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  1. Hello, I belive that 13 is too young to be and admin. /Devouch
  2. Thank you for the comments they are well recieved, also I like the name too .
  3. I recently have been using the name Hired_Smith, Sellsword_Aries and changed my Karstark name to Cregan However I appreciate the vouch
  4. Thank you for the comment and I appreciate the neutral towards vouch.
  5. Thanks to both of you for the Vouches, its much appreciated.
  6. In regards to this I am not saying that I will take on more complaints than other admins, what i mean is that with me as an extra admin, the current admins wont have as much to deal with because they have another competent member of the team. I understand it is done as a team and I know for a fact that I can work well with teams as I was a squad leader for 2 years in my local army cadets back in my youth days. By this I mean thhe basic team skill set is the same, i.e we need to help eachover and ask for advice and/or guidance when we need it etc. Yes i agree, with the fact that adding random "idiots" to the team will cause friction and make the team worse however i will always try my best to be the best. I am not just applying to boost numbers in the team i genuinely want to do well by the community and I feel like i will be a valuable asset to the team should i be accepted. In regards to the posts I have put on other applications, they are all my opinion. All i was doing was telling people how they come across. I was not doing it to make myself look better simply giving some constructive criticism where it was due in my eyes. I understand the team will accept however many people they wish. And i can assure you I am not power hungry, I think people that people that are will hurt the community more than do good for it. I only have 20 friends purely because I only add people who are relevant to what i think is needed or I know them in the life outside of computers and gaming. I cant speak for anyone else but I believe it is possible for people to know you without being friends on steam. Furthermore I only have 500hours on the game but easily 460 of them hours have been on either PW or the arena on native as I don't find the single player enjoyable. For this question I can not remember which device i used to sign up to the forums.
  7. Hi I can tell English is not your first language so this could be an issue as you might not understand everything that people say all of the time, your grammar is not the best and an admin needs to be professional however this is not the case for you. You also clearly cant take criticism as you are complaining about the fact that @El_Ali_Baba has not said anything nice. Well certain players that don't get their own way or feel like the have been miss judged may be a bit harsh with words so if you cant take it on an admin application I'm not sure you will be able to take it from players. I also haven't seen you in game so I can not say you are an active user. I have more to add depending on your actions in game and on the forums however for now this shall suffice. /devouch
  8. @El_Ali_Baba Why devouch?
  9. I poked you once its not like it was a constantly at it. I was simply aking for feedback as you posted on Pilgrims post but no one elses.
  10. So someone who is brand new to the server has a chance of being accepted as an admin? And the fact that you are aware of someone in game and knowing them to a certain degree I think is an important thing to have when having the duties of an admin, I personally would feel more comfortable knowing who an admin is rather than a randomer I have never heard of. Anyway im not going to vouch until I see him in game.
  11. Well sorry to hear that and I feel for you I really do, however like you said back when you was playing PW it was a small community and now its relatively big which means new faces. So I stand by my point and say that I think you need to spend some time in game getting to know people before you are accepted as an admin.
  12. I wasn't attacking I was simply sharing my observations after reviewing your application. I understand completely that you didn't mean it literally at least I hope you didn't however its a bit of a "strong" word to be used to describe your emotions towards a game. And not to be funny but last time I checked it's illegal to view another person's job application in the real world unless you are the employer due to sensitive data so I'm not sure where you have applied for in the past but I can guarantee you that you have never read another persons job application after getting accepted/denied but this is not the point. And the fact that you copied and pasted his application rather than using the template still seems a bit unsual to me.
  13. The pure fact that you are supposedly 28 and you have cried over a game doesn't scream maturity to me. Neither does the way you express your feelings towards a game, I understand that admins are supposed to be passionate about the game but there is such a thing as too much. I also haven't seen you in game at all and I'm on at peak times near enough everyday so unless you haven't been using the alias above then I haven't seen you. Id like to see how someone act's in the community before they become an admin regardless of how much experience they have. Also the fact that your steam link was to Zubu's profile isn't reassuring, there is no reason for that to happen unless you copied and pasted his application, which there is no need for as a template is available. And its not like the steam links are similar and it was an accident so this seems a bit off to me. However all in all I'm not going to decide on a final verdict just yet but for now as a result of the reasons stated above. I stand /Neutral towards /Devouch
  14. @Fixou When you say this, what exactly do you mean?
  15. I believe the verdict that was reached that ended in banning Athelred was just and absoloutly the correct thing to do, however I was simply expressing the fact that the rule might be somewhat unclear with certain players of the game. I was not calling people pathetic and childish I was calling his actions childish purely because they were, Mike was going on like the clan internally cloged just to upset him or to ruin the game for you and all I was trying to do was help people see that this was NOT the case. I believe the rule is fair but I didn't want the punishment to be unfair, for all I knew a player could of been perm banned for cloging (yes that has happened before). Anyway my point is I was trying to let people know that the logging off situation wasn't a vile attempt to upset players but it had reason and I was trying to get admins to take that into account when giving out the punishment. Also in regards to the clan I am in. There are other admins in other clans so to be fair this shouldn't effect my chances, but I am willing to take into the consideration the rank and/or membership of the clan should it be asked of me. But @Rabbit I appreciate the feedback and I will take the negative comments on board for when/if I deal with complaits in the future.