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  1. Alright, I will enforce a refund in this case. 15k transferred from Makarov to Stefan. Solved and locked.
  2. That's not enough to proof he was involved in the skirmish and/or KOS. @Stefan Again, what did you lose?
  3. @CaptainMakarov Do you have any proof? @Stefan What did you lose?
  4. Hello, here are the logs: 15:58:51 - CaptainMakarov attacked HighLord_Stefan_Clegane dealing 52 damage 15:58:51 - CaptainMakarov <img=ico_crossbow> HighLord_Stefan_Clegane 15:58:51 - CaptainMakarov killed a member of a friendly faction! @CaptainMakarov has 24 hours to respond.
  5. 50k refund transferred from Leech to Makarov. Solved and locked.
  6. The only way we would've created a die or die situation is when we had killed him for the reason of not leaving our castle. But that wasn't the case. He just had to follow our last demand, then he would have come out of the situation alive. This was definitely not a "die or die " situation neither was it RDM.
  7. I transferred 6k money each to Vix_Volsky and Pakston_Volsky. Solved and locked.
  8. Why should you just look into the loot pile without the intention to pick up the loot? Anyway, If you look into loot piles you are KOS. Invalid and locked.
  9. Thanks for the agreement. Solved and locked.
  10. As said above from Bawo, Baum will drop this complaint. Therefore solved and locked.
  11. Good to hear! Solved and locked.
  12. I can't find a "no loot" demand in the logs and you failed to reply within 24 hours on the complaint against you. Therefore I decide that you have to sit out your ban, only 2 days left. Denied and locked.
  13. Make sure to re-read the rules and stick to them. Unbanned and locked.