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  1. It wasn't RDM becaused Otto hired me as a mercenary.I didn't do it for fun maybe you got that idea because you rdmed me before too many times in morning that i would take revenge but its not the case.
  2. You are really a funny guy.Let me explain the situation clearly.We were trying to rob a fortress which was Brack Outpost(smth like that,not sure) and while we trying to do that there was a guy named Hoes which was the only person in his faction and he was trying to ninja cap the fortress(Which he called "War" i mean 1v1 War really?) then another guy came(he was member of an faction which holds the Brack),while we are trying to rob that guy came and put down the sword on his back and killed him right there,after that Hoes started to say it was our fault we caused him to die(which we had nothing to do) and forced us to refund him 15k(me and my friend which makes 30k on total).Even if we caused him to die(which was not)that guy didn't even have any armor or something he was just holding a banner in his hand, so we refused.Then he came to fortress again and i told him to keep away from us(he had a sword in his hand,potential rdmer)then he started to crying like "You can't force me to leave war zone.Go read rules.Im gonna report you." which caused me to go crazy and i halted him there he started to attack me then i attacked back then the other guy came there(Which was the guy he was fighting on so called WAR) and he attacked us then he said "You can't halt someone on warzone" on global chat.After that Hoes started to cry again on global chat again asked for refund first we refused to pay then my mate accepted to pay(for get rid off him) and told him to come to bank but he didn't answer and didn't come to the bank.So we logged out.
  3. You can trust me.Because i really want to enjoy the new mod and if you give just one more chance i will be more careful and avoid breaking any rules as best i can.Thanks.
  4. Your in-game name when you were banned:HaykNahapet Your GUID (not required): Why you think you were banned:I think i couldn't explain the situation well or admin did misunderstand it.A guy's illegal demand and RDM caused me log out from the game reflexively which admin called CLOG. Why you should be unbanned:I think i understand my mistake now.I won't clog again even if someone tries to rdm,just SS and post it on forum.And also i want to enjoy the new mod very much so i'm leaving the decision to you.Thanks. Any other information that might be useful:Date: 2018-04-04 10:49:53
  5. You really not understanding or you dont want to understand it.I had already fled away from combat however while i was riding my damn horse i was trying write about their"Illegal Demand" then fell in.Yea you are truly right they could have fled to me and catch me while i was flowing on air,if it is what you mean by combat
  6. Why you are trying to twist what im saying.If you are not believing me.Show the rest of the logs.You can see that i logged out because i fell into water.And i came back to see if i spawned to another location but i was still in water.And you can see Water did damage to my HP and also to my horse.If you really believing that i ran away from combat it shouln't be a problem for you to let us see the entire logs
  7. Your in-game name at the time of the incident:HaykNahapet The admin(s) you are reporting also include whether they are forum staff, Game Admin or a Head Admin: Burgundy(Forum Staff) The time and date of the incident (in GMT+0, anything else will be ignored completely):Incident happened 5mins before i started this topic(Time of admin's decision also included) What you claim the admin has done:Power Abusing,Ignoring my defense.Exaggerated punishment for something i didn't do it. The full story: I was standing on hill and 3 sellswords came out, i don't remember their name and didn't take screenshots,one of them s halted me near shop on a hill(near commoner spawn)then they became 3 and 1 of them started to aim at me with crossbow.Then he said sheath i did then he said sheath shield which i also did then he said show pouch i did and he said drop all i dropped all then he said "again" i mean how am i able to drop 0 denar then all started attack me then i tried run away with my horse and i was trying to write on global chat about what they did was "illegal demand" and fell right in to water accidentally then i reflexively logged out to save my items then i came back to see if that worked but i was still in water and that damaged to my HP which can be seen in logs but Burgundy admin especially did cut those part from logs and put it on my complaint and claiming that i clogged which i didn't. I mean i could have log out when they wanted my all money or when they started to hit me but i didn't do anything wrong according to rules(Stop saying "Read the rules."I know rules very well don't worry about that.).Burgundy admin however found me guilty then directly wiped out all my items,all my money in bank,and banned me from server and he said" don't even bother making an unban appeal until the 18th April 2018... ".Then he posted " Pending. From now on involved community members have 24 hours to provide any additional evidence or hints that could be useful to the admin." Is it a joke or something? Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example):Logs(Make it clear.Show it from beginning to end.)