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  1. /Vouch, He is a good lad, i have known him for a while (Since i made him apply in PF) he knows what he is doing and will stick to it. People slag him off due to a server war yet i don't see him being a main factor in it? One player out of X amount that moved yet you still pin him for it. If a faction that one of the above people was in moved server you're saying you'd chose a server over friends? You might say that it is a bad admin trate yet, i would argue a guy who stays loyal to something no matter what would make a better admin then someone who just follows the crowd, or is scared to do something others may frown upon.
  2. This one can be deleted anyways, i just didn't know who to contact about it. Im not applying on 'every' server till i get accept. There are reasons for what servers i apply for.
  3. Thank you @Hazard and @kaiiijay means a lot
  4. What times do you remember me from? (I dont recognize your name :P)
  5. As i said, i will put the effort in to trying to get apart of this admin team, that means explaining myself on past situations and trying to make people see different in them. Sometimes you need to think about it from a different perspective.. Thanks for your feed back though
  6. As i said, Private servers and in casual with friends wasn't going to effect people to a huge extent, on top of this it was a BHop scrip to it wasn't something to assist in the mass murder of T's or CT's. It was merely for me to well Bhop, and it was never intended nor did it ruin anyones game. . Aswell as me linking my other account, this proves that i havent done anything like this at all since (May i add i had the scripts for no longer then a day and i regret ever getting them as it was a dump idea) I understand your reason for a devouch is for the fact that i had a script. But for M&B i have NEVER hit a bad patch in this game, never been banned off a Persistant server and only been banned of one Napoleonic Wars server. If you wish to hold against me something that happened in another game and 350 days ago then feel free, but from my point of view i wouldn't hold this against me as it was a stupid decision that i regret. I have never been denied from another admin team due to this because it was a long time ago and an irrational thought and i showed that i was not like that anymore through becoming a good admin and being apart of the M&B community. Hopefully through reading this and putting it in perspective your mind will be changed, but like everything in life you have to work for it. I wouldn't be applying for admin if i didn't think i have what is needed and if i didn't think i had the commitment, time and enthusiasm to get there. I strive to help keep a good community, a fun one, one that is free of people who want to ruin the game for others. That is the whole reason i apply for admin. Its to help people and give back the enjoyment that this game gives to me. PW wouldn't be as it is without hard work from SO and admins and i wish to join there ranks and help them. Hence, me applying for admin, i wouldn't go through the effort of this if i was still going to be stupid and immature like i was with CSGO. There would be no point, that is behind me and i am a new person who shouldn't be criticized for what happened back then, people should judge me for who i am now and what i have done since then.
  7. Looks really cool!
  8. |I am not inactive most of the time, as i said in other comments the only time i go inactive is due to real life situations. This applies to admining in which no members of this community who say i am 'inactive' have seen me do. But ones who have will back me up saying i am NEVER inactive whilst in a admin position. With the VAC ban im not sure that has much relevance with M&B? It was also a long time ago, but a short explanation is i had a BHop script on CSGO that i used to mess around on casual and friends private servers. If you want proof that i dont do this anymore feel free to look up my other account for CSGO where i do not have any bans on record.
  9. Lannies i explained above, i was never in any of your NW regiments?? If i was they would be listed on my profile. 32nd i was never inactive. I just decided to leave (I can get any of the members who knew me in there to vouch for that Cpl+) I agree with you never seeing me admin because i dont think you ever played on AGS or Thrones, neither have you ever been on PF? (AGS i still have contact with the owner he can vouch i was active and same with the PF, HA/SO can vouch.)
  10. Care to give examples? Only thing you have known me in from the past is the Lannisters, and that i left due to the change in Jerulsalm. Which you knew, before that i was extremly active. Which you can ask others. Also, you stating me being inactive is in clans. Ask ANY of the old community leaders i admined for i was active ever day until the server died. Whislt being an admin on a server the only time i go 'inactive' is when i HAVE to and even then i verify this with SO.
  11. hopefully that will become a vouch then Thanks for the feedback.
  12. Again i understand You will be seeing more of me. Im determined to work to get Admin, so i will do whatever i can!
  13. I have played on the server in the past (As a lannister) but havent been on a lot recently as exams :/. But thannk you! I hope i can change your mind (You'll be seeing me around a lot more also, this is my first post as i havent had a reason to use the forums before )
  14. Can be removed, applied for another server