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  1. Why is the fatty trying to be so professional xd
  2. The fact you won't even respond to any of the points I've made shows you have no argument. You also forget this Complaints may not be made for someone else, make your own complaints. The only exception is if the person making the complaint has been banned on the forums. which is clear in the complaint rules. This complaint is already invalid by default.
  3. What I said is exactly what happens in a skirmish. You attack the threats. Tyget broke no rules, even if the kill reason wasn't a skirmish Imry gave him a kill reason by insulting Beethoven. In many cases players start skirmishes because they see faction members come down and almost always it's to fight. It is a fighting game. The logs show no damage was dealt in less than 30s before you attacked Tyget, in my book that shows that the skirmish is on going. This is the last time I'm going to say this and the last I'm going to post. The skirmish at your castle Mount Hellstone was on going. By matching the feed on the video with the logs, it shows no one dealt damage for under 30 seconds. You and Imry walked down during these 30s/1min in the direction of the people that attacked, you then attacked. A skirmish does not end in mere seconds. And for argument sake say it wasn't a skirmish, Imry insulted Beethoven Lannister granting Tyget Lannister a kill reason. So please will you for the love of God get that in your brain, don't know how many times I have to repeat it.
  4. I don't believe the skirmish did end actually. 13:19:12 - Horse (Levy_VIking_North) attacked Ftm_Makarov_Lorraine dealing 11 damage 13:19:13 - Horse (Levy_VIking_North) attacked Levy_Cheesee_Lannister dealing 1 damage 13:19:32 - *LOCAL* [Levy_VIking_North] Bai 13:19:37 - Ser_Rickard_Lannister attacked KingsGuard_Illyrio_Lannister dealing 48 damage 13:19:37 - Ser_Rickard_Lannister <img=ico_blunt> KingsGuard_Illyrio_Lannister 13:19:37 - Ser_Rickard_Lannister killed a member of the same faction! 13:19:40 - Ftm_Robyn_Lannister attacked Ser_Rickard_Lannister dealing 14 damage 13:19:51 - *LOCAL* [Levy_VIking_North] Cus i can Those logs are visible in the video, that shows it was less 30 seconds before the last Lannister/North attacked a Lorraine. Imry and Thresh followed and attacked, there is evidence to say the skirmish was on going. There is none to say it wasn't.
  5. Sorry, kept putting the text in the spoiler: Are people going to still argue it's not a skirmish? The Lannisters were attacking Hellstone (Apologies if I got the name wrong) which belonged to Lorraines, your faction. They had killed the last of them when you and your bud ran down to pursue. They hadn't even left the castle yet. You swung and attacked Tyget, starting the skirmish once again. This was in the course of mere minutes. So that's only 2-3 minutes of the logs showing Lannisters attacking your gates and killing your faction members. Your video shows you both running down the hill after them, you claim Imry had no intention of attacking. What I'd like to know is, where is Imry to say this? You've posted this presumably without speaking to him, heck you said in your previous post you didn't even know the guy. So how can you claim to know his intentions? This is why it's against the rules to report on someones behalf. Even if Imry's intentions weren't to kill Tyget, why leave did he leave his castle in the direction of the people that killed him and his faction less than a minute ago? Before they even left the outer wall? The story doesn't add up and that is why it was made invalid.
  6. Is no one understanding the fact Lannisters were raiding?
  7. Considering it was the players third ban I saw no reason to force a refund. And you've slightly contradicted yourself, how could you confuse a serf hitting a tree outside with someone trying to kill you inside? I encourage everyone to actually read the original complaint before posting, saves time asking and answering questions. If you did you would of known Magicman attempted to get a refund and was rejected.
  8. I've dealt with complaints like this in the past with the exact same result. And they weren't all Lannisters. The video shows you and your bud running down the hill and you going off only a few meters to attack Tyget. Why would he completely ignore the threat behind him? But of course you're going to choose to ignore that and focus on the fact it was a Lannister and scream bias aren't you...
