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  1. Refunded.
  2. http://pw-saxony.com/forum/index.php?board/12-recruitment/
  3. This is your last chance. Unbanned.
  4. This was your 4th RDM offence, use your last chance wisely! Unbanned and locked.
  5. As you can see above, he clearly blocked the spawn and interfered the war. He will be banned for 2 days.
  6. He has just confused a letter, it is equally obvious who was meant Invalid.
  7. This is your last chance. Unbanned.
  8. Refund transferred. Please make sure he understands his mistake, thanks.
  9. Rameyy was in the outlaw faction at the time of the incident: 19:53:52 - Rameyy joined the Outlaws. 21:11:29 - Player Rameyy (GUID: 3095557) has left the server. 21:25:43 - Rameyy has joined the game with ID: 3095557 21:25:54 - Rameyy joined the Outlaws. 10k refund transferred.
  10. The video speaks for itself. @NGressens have 24 hours to defend himself.
  11. Refund transferred. Solved and locked.
  12. In general, this complaint is lacking of useful evidence to safely say that there was a skirmish. Since Stefan "only" lost 83 health points, I will enforce a refund in the amount of 5k to get an admin heal. Refund transferred and locked.
  13. @Arno Did you get a recording?