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  1. Ah ye when I almost deleted the game. What a sick moment...
  2. Banned you off 3 teamspeaks, been in 3 clans with you but you are still retarded. Unlucky
  3. Au revoir Germany
  4. Yea I meant Helem the rood one who put "x d" and offended me
  5. Hah...yea no need to be jealous. Maybe another time lads
  6. Looks bloody great so far, keep it up! (Stop making the Litchina popular, it's a rare item on merc!!!!!!!!)
  7. Tell that to the German @Hami
  8. Hah NA gay
  9. Kys
  10. The fuck is that lol
  11. Clans reforming for the mod confirmed?
  12. #dekkersforbannerlordheaddeveloper
  13. lol no you dont