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  1. Thats literally funny, 3 guys logging at once isnt mass combat log is it? He had no intention of sieging us and provided no proof what so ever of beign close to monti. If you still gonna deem it valid i would like a higher admin to take a look into it. If HIGHER admin will deem it valing then i can go with 50k refund as we had no tins, only shit archer gear. Edit: My point here is not that war was invalid, cuz that wouldnt allow me to clog, but my point is taht they simply werent comming for us, and we wont sit 1 hour straight isnide castle if there is no one going to fight us in it, just keeping war to fight nakeds somewhere in the field(not monti field tho lul).
  2. Ok so first of all. Can you post the time when the war was declared. Durring all this time from war declaration to our "mass combat log" we were messing with each other inside monti by twatting each ohter. No sight of beauforts were close to monti during all this time from what i remember. Second of all, can weezy provide any evidence of where we logged or him actually beign able to cause any hostilities towards our group (from what i see in the logs only 3 of us logged at the same time). By the logs you can also see that Weezy wasnt interested in to sieging monti at any point, he was just halting and kosing people around instead of going for it. Next of all, i want to see cap attempt evidence cuz from logs war lasted more then 30 mins, and your first cap attempt was on abey (which was illegal anyway, but i guess i was to kind to let you have it back), then you had 30 mins to make another one on monti which i cant recognize you doing.
  3. theodoroscomplain2018.08.27_-_10.10.44.04.DVR_Trim.mp4
  4. Zino had kill reason so he is out of this complain. Didnt hit you a single time, and from what i recognize you were part of big outlaw halting party that as well tried to halt me and kept insulting me. I cant really tell my kill reason back in time. I couched Nenz multiple times so you were probably aiming at me or something, cant tell now. You lost nothing by me just attacked me back thats why u got deaded so ye.
  5. He literally dealt 2 dmg and nothing happend afterwards, he even got team killed lol. Reporting for such mistake which he realized sec after is rather sad.
  6. Situation 1 is correct, expect that if one of them has kill reason, his faction member are free to execute it so its nowhere illegal.
  7. Repeating Peters words as he is to marginally overweight to respond himself. Post video pls.
  8. After attacking you once he immedietaly said sorry(attack was a poke anyway), you then started attacking him and thats where he started to fight back.
  9. It was Peter's horse and cart. Peter was sitting on the cart horse not u. Peter was the one packing nuggets and bars into cart. You were just used as a tool to get scammed later on. You got killed for stealing from our cart, simple as that.
  10. Thats literally kill reason, i kicked you and that means i dont want you in the faction. Wasnt me who killed you tho.
  11. And jeez that thingy explains that this guys is new here and got no clue how it works around here. 1 minute when everyone from enemy fac is deaded is more than enough to be safe, isnt it? But if it will be deemed clog somehow i will gladly refund cuz i had no real intention in clogging as i got plenty of money and i am playing daily. My last rule break was about 3 years ago.
  12. Check logs for the whole incident around it. It was skirmish when we killed everyone. Nicknames of people taking part from what i recognize cuz i didnt take any screens was : Nazgulus, Mynameishidden, Oneil, Frosty_Death, Myself_Walwin. There was noone who could possibly have kos on me when we cleared everyone. I was on ts3 with like 7 guys. When i was logging off they were attacking praven cuz they had kos on another guy (Ares) who had plate, so they went to start another skirmish while i was left alone at Old Port. When there was nothing going on and we already killed everyone (expect Ares), i decided to log, cuz THERE WAS NO REAL WAY OF THEM GETTING ME OR CAUSING HOSTILITIES TOWARDS ME. I will ask my fellas for evidence but i doubt they have any as it isnt rule break in any way. Actually there were more people taking part in that skirmishes but i dont really remember everyone.
  13. You dont have kos on me if i am your previous killer, cuz it would be simply NRR. And even if you had kos you would have to be close to me and actually cause any hostilities, which you clearly wasnt. You probably dont even know where i logged.
  14. You respawned and what? Last hostilities towards you were caused about 3 mintues ago(you died) and all your members were already killed by me and my people. I logged out inside Old Port, how is that even clog rofl.