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  1. Someone else had Thatcher as his avatar and he ended up being accepted, she was worse.
  2. Veteran player who seems to have kept his head down, have never seen him start conflict with anyone which is nice. " something like this could greatly aid my recovery" even playing on this server is a detriment to anyones mental health.
  3. Made a retarded report on me and Lio for an "illegal arrest", then went mental at me in ts when called a name. brush up on the rules first and calm it when talking to people cunt is just in my vocabulary - and yes you did go mental accusing Lio of illegally arresting you
  4. Why are you not banned? You and another person from your clan were mass RDMing nakeds not 5 minutes before bridgetroll had that talk with you. I know you killed me and Hamlicar for a fact, and if an admin would check the logs for that i'm sure we would uncover many more RDMs at that time from you and your friend, I was under the impression you were getting banned until appeal when I was told bridge troll was talking with you. Why didn't Bridge ban you?
  5. Can we avoid the drama fest by removing the gold this time around? It was gamebreakingly easy to sell last time, and will be even more so with the L*nnisters out of the picture.
  6. I would actually agree with this suggestion. However, your clanmate is a lying cunt who said I went infront of his swing when evidence shows I did not. So it is hardly fair to include my report. In all my past complaints I usually refused the refunds and dropped it because people make mistakes, not my fault your clan is full of mongs.
  7. We already know all the homosexual randomers by their Lorraine tags
  8. @Hagaron The agressor should know better than to ask for help in that case, and should be punished, not the person who helps him. It worked well in (Oasis)? and combat was a lot less annoying.
  9. No, you are not an admin because you are a bit of a clan hopping spastic. None of this involves Natty so i'm not sure why you are posting.
  10. I remember him from Godwin, and was sceptical of him joining that due to his age. Since then he has proved to be mature, I have honestly never seen him messing around or fucking around before his time in the clan, and I seriously think he would do a better job than many of the previous admins that have been accepted on this server, and even a couple of the current staff team. At the very least Natty deserves to be invited into an "interview"(lol), denying an application just based on the age could be a waste. Being forum staff, there is not much damage he can do. @Techno I remember him being more mature than you my man, and it isn't an admins job to give players "scoldings" it also won't matter if you accept an admins punishments or not, as you don't really have a choice.
  11. Exempting people from becoming admin just because they played on a different server occasionally is stupid, I know of a couple of admins from here who played on Oasis infrequently when it came out, nobody cared and the rest of the admins didn't either. That is like me saying I disagree heavily with you becoming a council member as you sparked two of them. Conway is a solid admin and everyone knows it, put your petty grevience on the shelf.
  12. Can't fault people for grammar when you have accepted 13 year olds in the past with less effort than this, and a certain Frenchmen (quite a good admin no h8 on him) who confuses the word reason with raisins . Saw plenty of admins with shit grammar who were easy to work with, so long as people understand what he is saying then there should be no problem, it isn't a job interview.
  13. Threatened to rip my head off for talking shit in global good guy Vouch