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  1. Who the hell is even that guy ? /VOUCH
  2. Hargaron git gud Avenger don't, or i will slap you with my Cup of coffee.
  3. What does it have to do with gmod ? (-) Be patient... (-/+) But over all, I've seen you on this server and you seem like a okay guy, even if you're a lannister. (+) I will go /NEUTRAL with this, i might change my mind if you tell me a bit more about you.
  4. I don't know you at all m8, so you can expect the asnwer from me... /VOUCH
  5. Now Denied or accepted ? I think Denied since bannerlord is gonna come out soon.
  6. Yes Vala, it's just shit that commoners are getting beaten up from lannisters cuz they dont have many classes.
  7. Hmmm, i would actualy give you a chance, but once you fuck it up, you'd be kicked from the admin groupe, so let's go from /NEUTRAL to /VOUCH I have to give you a chance.
  8. M8 i wasn't talking'bout in game, i meant that crap that you wrote in the chat box, just cause some fucking faggots said bad things about islam you answerd back very aggressivly, and you didnt stop, you didn't realize that they were trying to manipulate you, and you got banned twice from the same guy and you got warned, but as i see in your reply i missunderstood some things too, and I'm sorry, therefor i will go from /DEVOUCH to /NEUTRAL
  9. Xumm the problem is, once the "NEW PLAYERS" gets experienced, he starts to be aggressive with'em too.
  10. M8, you do a lot of mistakes too and you're easily provocable, influencable, agressive and bitchy over little things on the internet, I'm not trying to be mean but I have to give you a big red. /DEVOUCH
  11. Correction: I did not spawn that weapon, it was a admin on pw nordic, NOT ME! And burgundy you can, i saw a god damn admin on pw nordic running around with that badass pistol.
  12. thank you, it's clearly a joke as you can see! (NO IT'S NOT)
  13. What is your suggestion: Add flintsock pistol in the forum shop, not in the server. Why did you bring this up: Because it would be a nice weapon, exactly strong as a siege xbow with steel bolts, except you can reload the weapon while running, but it's very expensive (Pistol: 15k and Bullets: 1k), and if you guys come up with the idea: "Urgh, m8 it wouldn't relate to the time in pw". Actually the first pistol was invented the 13th century, it's ALMOST the same time as pw. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_firearm The look has no difference between pw and this image from the 13th century. Anything else: I think the pistol is already added in the game and admins can spawn that weapon, i know it cuz i was once admin and did it.