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  1. I wrote halt, you did not stop so I started to run for you
  2. Your GUID and name:2711995 Nazgulus Reason for refund:I logged in the new map and spawn with water Date & Time:21/01/2019/8:32 Screenshot: Estimated amount:87000
  3. but I told you, the kozubki said that you are kos for looting or aiming so i killed you
  4. but i could have killed you because the kozubki said you are kos even if we are on ts.You did not say anything that you are not a kos. As for me this report is invalid Just wait for admin
  5. So you admit that you were with me and kozubki on ts?
  6. So kozubki said to me that the fincher is a kos for looting. So i killed him
  7. Devouch
  8. sorry for the illegal halt I can give you a 15k refund I do not know why you want to ban me if you only lost a horse
  9. do not try to defend anymore because it is an obvious lie just pay the next time you have work does not enter the server simple because it does not authorize you to clog
  10. You got only sabre and leather armor and your refund is 20k