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  1. Okay now be honest didn't u aim to one of our members? Also why are u asking for a refund of 80k when you lost a maximum 25k worth of trash can.
  2. I died by a shot fam and if u didn't start rdming&killbaiting me when I was not even close to the skirm zone I wouldn't even realise there is one and go there but in the video u can clearly see I still had no idea what is going on I wasn't on ts at the time I was in the Halberdier channel and I went there while writing I still didn't know its a skirm when I went after filipo to ask why he did it.
  3. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Halberdier_Sak_Stonewell The person(s) you are reporting: FilipoTheSpaniard The time and date of the incident: 16:40 - 14/11/2018 What you are reporting them for: RDM (Random Death Match) The full story: He just tried to couch me without any legit reason that I know of I was trying to ask him why in chat and he kept killing me. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Logs Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: Yes, 30000 Gold
  4. So all tho it pretty much seems he no longer cares for the complaint as he can't even answer a simple question I will answer it no he didn't move away he was standing still trying to tell me that I cannot tell him with a proper reason to leave a land which isn't mine nor was his infact I can and I had not one but 2 good reasons one of them is that Beethoven was a bit drunk at the time he was near us so I told the guy to leave because Beeth was mass rdming us a bit the second reason is pretty much connected to it 2 tincans were on the ground so I didn't want this kid too loot it so I told him to leave but instead he kept whining and not doing what he was told to we can see it in his own screenshots.
  5. He is new you are refusing a refund for a single hit man who did u become anyways im offering a refund of 5k but rly refusing for a single hit...
  6. Also I asked u 2 questions from which u didn't answer any I'll ask you once again did u leave when got told to or not?
  7. Your GUID and name: 3819496 4054341 Halberdier_Sak_Stonewell = 1st key refund it here pls Halberdier_Sak_Stonewell2 = 2nd key Reason for refund: Spawned in a castle with TP door and couldn't get out on it on Rhadaron with both of my keys one of them was this paki charger other one was a hunter both stuck there. Date & Time: 2018/11/12 / 16:33 1st key with paki charger worth 14k, 16:45 2nd key with hunter worth 6k Did you take a server crash refund (if applicable): n/a Link to the complaint (if applicable): n/a Screenshot: Estimated amount: 20000
  8. What is the exact reason for u to refuse a refund as u were naked while u didnt even do what told to but instead u kept crying that its invalid while it isn't and I never saw it in global that u asked for a refund and exactly what did u want a refund for?Atleast if u had a wep or something you have no remorse but u waste ur time making a invalid complaint while being naked k fam. And what is that in the end no gear was dropped what the fuck?
  9. But making invalid report while being naked and refusing a refund does make it? xx
  10. And also u were naked so this is just pure banmongering
  11. Were u leaving when I attacked u? Do u deny standing there and waiting when I killed u for not leaving after told to? Btw its not illegal we had gear dropped there so I had my reason why I told u to do so and the other reason I told u to leave was that Beethoven was drunk yesterday and we didnt want anynone to go close him because he was massrdming us a bit but u instead of leaving u decided to stay there and start crying that I cannot tell u which I clearly can.
  12. So first time Maxxxio gives me demand and they all attacked me not the other way around so I dont see where I broke nrr there. Second time Indian halts me so I don't see where I broke NRR once again... Third time I get halted again not even told to leave just halted twice. Fourth time again I get told to leave but u dont seem to attack me nor I attack anyone so I think it was fine until mysics arrived and one of u killed me. Reason why I returned everytime ShieldMadeIn was evilmay and he asked me to come and check out if Spartikus was autoblocking he was pretty sure so I was fine with it but I thought u know it aswell as u didnt attack me fourth time I returned for this exact reason he even said not to attack me in chat as I remember. The only thing I could see from the video that u are using autoblock and im going to get it checked with Gibby and some other people to make sure the video is downloaded incase u want to delete the evidence its not that blatant but its intresting anyways thanks for uploading it.
  13. But then again why are u lying?You both logged off with gold bars on you :)
  14. I don't see where I asked u whether u do or not,and could u stop spamming our beloved forum with invalid reports and irrelevant posts?