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  1. Oof, looks like my hunch was off, refund it is!
  2. Then feel free to prove as such? :) When I say a guy randomly clobbering another, while one is screaming rdm, it tends to make you think
  3. You were mass randoming people, lol.
  4. Warzone Not like I care, retired now, so have fun. Take the refund I guess, not like I need the money.
  5. This sounds interesting to say the least. Perhaps a central location that all the factions can fight over in order to get those resource bonuses. At the same time, to prevent it from just becoming another castle, it should lack training, armories and whatnot, and be relatively hard to defend.
  6. +1 for adding poleaxe, great job all around!
  7. Kill yourself nerd
  8. Good stuff guys, keep it up
  9. The Siege vid certainly makes a PW esc mod in Bannerlord look very attractive, imagine 500 player sieges..... I for one cant wait to drop rocks on Stark levies, or rdm a bunch of people with long range catapult weapons. Although the best thing would not be having to fucking queue up for ages getting into a server, if they have 400-500 slots. The community would flourish in general as well given the release of a new game, so we can expect a little refreshment in the PW ways, as well as plenty of newbs to kill.