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  1. Then throw it in a frying pan to make sure it's working at 100% performance
  2. Titan is shit
  3. Or it could of been the numbers since Phoenix allows 220 instead of 200.
  4. Uhh map maybe? Definitely not the server xdxd pls no ban
  5. Maybe your Pc parts are getting old and slower or just you can't remember having low fps because you didn't care about it at the time?
  6. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: SS_AceFinley_Of_England. The admin(s) you are reporting also include whether they are forum staff, Game Admin or a Head Admin: Forum staff Nazi_Doge / SA_Tommy. The time and date of the incident (in GMT+0, anything else will be ignored completely): 23:45 - 12/07/2017 What you claim the admin has done: Lack of understanding of rules. The full story: The Silver Shields decided to log in to Persistent World late into the night to enjoy Persistent World for what it is. We saw Squire_Antuan_Whiterun and we halted him, he ran away and of course, we chased him. The majority apart from one person all stopped at the mercs camp to declare on the Pleb faction to backstab them in their current war against House Rain (House Reyne) This war had no benefits to us as all of us had chargers or war horses and we were fully decked out in tincan armor. After the declaration on the Pleb faction we kept chasing Squire_Antuan_Whiterun who decided then to kill himself by jumping into the water. He claims that we had warred his faction to gain their tincan, however, as stated above we already had KOS on him. The rest of his faction either had nothing, very light gear, or medium gear. though most of them were naked on coursers. We peaced the war because House Rain peaced them our intention was to backstab the Pleb faction and gain a castle from it. We were with 6 or 7 people agains't the Pleb factions 25, and thus our decision was to peace the war as it would out favor us heavily. The Silver Shields came to Praven to gather up Instead of that the Pleb faction re-declared and attacked us at Praven. We called out how it was an illegal war as we had no castle and they agreed and peaced it. Instead of moving along with our days they blocked the bridge at Praven castle and started attacking us even after peace. We fought them off and killed all of them, but that didn't stop them from coming back over and over. Even though we kept killing all of them and at that point, it wasn't even a skirmish just one by one dying. They kept chasing us after dying constantly so we decided to move away from Praven however, that didn't help as they continued to come after us. We waited a long time and logged out at our places as we had not seen anyone for over a minute. We decided not to report the NRR against us as we don't care about losing pixelated armor. Filipio is saying he lost 40k worth of armor but in his screenshot which is when we log out he has SS_Cheese_von_Holland his armor equipped. Quote - '' Sorry but i dont know names bro, the thing is that u made one thing illegal, i lost a tin of 40k, another friend lost a tin of 40, Companion_Holy i think and 2 plebs that i dont know the names '' He is also saying that his friend lost 40k worth of armor and Companion_holy did as well, he also mentions two random people he doesn't know yet wishes to claim their refunds for them. He is asking for 200k worth of armor to be refunded without any proof of logs or screenshots, and Nazi_Doge told Cheese in a Private Message that Tommy approved this forced refund. Tommy said in a private message to Cheese that only spawned in money requires evidence. Not only have they been given an outrageously big refund without any sort of evidence and just accepting their word for what it is. SS_Arno_Of_hEireann, SS_AceFinley_Of_England, SS_Monsnic_Of_England have all been wiped for their gear and banned on top of it. I believe Monsnic said he has been deducted about 120k Arno said he isn't sure how much or if money has been deducted, and I have been deducted about 100k. All of the 200k (or more) has been transferred to Antuan bank account claiming the two / three random people their refund with it. Nazi_Doge is saying the reason he is punishing all the players listed above is that there is no ranking system. Seaside quote - '' Will discuss the refund price with Maxxxio '' ( Even Seaside knows Maxxxio is leadership and wishes to discuss a refund price with him ) As I have Nazi_Doge on steam he could easily check the Silver Shields group and find out within 10 seconds that there are leaders within the Silver Shields. Nazi_Doge is also saying that because we're on Teamspeak we must all have knowledge on whats going on, implying that if for instance a Lannister Highlord RDM's somebody and gets help from his faction members they all must be punished as everyone involved knew what was going on as they were on Teamspeak. All evidence and quotes can be found in the links listed above, I will not ask or post the private Steam messages or private messages from both Nazi_Doge or Tommy without their approval.
  7. Merc camp being on an island would be rather annoying, instead you could make it like right on or near the shore? (And Damascus looks way to big to defend and people will just defend the inner keep, I know you haven't finished the castles thought I would just say anyway)
  8. Looks good, looking forward to seeing this map in action.
  9. Yeah I have a backup and I put it in the module.
  10. Thanks.
  11. What folder does the better crosshair go into?