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  1. Wtf. I just joined the teamspeak and asked an admin on there if I can join. I got instantly permanently banned. So much to ''friendly community'' smh..
  2. ye back then a plated charger did cost 25k. These days a war horse costs 27k.. smh
  3. Theres plate in the store miss, so your comment doesn't count
  4. Man. This mod is oldern than Isaac, let it flow
  5. Spiked One handed Battle Axe aswell pls. So I can be edgy again and walk around like you, Master.
  6. Wut. When tav left he had 11m and now 16m . Wtf
  7. Wtf even is this? ggikec is a person with shit on his stick that doesn't deserve anything, and you lot keep feeding him. Ted being a massive cocksucker to gain likes aswell. Is this realy what Phoenix turned into? A fucking shitfest of fashion conscious individuals trying to get likes out of every bullshit?
  8. kys
  9. If calling yourself after someone else counts as impersonating, then please ban every ''Mario, John, and ....'' that's upcomming aswell..
  10. Would say the same if I'd get kicked lol
  11. Writing as reason ''peaceful war'' or ''declaring to fuck your cousin's sister's nan'' doesnt make any different anyways, cause reason is reason!!
  12. Then PM Hans or any other admin instead of making an admin complaint??
  13. Like read what BT wrote on the 1st page..
  14. I mean there are 4 ways to get into the inner courtyard, and therefor I would'nt call it op at all..
  15. Use the correct format and topic! Cheers -Pepsi