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  1. Fixed Avalon?
  2. Last time I checked there was no banner buying point in Avalon
  4. If your halfway capping a castle and I stop, will yeh banner rise straight to the top
  5. Clan Name: LGBT COMMUNITY Banner Description&Details: when @Vala @Ted @Rowan get polled lord, they need something to represent themselves Banner Image (Optional):
  6. I voted yes becuase it looks like a good idea but it looks quite complicated and might take a while
  7. Thanks @William Its working for me now
  8. ahh thanks
  9. I did what you said and the same thing comes up
  10. I click on the server and the map starts to download. It finishes downloading and then i get onto the join screen but then it starts downloading the map again and again. I dont really know how to fix this, can anyone help? Here are some screenshots:
  11. we were continuously trying to attack him but we couldnt...
  12. He was banned for 2 days and a 25% bank wipe. The reason why no one attacked Miracle for roughly a minute was that he was surrounded by 5 hunters so it was impossible to attack him without hitting someone else. Miracle knew that he was KOS to us and we were always near to him.
  13. is there a gold mine?
  14. The secret place isn’t that secret
  15. You mounted the cart with him allowing u, he basically gave u the cart he robbed. What u did with it next is urban responsibility