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  1. Accepted & moved. Your ban was lifted. The server updates the ban database every few minutes. Try and connect over the next 5 to 15 minutes. If you are still not able to connect, message the admin that dealt with your complaint. Make sure you understand the server rules before playing again in order to create the best possible in-game experience for yourself and other Phoenix players. [automated message]
  2. Make sure to read the rules and to follow them or you will be banned again.
  3. Its the same as from our PW server. If you were banned there you are still banned here.
  4. You were banned for MassRDM. Why should we unban you?
  5. Accepted & moved. [automated message]
  6. Next time provide your GUID as well please
  7. Accepted & moved. [automated message]
  8. 17:05:10 - Milita_Hadess_Swann had these items: H:133, B:312, G:353, F:367, HO:536, 1:-1, 2:519, 3:441, 4:450 17:10:30 - Milita_Hadess_Swann had these items: H:133, B:312, G:353, F:367, HO:0, 1:519, 2:441, 3:450, 4:-1
  9. Accepted & moved. [automated message]
  10. 2218240 This is your GUID not the one you stated. Make sure to check that next time before you post a refund request
  11. Accepted & moved. [automated message]
  12. Accepted & moved. [automated message]