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  1. Yorks only post on this with proof and evidence dont turn this into a shit throwing contest. Just wait for the logs or if you have any proof show it. BTW THIS IS PONDS
  2. when this happens to me changing my directx settings fixes it every time god knows why but it does
  3. as expected at least somewhat
  4. you dont understand no rule says he cant log during a raid only if you halt but he was not in range to see the halt thus meaning he did not combat log thus meaning the complaint is clearly invalid and your ss proves nothing
  5. weezy was no where near no chance did he see halt so this is not valid at all
  6. or you could all stop being a bunch of pussys
  7. better question why are you here
  8. thats my music bot numb nuts
  9. i had the gold when my internet dropped so it was ours actually hence why you had to piss about for 10 min to get another cart horse
  10. i did not clog at all lol https://gyazo.com/fba6e5453494a5efa268ccae701919ec https://gyazo.com/41ad0c5900f2d74b323d96a97b4974e9 two ss to prove that fact nice try though and being in spec is not a crime and we can go back further than that my internet has been dropping since 10pm
  11. just leave be and berick are being civil with this so take the stick out your ass and leave us to it
  12. as far as i know but not sure 100% we will see lol if its not the case i will refund of course
  13. to my knowledge we are allowed to try to get our silver back if this is not the case however i will happily refund we shall see what the admin says
  14. And you wonder why people act like that towards you guys sounds a bit racist to me shame on you
  15. all of that is irrelevant because it never happend lol i will not be saying any more it clearly states in the rules he had a kill reason your mate even admitted it so i will be waiting for a admin to resolve this waste of my time. Theft of your or your factions items (Food, Money, Carts) etc. no where does it say no loot must be said you stole his item thus giving him a kill reason