  9. 4 Admin complaints at once? This must be a record, I'm a little bit proud. Admins do not need to give people time to defend themselves in the logs clearly show what happened. You had already defended yourself and given your reason for the kill. Anything you could of possibly said after the logs were posted would of been a waste of time and have no affect on the verdict. To accuse me of manipulating the logs is just silly Border. When posting a complaint the complainer adds all the relevant names. His, yours and Marios. Anyone else that was relevant but missed, will be missed in the logs unless you mention them. Do you expect us to search the entire server logs and piece together the conversations of hundreds of players for one complaint? No, it shouldn't be and isn't expected of us. If a name that is vital to the complaint isn't mentioned, the fault alternative facts with you and Isaac. The complaint was getting a lot of attention and posts, many are hidden. The more posts that are made the less likely an admin is going to deal with it and that has been shown many times in the past. Do not accuse me of ignoring you either. You added me on steam along with Pharis (most likely to complain about his forum mute) which I rejected. My steam is private for a reason. It's encouraged you PM admins, not track them down. - @Aurion I take it you didn't read the complaint before posting your dribble. Border was very much aware of Mario's demands, to the point where he was kicking Mario and trying to argue with why he should be halted. He did not however, issue further demands. Mario did issue demands that Isaac leave and when he was leaving you killed him for it. Because you chose to ignore the fact another demand had been given. That fault alternative facts with you and for once stop accusing other people of your own ignorance of the rules Border. If you're going to sit there and act innocent about autoblocking then that just shows you're not worth a place in the server. I wrote half this post last night but my internet cut out so I couldn't post it, sorry for the slight delay.
  10. The Golden company, a different faction were raiding. Magicman was out of the way. Magicman did not request a refund and I was satisfied with the log evidence to continue with a punishment. You had no kill reason, you didn't have the option to give a refund so a post from you would of been pointless. Your unban appeal has only been up for 17 hours, by the time you posted this it was only up for 7. the reason I didn't respond is because I have a job at night and other commitments. Like getting sleep. So don't sit there and say I'm ignoring it, thank you. The complaint had been up for 8 days, I'm not going searching for your forum account to notify you when your post would of had affect on the final verdict. You randomed Magicman and got banned for 2 days, for your 3rd offense.
  11. You and Imry are clearly friends, for a start you both walk down the hill together, you recorded the incident and posted it and now you're reporting a complaint that you aren't actually involved in? If I've just fought a skirmish in a castle, then two people come out of their gates and one attacks me then I'm going to attack both of them. It's common sense. And for the sake of all of us, stop spewing nonsense about Lannisters donating so they can't get banned, it just makes you look autistic.
  12. I'm not even going to listen to a boy who claims all 9 of his bans were invalid. If you can't hold your hand up and admit to your mistakes, you're not worth any of our time I'm afraid. My reason for the ban is on the thread so I don't see much point in repeating everything here, so I'll be brief. You kept returning and failed to mention that on the complaints, you said the fighting was in the lower city despite plenty of evidence places you in the upper city where the fighting actually was. And honestly, everything you say has little backing due to your ban history and the fact you say they're invalid just shows you don't even respect the rules or staff enough to say I'm sorry.
  13. This thread is so bad, it's an injustICE
  14. I would not count someone aiming at you as kill baiting. The fact is the player aimed his weapon and got killed. The same applies if you insult or shout halt without including a name. That player is killed, yes we can see in the logs by looking at previous conversations that it was not directed to the player, it's still a kill reason. Thats what is happening here, a player was threatened and legally reacted to it. And hes being punished because of "something" only an admin can see in the logs. Despite the plain fact he aimed at his horse, there is no buts or maybes, he aimed at the horse and was killed.
  15. So the first gate was completely broken and you said he hit the secondary gates? He says he only hit it 10 times or so. I honestly still don't see that as a serious offense. He didn't even break it, also it's difficult to pinpoint on the logs when it happened.