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  1. Give us Conan The Barbarian theme! I don't know how but do it and fuck copyrights.
  2. @Dekkers Could you please update the vornestone's armory? It has only one new weapon which is shit and 0 new armors.
  3. Fuk off... I'm leaving this sh*t now.
  4. They are all dead.
  5. I'm the only N'Kulu guy left. (I think) I can't eat all of them.
  6. Too many white men there.
  7. Ofc it can be added so I can eat white winged polaks
  8. What? Never!
  9. Amue wants a tribal african shield for his tribe.
  10. Just a small opinion. Remake Hellwood Hold and halmar. They are useless and no one is using them really.
  11. Hollow hold bastion needs fixed stairs at the courtyard coz horses stuck there.
  12. I forgot who made VoS but WE WANT IT ON PK! AND NORDENBERGEN! And I know this is wrong topic for this.
  13. I hope The Outlaw camp will has the Port Cullis and ladder points. :) #makeOutlawsAfaction
  14. Ugh.... here you go. Clan Name: NKulu Banner Description&Details: African with some spears, maybe shield. Crossed spears idk... Do something nice. Banner Image (Optional):