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  1. well gib me my shekels back!!
  2. You have some creative ideas within the map but it’s not really what we need. These maps would be good for RP servers tho. Overall I like them just need a bit more editing up
  3. some of the castles look massive
  4. So you went to the gates but then you turned back and went to the stables is clearly not leaving. Normally if you are told to leave and the gates are shut u just wait there until someone opens it. You turned back which was not leaving so it was a valid kill
  5. If someone says leave and you go the opposite direction, no matter what, the guy who told you to leave has a kill reason as you are not leaving
  6. I killed Lord Duckian when there were no enemy’s insite at all. We even went all the way to the Osvir bridge and still there were no enemies
  7. There was no war engagement happening at the time
  8. Are you reporting the gate breaking or me killing Lord_Duckian
  9. you took my steelshield out of the bag and my hammer, which i found very rude so i killed you. And if you didn't know maybe you should ask next time.
  10. Well I killed Lord_Duckian becuase I halted him when no enemy was around. You then all started to attack us so I decided to couch Lord_Duckian and take his tin. I dont know anything about the breaking the gates, i wasnt involved in that.
  11. You had no tags so i didnt believe you... Also you demanded I give back your gear, which is a kill reason, so we decided to kill you.
  12. u hit the door so i opened it and killed u
  13. Screenshot here shows he has clearly moved from him placing the money bag:
  14. Never seen you in game