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  1. Use the correct format, or it will be ignored again. Ignored & Locked.
  2. As you said yourself, you didn't sheath your shield which is a weapon aswell, and therefor he got a valid killreason on you. Cheers -Pepsi Invalid&Locked
  3. In real life they sieged for days, weeks, or even months! Dont be mad if you have to siege someone for only 2 hours! xd
  4. @Bridge Troll @Tommy
  5. Hello. You are being unbanned. Be aware that this is your last chance. Cheers -Pepsi
  6. Nein sorry
  7. 30k refunded.
  8. Hello. Alright. This will be your chance to show us, the admins and the playerbase, that you can play this mod without breaking the rules. Last chance for you! Unbanned. Cheers -Pepsi
  9. Alright. You will be unbanned at the 5th of march. Cheers -Pepsi
  10. hahahaha
  11. @Bridge Troll @Tommy @Chris Christie
  12. When I check the name ''Levy Wojak Stark'' then I find this:
  13. Hello. Just wojak is another account. @Hans_von_Sack you banned him for RDM.
  14. I banned him till appeal as he has a big history. I would like to hear what@Old Pilgrim says about this appeal as by the last ban of Ozan OP mentioned that the next ban needs to be a long one.