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  1. Thank you!!!!
  2. Not today!! At sunday
  3. No, cause its my birthday and I dont have time then!!
  4. Is this still a thing anymore?? I'd like a purge soon!
  5. lol
  6. But as an admin you will have to search logs, punish people and know what they've done wrong. You will have to find the final conclusion in the complaint to handle the situation right. As Tommy said, you are a nice guy and defenitely worth a shot, but just show it a bit more that you realy want it! And as soon as you have it, you need to keep your words of how you will be solving the situations.
  7. Hello. Im totaly sorry for this, i tought you are someone I had kos on, but this wasnt the case. I will give you the 1.4mil as a refund. Could and Admin please transfere the money from my to his bank account? Thank you. Im sorry again.
  8. I didnt say "no loot" a single time, but others from my clan said it often enough. Check the logs before I killed him. And its "Illyrio" you dyslexic
  9. Writing for Tyrek as he isnt able to make a own account. ''I dont realy take care of the Chat, and tought he was kos. He already randomy attacked us before, and tried to couch us. The next time he maybe should'nt run around in a skirmish zone, so he would'nt get killed''
  10. Oi now. 69k for your naked body ofc. I was the one that told Smyky to shoot you, an admin can check the logs of how I told him to do it if they want to. Feel free to take 10k out of my bank and transfere it to Faajak's bank, or punish me for it. It was boring af and it actualy made me giggle.
  11. Federleicht* not Feferleicht
  12. You see.. Retarded
  13. I'm a Lannister KingsGuard. I dont get hit.
  14. Yes sir. And there should also be an attack on another York with the rank KingsGuard.