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  1. I guess now I'm Korean... Also mind explaining what else I could lie about? .]
  2. Apparently so..
  3. I don't condone cheating.
  4. I am definitely from England.
  5. <3
  6. :thinking:
  7. :thinking: I see you 80% of the time but oh well.. I guess I'm invisible..
  8. Could you elaborate on how it wouldn't suit me? .]
  9. Do you mind giving an example on how I'm immature? Just wanting some feedback is all. .P
  10. Head admin of CRP .P we were re-vamping CRP after kingsman raped it, but nobody liked the idea and decided to ridicule us for about a month, which I handled quite well I would say. (This was before PAX was even heard of.) Also making my account a year ago is quite irelevent, I didn't feel the need to invlove myself on the fourms until that time. And again I help make this mod and know the inner workings of it, and how to use the admin tools quite efficiently. .]
  11. I can't really be bothered to explain why I do one eyed emoticons. Also being 16 doesn't really have much to do with it but, oh well.
  12. A few years now I think can't give you an exact date, and I am online quite frequently I also haven't seen you on recently I've seen more of foxy.
  13. I've been playing Pheonix since I first got the game as that was what my friends told me to get the game for..
  14. England.
  15. Oh yeah you right that doesn't make sense. oops Edit: fixed the typo .D