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  1. Are you sure that it happened in EU?
  2. well I decided that you are right. It is not worh wasting my time with this ****ing reports close this please
  3. Ok I should specifie what I ask for: I would appreciate beeing admin but the main point that I am aiming for is that I am allowed to write under other peoples complains (e.g. Things like "you need to provide evidence of someone aiming at you if you kill someone aiming at you")so that the admins can decide faster how to end the complain. The thing is that I am not interested in banning someone or things like that.
  4. thank you for your honest answer i do appreciate it and i changed it thank you
  5. Thanks for that quick respond. Addeded some more words (please tell me if it still arent enough)
  6. Your in-game name: DukesHand_Otto_of_Nantes Age: 17 soon 18 Are you currently a member of a clan?: Nantes What position are you applying for?: Forum complaint staff Have you ever been banned from from the server? If so, why?: no Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words): First i do know how to behave towards other people and i think that my english is good enough to be able to communicate with other people. The main point why i am applying is that i am not very happy about the way the community behaves on the forum and in the game itself and i want to (at least try) to improve the situation. I know the rules and i would like that other people learn them as well because that makes the way one can play way better and makes everything funnier. The point that makes me angry the most is that i see a lot of reports on the forums and also a lot of shit ones and i would really like to help the admins to solve this complains (as at the moment it would be illegal for me to involve in other people´s complains) Link to your steam profile:
  7. /Vouch I can also say that he is a friendly person who prefers to talk for a while to make everything clear than to make mistakes later on.