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  1. /vouch!!!
  2. Active badmin team

  3. Ellis you retarded shit gtfo of my complaint.
  4. So if I tell you to fix an error you have to say fuck off nice of you man I want you for admin so hard /vouch oh too late you are admin. Then you told me in global that I spam poked you I poked you twice and it wasn't in the same time. I tried to contact you on global but you didn't answered me I wrote in admin chat to see if you can see it or not no answer and then just writing fuck off after I traveled from Monti to Vorn just to tell you to fix your error it isn't nice is it?!
  5. Your in-game name at the time of the incident:Levy_Sak_Jerusalem The admin(s) you are reporting also include whether they are forum staff, Game Admin or a Head Admin:GA_Benji The time and date of the incident (in GMT+0, anything else will be ignored completely):15:35 What you claim the admin has done:Didn't refunded but solved a complaint and then saying fuck off near 15:35-40 after I tried to tell him this and contact him to edit his error. The full story: I made a report on Tipps0 where he rdmed me Benji solved it and said refunded but didn't. I found him in Vorn ingame where I told him this and he started saying fuck off I tried to contact him on ts where I spoke with Otto he told me that no money was transfered. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example):
  6. I'm really sorry then to ruin a suprise.
  7. So I just said what you were keeping for secret? XD
  8. Is it possible to make a stash for your character and put the items in the stash what you want to keep and then REuse it? And if its possible and not against TW EULA you can make the stash size bigger with donations.(5$=5space)
  9. -9 with me voting the mid :(
  10. gib me 10 mill on pouch and I will start playing PW again!