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  1. When it comes to wars it's already like 70ppl not being able to join and they're just sitting and spam connecting. No point in reducing.
  2. You chat so much shit even you cant follow it by now
  3. You've never ever won a war against any of Marton's clans
  4. Yet you were in Weezy's clan. Also useless not usless.
  5. After not coming on cuz u lost every time thats rather strange :)
  6. It's a trap
  7. When I first saw you on the server @Ragnosos was kicking your ass so u really cant be that good
  8. But if someone is donating he really should have the privilige of playing on the server whenever he wants.
  9. Wondering about the reasons why some of you polled no. I'd assume that none of you have ever donated towards the server but rather just enjoyed it. If someone is paying his own money that so you can have your daily entertainment on the internet you should at least appreciate it a litte. Obviously this shouldn't be applied for people donating 0.50€ or something but from a reasonable amount (for example up from 5€). It is a good idea I believe, and I don't think that if someone from the people who are donating isn't able to connect and play when he wants because the server is full he really should have this privilige.Adding that I don't think it would be more than 5 people at a time anyways (if we get to fill up the server which I'd be very happy about).
  10. Hyped asf
  11. One of the best ideas
  12. Mr. Perfect German
  13. I've had enough of Harry's toxic behaviour anyways. How does one become an Emperor?
  14. He got you good there Ana
  15. Yea just a simple 100.000 to my bank and I'll be there to help