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  1. All these tears and rage in the thread not needed, i understand that you are upset about us, but i i dont really care.. Waiting for admins' reply. You all can keep crying and entertaining me and my friends with your comments meanwhile. Its real fun to read them.
  2. Thats what i thought, Shrek. Yeah most of us do have other keys and we can play with them. The thing is we dont want to, we want to play normally, we have read all rules before playing, we try to obey them and most of us do. We dont want to hide under other nicks, we liked our punishers clan. And, kawaii, asking for exact ban reason isnt crying, im not salty, but its not me crying if your miners spend shitton of time mining and we take half of their silver and your castles while you arent good enough to protect them, its you who is crying ingame and now here.
  3. Give examples of RDMs. We do insult and flame in global, but we dont violate rules, if anyone can give us "TONS of RDMS" and "breaking so many rules" by our factionmembers, by all that were banned, i ll just say sorry for wasting time and get lost. Admins have access to logs, it shouldnt be hard for them. But i know you, shrek, or other admins wont. As i said, im sure, that some our members didnt break any rules. They will probably find 1 healthglith and 1 rdm by profi, 1 heathglitch by dicktator, maybe 1-2 more minor offences, thats it. Is it worth to permamently ban whole clan because of that?
  4. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: All punishers. The admin(s) you are reporting also include whether they are forum staff, Game Admin or a Head Admin: OldPiligrim The time and date of the incident (in GMT+0, anything else will be ignored completely): today What you claim the admin has done: bias/ban for no reason The full story: " All punishers have been perm banned with no chance to appeal for tons of rulebreaks. "-our ban reason. I understand that some people might not like our behaviour but I think as long as we dont break rules, the fact that some players or admins dislike us cant lead to permament ban. 4 banned people from our clan have played your mod for months before we even created punishers and they have never been banned before, nor do they violated rules now. [punishers]SEKRETAR has never even killed anyone the day she was banned, all she did was healing us. If you are not biased, go ahead and tell us when and what rules did she violate? You are basically permabanning 8-10 people without any reason. I myself dont remember violating any rules, yet you ban me and refuse to explain why. "tons of rulebreaks" isnt an explanation, it is an excuse of a biased admin who just wants to get rid of us. If you dont care about your own rules and just want to get rid of us, say so and at least have balls to name the reason you hate us so much. I hope its not because we punished some of your friends or something like that. If you care about rules and try to at least pretend to be fair, then give us reasons for every punishers ban, if you permaban players, i think its least they deserve. Im 100% sure at least half of us have never violated any rules on your server. Some did, some might, but it was minor and to permaban us all for them is just at the very least weird and unfair. Im mostly talking to oldpiligrim-guy who banned us, because in most communities admin back each other up, so if i can get a fair answer or unban, i assume it can come only from him. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example): Thats the purpose of the thread. You ban whole clan, you give the "offenders" reason to do so. Especially if its permament, especially if i know for a fact that half of us have never broken any rules. The way our ban was formulated isnt normal and biased, it is a fact that nobody can argue with. Edit: Last time we asked about bans, we didnt get any reply for days, admin who banned us is online now so i hope he can tell us the reason faster.
  5. So if we have less people, enemy has many archers, within 40 minutes we did 2 attempts that included breaking enemy castle's doors with 7-8 of our faction members, both these attempts failed, but we kept attacking,-that counts as capture attempts? All those 50 minutes we have been attacking either enemy castle or fighting on the way to their castle. Is this war legitimate? Can admin give ban for 2 days and say that we had no banner so we break rules?
  6. Rules state "When declaring war on another faction, a legitimate capture attempt must be made within 30 minutes. The valid attempts must be renewed every 30 minutes. A valid attempt means that it must be in respect of your faction's size.' Can anyone define "legitimate capture attempt"? For example if enemy outnumbers my faction, but we always attack them and lets say for an hour we cant get inside although we break their doors, kill dozens enemies and stuff but dont fight inside their castle, nor do we have banner because we arent inside yet-does it count as capture attempt? Can any admin clarify this?