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  1. you have good right to be worried not going to lie
  2. well this post has interested me enough that im going to give map making a shot also
  3. yes exactly how i was thinking would be really fun
  4. exactly this is why i think my idea would be great because essentially its just a lot of 1v1s with different troop types so avoids any of the previous bullshit and also still being exciting enough for the other to watch a bet on the match ups
  5. weezy made sure we did not do any of the bulsshit thank god one decision i fully agreed with
  6. im with you there it was utterly pathetic from all clans the admins put in work to try and make this server a more fun and inviting server and set up what sounded like a really fun event but noo the vast majority of clan leaders were too i dont even know childish? and pathetic? about a game that none are even willing to actually have a real fight. I really am almost embarrassed to even be a leadership member after the behaviour yesterday. but thats why i have suggested such an idea in the way im talking this would take out all the bullshit clan politics this is just sit watch fights bet on fights and just have fun as a community for once.
  7. so as we can all see you admins are trying your best to make fun events well why not have a full on a knights tale style phoenix tourney. So you would have the melee lets say max of 5 per clan then you would have the joust say again max of 5 per clan and same with the archery 5 per clan. Doing this imo while it would be a big task it would also be well worth it just imagine this way it can be more controlled than the free for all event also would be really cool just for the fact all the people not taking part can watch the tourney maybe even place bets etc. Anyway this is just an idea i had would love to know what the admins think we could even pick a map that has an arena with stands for all the watchers would be really fucking cool imo.
  8. tbf i dont agree ots not the maps doing it but all the bullshit going on between the clans
  9. talk about exaggerating what i said
  10. you can bet every penny you own some cunts such as aurion pirre and tav will always devouch anyone who is not a friend who they can manipulate for personal gain
  11. great guy always from his clegane days all up to now and even through the clegane stark feud 100% /vouch
  12. if it was a lie why would he tell us the same story every time even when i have questioned it purposefully trying to make him slip up like the cunt i am but never once could i break him
  13. /vouch just putting this out there funny how we all get warning points but you let tav continue with his childish shit throwing.
  14. when this happens to me changing my directx settings fixes it every time god knows why but it does
  15. this was for me was it not lol thanks