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  1. Firstly, I was wrong in banning you as you weren't the person who killed me and for that I apologize. It was an error on my part. The server was experiencing lag and the logs showed simultaneously you killing someone else as I died which led to make making an error in looking at the logs. Secondly, regardless of there being plebs or 27 Lorraine's, after I was killed one of the people there looted my corpse and took a money bag and essentially ran off with it. Otherwise, I'd usually ignore something like this. Lastly, I think you're overreacting over this whole scenario, there's no need to chuck insults. I'm not persecuting you, I don't know you. As I said, it was an error and these things do happen in error, all I can do from my side is apologize for the error, however beyond that I don't see any reason for you to resort to insulting me over this. Edit: 19:22:54 - Captain_Jacko_Lorraine attacked Ftm_PyrosZ_Lorraine dealing 110 damage 19:22:54 - Captain_Jacko_Lorraine <img=ico_headshot> Ftm_PyrosZ_Lorraine 19:22:54 - Captain_Jacko_Lorraine killed a member of the same faction! 19:22:54 - MARSHALGU4RD_Sednan_Lorraine attacked TA_Arteh dealing 121 damage 19:22:54 - MARSHALGU4RD_Sednan_Lorraine <img=ico_headshot> TA_Arteh Here are the logs from my side just to reiterate the confusion. As in-game, this looks more confusing and less-transparent than on the logs.
  2. Did u ban me/?

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      William banned you for RDM for 1 day. You'll be unbanned tomorrow. 

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      lolz i dont rdm any people