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  1. zzzzzzzzzz You may also tear down this report as admins ar taking ages do do something..
  2. No idea some of them were already down... I wen't on a autistic spree I guess :_: I'll be your slave master smith for a month if needed ;(
  3. Yes I tried Blacklaik to kill you Crusher , got me!!!!
  4. I think it's because Mario is into Retamar if you know what I mean maybe he thought we spending that much time together would affect his courtship :) B A N M O N G E R I N G N E R D S These 2 are always looking for an excuse to get me banned can't be bothered.
  5. I'm reporting you for personal harrassment!!!
  6. Go away mexicans. 1- I was playing as Zilent with his consent. 2.I insulted after Roderick's provocations. That homo isn't even part of the pk community anymore I don't really care about this complaint should clasiffy as comedy instead.
  7. oi didn't say it was me
  8. Nvm my wasn't on. Is it any possible way you could check the seconds between the halt and the moment he moved? Or make him show his logs as he says he didn't see my demand?
  9. You're the one lying will uploat my recording once I stop playing dw :)
  10. Once again you being afk after logging doesn't mean loading map .)
  11. Gave you sufficient time you even moved and tried to defend yourself. PS. Sweet plate pal.