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  1. My luck im a sweaty nerd and was already online 3 hours before :)))
  2. Someone must be salty. If you cant hold monti with a 68 men faction against 80 then you do something wrong...
  3. I didnt have a phone in your age!!! I WAS OUTSIDE PLAYING WITH RL FRIENDS! NERD :(((
  4. Hello. Bawo wrote me on steam as he is restricted from posting. He is accepting a refund worth of 1 gold if you write a formal apologie. @GreekApe Cheers -Pepsi
  5. Hello. @Bawo would you accept a refund from @GreekApe? Cheers -Pepsi
  6. Hello. Bawo wrote me on steam, as he is restricted for posting on the forums. He said he's not going to accept a refund. Snab maybe listened to someone on ts, but that doesn't matter. Therefor Snab will be banned 2 days for rdm, 2nd offence. (temp banned yesterday evening by Cappy). Cheers -Pepsi
  7. Bawo will be taken to the military court. More information's will be given later! - 1st Sgt. Pepsi
  8. Hello, here are the logs, 20:02:22 - Ftm_Kross_Stark attacked Horse dealing 21 damage 20:02:23 - Ftm_Border_Stark attacked Horse dealing 31 damage 20:02:25 - ArchMaester_GreekApe_Stark attacked Horse dealing 33 damage I'm sure thats it. There are way more attacks on the cows, wont post all of em. ( cows are also ''Horse'' in logs) @Border @GreekApe @redcross. Mind explaining this cow random?
  9. Hello, here are the logs. 19:48:52 - Sergeant_Stemppu_Stark attacked King_Bawo_Lorraine dealing 51 damage 19:48:52 - Sergeant_Stemppu_Stark <img=ico_spear> King_Bawo_Lorraine 19:50:17 - *LOCAL* [Ftm_Snab_Stark] bawo halt 19:50:18 - Ftm_Snab_Stark attacked King_Bawo_Lorraine dealing 47 damage 19:50:18 - Ftm_Snab_Stark <img=ico_swordtwo> King_Bawo_Lorraine 19:50:18 - Ftm_Snab_Stark killed a member of a friendly faction! @Snabster can you please tell me why you killed him, and tell me who said '''kill him''? 24 hours to responde. Cheers -Pepsi
  10. Hello. You ain't on the banlist. Are you sure this is your name? Please try to connect again, and if it doesn't work, please send us your GUID, which is found in the welcome message when you join any PW server. Cheers -Pepsi
  11. Hello. Yes I did class glitch indeed, but I got outlawed by fighting with faction mates, and only did it to go and play as admin. I'm not sure why people are still reporting this as I'm not gaining anything by it, nor do you loos anything by it. Just letting this stay in the room as it is. Cheers -Pepsi
  12. Use the correct format, or it will be ignored again. Ignored & Locked.
  13. As you said yourself, you didn't sheath your shield which is a weapon aswell, and therefor he got a valid killreason on you. Cheers -Pepsi Invalid&Locked
  14. In real life they sieged for days, weeks, or even months! Dont be mad if you have to siege someone for only 2 hours! xd