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  1. yes bring an end to snowflake culture on pk
  2. I have an issue where I can't invite friends to the Godwin group anymore, and Glopaxi was offline, but Alera is a Godwin. I usually avoid posting, but since I'm here he's been pretty understanding so far so I don't see an issue.
  3. the best part about that video is your faction chat where in that video does the pub faction have a banner like you said they did
  4. are you actually going to pretend like you're new? "Techno died and had to bring a banner from brack. This is a clear attempt at ban mongering as taking longer than the defenders want does not make a war illegal. As for the beaus they had a banner when Techno got there but they were allowing us to cap as we wanted the castle." ~posted on behalf of grumbleduke, the slayer of aurionbitchaway might i add, pub factions are known to be disorganized, and almost never have a banner when sieging / warring, this is nothing new, it's been this way for years, and will always be this way. literally the first time i see someone make such a complaint lmfao
  5. they said that about jerusalem and here we are, dealing with a trend unique to england and saxony, that everyone agrees is cancerous this, if you hate being warred on, go cap my castle, and go spawn camp, it's been like this forever, only that your clan can't seem to understand the concept you are an idiot go siege little boy
  6. The Sultan jumped into a middle of a blob and purposely got himself killed like what the actual hell and then the emir gets himself killed aswell after we do an amazing defense of the fort this despite them having 60 more
  7. i appreciate the gesture bud the refund is negotiable by the way
  8. the war was less than half an hour and we were attacking your castle my dude and even if you consider it illegal (which it wasnt, as evidenced by yesterdays failed complaint by some england officer) that is no excuse to mass combatlog literally the same defense as magicguy of saxony tehexd
  9. so if im naked fighting 4 tincans, they can all combatlog instead of fighting me since theoretically they can all kill me and i have a slim chance of killing them? yes bitch you stay the fuck on, if it pisses you off, go butcher my faction and spawn camp us, you are 40 strongboyz vs us 8
  10. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Duke_Otto_of_Godwin The person(s) you are reporting: King_Marton_England The time and date of the incident: 16:05 - 22/07/2018 What you are reporting them for: Combat Log The full story: we were sieging / fighting them, they started progressively mass logging, a new trend with this and a certain other clan, going from 35~ to 4 by the end in a space of a few mins, and at times just logging 10 people out at once. identical complaint, but this time with more screeeeeeenshooooots this has a higher enemy faction count thus the refund request is higher than previous Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: - the three folks infront of their castle are in our fac, making it all together 4 out of 8 of us infront when they started mass logging Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: Yes, 1000000 Gold
  11. 1 man of 3 is 33% whats wrong with you last time we attacked we were 3 of 4, 75% and you are lying about the couching, we were all on foot.
  12. ur name is there as a joke lol and your clan said to blame lucius and we are
  13. Your clan once wanted 1,5million refunded off me for capping your castle from 20 of your dudes, after I was bank wiped, so don't cry money here. We calculated the worth, its 900k. You are a big clan, you have rich members, think of something. Also, your faction renamed itself to "Report Lucius for this", and I'm sure Lucius has the money, and definitely his officers have more too :) boohoooooo
  14. not surprised it took you 5 days for a bottom barrel insult l o l