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  1. Like read what BT wrote on the 1st page..
  2. I mean there are 4 ways to get into the inner courtyard, and therefor I would'nt call it op at all..
  3. Well, everyone knew the rules when he watched, and it clearly said that you're not allowed to equip anything. Removing 100k for "trolling" seemed fine for me, but banning someone permanently for it? Quite retarded to do such things in these days..
  4. If you can read then you would've seen Onwards comment.
  5. I mean why would you ban Greyjoys? They're like the only clan next to Lannis, Norths and Normandies that are playing actively on the server.. smh
  6. No, thats all mine!
  7. Ye was a great event. Was funny how EpicYoko won even tho he got permanently banned and bankwiped after it. JingeKing strikes again!
  8. Well then I cant stop that. So I can maybe quit pw :)
  9. alright ellis. give me 1m if i throw the fight
  10. Markboy, is this you?
  11. Ye boii. We are the ones with bimmers!!
  12. I hope more and more that I loos. So I can see all of you loosing your money. huehuehuehue Jk, ill eat his nan's ass imo
  13. Name: LordCom_Illyrio_Lannister GUID: 1569687 Mozart vs. Pepsi Betting on: Pepsi Amount: 500k
  14. Im swiss you deaf cunt!