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  1. After??!?!? There was plenty of fighting going on by the front gate and you were standing right beside it.
  2. You had been raiding sargoth for like 10 minutes straight... You were also standing beside people breaking my gate.
  3. Yes... we spoke about it. You do realise that i'll just put 20k in his bank to pay for the refund. Whether it comes out of mine or his really doesn't make a difference.
  4. He has very little money and i'll just give him the 20k after he refunds so it's all the same.
  5. Take the refund out of my bank please.
  6. Logged in... got declared on, joked about paying off the war.... johan was having non of so I logged. I did not see or hear anyone in the castle. Ill give you a 100k refund for the gear, I believe this is suitable as thats how much the gear costs.
  7. Dekkers asked me to put this here!jssnkBwJ!mNWotRKHovS8gqBGwtZkrU2cEZfDP5TxG97m1jCFY_E
  8. Put this on the rotation please.
  9. The Greyjoys would finally be able to role-play!!
  10. If this maps goes up, It would be a great week.
  11. .
  12. The choice of whether to keep it here goes to the person who made it, last time I checked, that person was me. If Robb would like it to stay here then it will stay here but until then I would like it gone.
  13. I had a lapse in logic! It was fixed.
  14. Look kid! I did two third of the work you got bored and didn't finish it!!! It is why Tav asked me to help.
  15. Very well you can have the shitty GoT one, However get rid of the French one please.