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  1. As you were banned by Scorpia who left the admin team it is up to @William @Henricus @Onward to decide. His GUID is: 1688530
  2. As you were banned by Mallador who retired it is up to @William @Onward @Henricus to decide
  3. Please provide your GUID as your name does not exist
  4. We heard your oppinions. The admins will decide from now on
  5. Please explain to me why a banned account is connected to your acc
  6. Dropped by complainer. [automated message]
  7. Pending. From now on involved community members have 24 hours to provide any additional evidence or hints that could be useful to the admin. Refrain from posting unless you add newly found evidence or a reasonable defence towards the complaint itself if you are the accused player. If you fail to follow the complaint rules admins reserve the right to give out warning points accordingly. [automated message]
  8. 20:25:35 - *LOCAL* [Sellsword_Manfred] Halt smith 20:25:37 - *LOCAL* [Sellsword_Manfred] Open the door 20:25:59 - Weaponsmith picked up Short Iron Bar(IID: 3462) from the ground. 20:26:07 - *FACTION* Church of Sanguine *Peaceful* [Weaponsmith] some is hitting armory door 20:26:11 - *FACTION* Church of Sanguine *Peaceful* [Weaponsmith] halp pls 20:26:13 - Weaponsmith picked up Iron Piece(IID: 3343) from the ground. 20:26:13 - Weaponsmith picked up Iron Piece(IID: 3302) from the ground. 20:26:15 - Weaponsmith spawned pouch containing 6721 gold (IID: 3302). 20:26:17 - Weaponsmith picked up Money Bag(IID: 3302) from the ground. 20:26:17 - Sellsword_Manfred hit door of Church of Sanguine *Peaceful* dealing 19 damage (IID: 2095). 20:26:19 - Sellsword_Manfred hit door of Church of Sanguine *Peaceful* dealing 18 damage (IID: 2095). 20:26:24 - Sellsword_Manfred hit door of Church of Sanguine *Peaceful* dealing 40 damage (IID: 2095). 20:26:25 - Sellsword_Manfred hit door of Church of Sanguine *Peaceful* dealing 38 damage (IID: 2095). 20:26:26 - Sellsword_Manfred hit door of Church of Sanguine *Peaceful* dealing 32 damage (IID: 2095). 20:26:26 - Sellsword_Manfred dropped Italian Sword(IID: 3666) on the ground. 20:26:32 - Weaponsmith used pouch containing 6721 gold. 20:26:33 - Weaponsmith had these items: H:-1, B:164, G:-1, F:-1, HO:0, 1:524, 2:524, 3:-1, 4:-1 20:26:33 - Weaponsmith has left the game with ID: He has some time to defend himself
  9. Denied & moved. Your appeal to be unbanned has been denied. If not mentioned by the admin otherwise, wait a reasonable amount of time before posting your next appeal. If you keep spamming appeals in order to get unbanned faster, your ban will be extended further. [automated message]
  10. I banned you yesterday for MassRDM and you will stay banned for this week. Feel free to make one from the 22nd on.
  11. Dropped by complainer. [automated message]
  12. Dropped by complainer. [automated message]
  13. So to this conversation I have to admit that I did not fully pay attention as I was speaking in TS with someone. Especially the first sentence was not clear to me as it did not make any sence as it was not a complete sentence and I only read it very fast. I am sorry if it might have caused any missunderstandings.
  14. All right to make this clear. All I said was that I clearified that if you die you lose all KOS on you but also all the killreasons you have on other people. About killing friends to remove killreasons or such was never spoken.