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  1. Some people dont use commas and some use them everywhere but at the righr place..
  2. If calling yourself after someone else counts as impersonating, then please ban every ''Mario, John, and ....'' that's upcomming aswell..
  3. Already did
  4. 2 days left to sign up!!
  5. It isnt the 30th yet???
  6. Ye now as lannis are gone Idc anymore, so now I can spec gold miners and plates again!! Make the Plebs great again!
  7. Weezy not writing down his name cause he's trash. Then there is Yoko who cant play as he's banned lulz xdxd
  8. Ye but it doesnt stop us from participating in this Tournament. Amirite @Tywin
  9. Team Name: N.igger Stompers *Pepsi*: (Iron war axe, 2h Iron axe, Heavy Round Shield, Meat Pie) *Waringham*: (Elite Scimitar, Long Awlpike, Heavy Round Shield, Meat Pie) *Spada*: (Spiked Mace, Heavy Round Shield, Knightly Sword, Meat Pie) *Loxos*: (Elite Scimitar, Bardiche, Long Awlpike, Heavy Round Shield) *Shakalis*: (Knightly Sword, Long Awlpike, Steel Shield, Meat Pie) Backup: *Tav* (Meat Pie, Meat Pie, Meat Pie, Meat Pie) Will edit weaponslots from 2-3 players when I've got the info.
  10. I actualy agree with Joshua. Only let the ones play that play this mod active, and not the ones that just show up once or twice a month.
  11. Would say the same if I'd get kicked lol
  12. Just leave it how it is. Loosing a horse isnt a big deal, neither is spawning as peasent, as already stated, you can get your class back by relogging. I know that you can still spectate in a way, but atleast you cant sit in spectator for more then 30 seconds after you died. My reasons for ''leave it how it is'' were already posted before my post so ye. Leave it
  13. SS is gay. Abysswalker's are the real ones !!
  14. Writing as reason ''peaceful war'' or ''declaring to fuck your cousin's sister's nan'' doesnt make any different anyways, cause reason is reason!!
  15. Then PM Hans or any other admin instead of making an admin complaint??