs and check all evidence and then mark it invalid. Why should you get money and not me who acctually did work? Acctually everything has been said. I have banned people for banmongering before and I will do it again when I feel it's helping the community. Punishing people only because they thought there was a rulebreak will increase hate against the people who hand out these punishments (which is us) plus the salt within the community. PS: My way to lessen the amount of complaints has been since years: every single player should see that this is just a freaking game and decrease his amount of senseless hate to almost 0. But I know that this won't ever happen. So we all have to deal with the situation as it is.
  2. Give me half an hour online and I'll get 5 to 10 such situations and will get reported 5 to 10 times. Just some random picture from my archive: Someone could now just ride through those two people and then slaughter Alucard? I don't think so. Would be illegal help/interfering. Imagine a skirmish between 20 people? One riding through the skirmish zone would give you at least 6 KOS. So you could just join in the skirmish then killing everyone? Nope. Would be mass RDM.
  3. The first complaint refers to me and not to Ted as an admin. The second is solved 100% right: If you are moving and someone halts you, he has to give you 5 seconds to acctual read that you are halted and to halt. If you are standing, someone halts you and you start running then you clearly try to get away meaning he can kill you.
  4. Why should there be pikes or awlpikes in the nordic castle? Anyway there's no commoner pole in merc camp which is pretty annoying (or I am just too dumb to find it, in that case ignore me)
  5. Sorry mate, but this is a prime example for "interfering in war". And there is a good reason for that rule. As it is an organized strike against the defending forces of a castle activly under siege it's banworthy. 2 days aren't harsh at all.
  6. Uhm well I don't see any reason for removing bans if they were valid. If you feel a ban was not valid it's up to you to make an admin complaint and if it's proven that the ban was invalid: it gets removed from your history. Let me tell you about my admin-policy: If someone breaks the rules unintended, relizes that after a talk with an admin, excuses and offers a refund I don't see a reason to ban him. If someone broke the rules intentionally... If I tell someone he broke the rules and he just refuses... That is were I hand out bans. Shit happens, everybody does mistakes and nobody is perfect. That has nothing to do with your history. But if you random someone, an admin tells you you randomded and you try to sneak out by saying "grey zone" or "that and that was different" while your history tells us that you randomded a few times before it tells me that you just don't give a shit. And that's when you are removed. So the history is pretty helpful for me dealing with you. Without addressing to any specific person: People who want it to be cleansed frequently tell me nothing but them being notorious rulebreakers who don't wanna be perm banned.
  7. As he is a simple canadian I guess it's NA. I'll move it
  8. Tismirr for life mate... Anyway /vouch
  9. As I have been Admin at Oasis that time I can confirm the story. Don't wanna talk bad about my former admin-collegues but in fact Pepsi did absolutly nothing at all in the first place. Taking his admin permissions because of a friend of him getting banned (or him negating the decision) was not right. Don't want to disguise Pepsis rage afterwards but I can confirm that he is sorry about that as he excused to the staff and to me personally afterwards. I think the whole thing was a chain of misscommunication and just unlucky. Shouldn't be a reason to misjudge Pepsis sense for professional admin work.
  10. /vouch Being a long time friend of that lad I know that there has been trouble with a few people. But I really just know that he can be 100% professional and will do a great job out there. Go Pepps, go! Hopp Schwiiz!
  11. Your in-game name: Hans_von_Sack Age: 28 (old...) Are you currently a member of a clan? Sack (one-man-clan so you don't have to expect a bias i guess). Close to: Knight of Tismirr, House Godwin, Kingdom of Lorraine, Abysswalkers Straw Hat Kingdom, Brothers, Oh my god so many people spread in so many clans... What position are you applying for? IG-Admin Have you ever been banned from from the server? If so, why? Never been banned from any Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words) Hello everybody, I am Hans_von_Sack. I've been playing this mod for about four years. Had a good time, spent good hours, got tired of it once and thought: "Either become admin or quit": I became admin on Oasis. Spent one year admining then that server went down. Played on Phoenix since then. <- history Why am I applying? Well... Good question. I love this game. I really enjoy it and the time to spend within the community. I have a strong feeling for guilt and I simply hate rulebreaks. Mistakes happen, that's not the matter, but intentional RDMs, NRRs, illegal wars and so on just make me sick. I think I am an appropriate person to do the job as an in-game admin as I am really fair and respect the rules so bloody hard: Played PW since four years on like 8 different servers at least once all three days and have never been banned once. Though some have already forgotten: there was a big stuggle when Olympus "came up". Why? Because PW was just "once a day the clans have a war". Before and after there was like nothing happening on the server at all. Thank god that shitty server went down and we have our boys back. Now we have to get nuts and do things right. Sorry for this short application but I don't really know what further to say. If you hate how many commas I put in my sentences: I am german, we like those! We love 'em! As much as we love exclamation marks!!!! If you have any questions to me, please feel free to just ask. Thanks for your time and stuff, see you there. Link to your steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Hans_von_Sack/
  12. Know her long time: one of the most friendly and helpful players I have ever met in this game. We have been admin collegues for a long time on Oasis and I can't tell anything negative about her admin-work. To that Oasis-Phoenix "server-war": I can hardly belive that Julia wanted to damage this server or harm it's community. She has been a high staff member for a long time, so it's pretty logical that she wanted to go back when the server came back. I think she has the same attitude towards this all as me: It's just a game. Weather the server is called "Oasis", "Nexus", "Olympus" or "Phoenix" doesn't matter at all if you just wanna help people and enjoy admin work. Total /vouch from me, can't understand why anyone should deny her.