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  1. There's already an incentive when stocks are low. It's very lucrative. This is clearly enough because people already do it.
  2. Have you ever heard the tragedy of Matthew_Irons the sailor?
  3. The Common Weal - To the benefit or in the interest of the entire community / the welfare of the collective. Rota Fortunae - Quite literally the 'wheel of fortune'.
  4. I don't really have an opinion on that idea yet. It's just an example of how you can't make the minor change without the larger change. I can't imagine it's all that likely you'd have anything near unanimous support for it.
  5. The impact upon the economy caused by leather gear is negligible, and it's not like anyone would loot the leather armour. The argument for making nakeds die in one hit is that it's realistic. It's similarly realistic for a guy in a leather cap to die after a single whack in the head from a mace, so you'd have to scale that down too. All that would end up happening is that leather armour would pollute the server like spawn gear (making the new changes completely redundant) and new-spawns would become cripplingly weak during serious wars.
  6. Surely if you can build the boat from the build box, you can also destroy the boat from the build box?
  7. I appreciate you taking the time you write such a polished and comprehensive response. I disagree with your verdict, as you'd expect. I won't bother to pick it apart because we've evidently reached an impasse.
  8. Whichever admin has the pleasure of dealing with this, I trust you to filter through all the Lannister's abuse and find the posts with something substantial to say, rather than the levies' pleads for relevance.
  9. You're one to talk about credibility.
  10. Can an admin just come along and give some sort of verdict? I propose the following: we all meet up irl, sit in a circle and talk about our feelings. We become friends, give each other big hugs and go home with a renewed sense of identity and belonging. Vala's basement should suffice as a venue, and I'm sure he'd be more than willing to act as Tav's waiter (provided Tav asks nicely, of course).
  11. You're right. Phoenix is undoubtedly the best server PW has ever seen. It's not as fair as the Utopian server, obviously, and a certain level of corruption is, as you say, a necessary evil. You should recognise my avatar as Jordan Peterson, and thus understand that I am fully conscious of this reality. Regardless, keeping Crusher is not a necessary evil. There is no rival server, and a rival server would never succeed without your support. Would you really abandon Phoenix, your pet project, for Crusher's sake?
  12. Crusher's 'final warnings' are about as final as Francis Fukuyama's celebrated book The End of History and the Last Man. It is morally grotesque to even consider that this can continue to be the case. They make it seem as though the world will end if Crusher is banned.
  13. I want to see the admins do the right thing for once, rather than catering to the needs of important people.
  14. Knew it. Video evidence that proves you were never hit. That somehow didn't show up on video. Yes, it does concern me.
  15. I'd love for you to explain the cause for these attacks on my character and intelligence. But the admins couldn't find any logs previously, and the GIF clearly shows you were never hit. They conveniently show up just as you need them most.