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  1. on PF i started being an admin from around: 30th June 2013 and on PW from around: 27th august 2012
  2. sorry but i started laughing from this, but yet again if you don't believe me. fine, but i know the truth and the truth is that i have been an admin for a long time. go ask Aldric (he was the one who owned the large servers) if you still don't believe me!
  3. I aint getting ahead of myself, it was just an example. anyway, i made a comment on this post where i told on what server i was an admin.
  4. Branok, i can Ensure you that i have been admin on PW and PF, and still think about how long ago it is. there are a lot of new players on PW now and yes then it's possible that they don't know me. but still i am telling the truth here. with that, why should i lie about having experience, even when i get accepted and they would watch me dealing with complaints. they would be able to see if i did lie or told the truth. and then i would get kicked out of the team, so lying about such thing is stupid to do..
  5. well with the experience i gathered in the past years of being admin is quite enough i think to deal with situations.
  6. does that say anything about a player or for how long i have been playing? no don't think so.
  7. well anyway, the decision is to the admin team and not you. and the experience in the PW world, not to brag or something but i think that mine is bigger then yours. and yea my first post is an application, but that says nothing about someone tho.
  8. name: DutchLionzzz i started playing mount and blade active half a year ago, with being on teamspeak and everything because i had some old friends to play with last part, i tried to do as much effort as i could, i explained everything that i had to explain.
  9. Natty, first of all it doesn't matter how many hours I have been playing mount and blade warband, even with 1600 hours I was an every active player as an admin on the PW servers and do you remember that i told them in my app that i took a break? well think about that before you start saying things. I can tell you and the team, that yes i have been playing since the beginning. I think that I do know it better myself then you do. And second point, everyone makes mistakes in grammar. No, English is not my main language but don't tell me your grammar is flawless. Greetings, To the admin team
  10. yes i do, well not right now at this time, but i do play on it yes
  11. the years that i have been an admin is a long time ago, i found the names of them! 1 server was: EUA_PW and the one of the frontier mod: EUA_Official_PF and my name back then was: Themaste1 or The_Maste1 I also have some screenshots if that may help
  12. Your in-game name: DutchLionzzz Age: 19 Are you currently a member of a clan? No What position are you applying for? Game Admin Have you ever been banned from from the server? If so, why? no i haven't Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words) i have been playing PW since the beginning and i have been admin for a couple years, then i decided to take a break. but half a year back i started playing again. i really like the server and want to help the community to play on a friendly server. I take being an admin very seriously because you are the one who has to deal with complaints and the one who has to solve such problems. since my experience as an admin I really want to help the server and everyone who is playing on it, people who have questions can and may Always ask them to me and I will help them untill i solved their problem. i was an active admin on the biggest PW servers back then, i know Aldric (the leader of one of the servers back then). i have also been an admin on the frontier mod also on the biggest server. in the time i have been admin, i did not get any complaints about how i acted and solved the problems, ofcourse you Always had to dissappoint one side of the story, but you cant agree with both sides in the most cases, everyone is being treated the same. Link to your steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Themaste1/