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  1. I'm not even going to listen to a boy who claims all 9 of his bans were invalid. If you can't hold your hand up and admit to your mistakes, you're not worth any of our time I'm afraid. My reason for the ban is on the thread so I don't see much point in repeating everything here, so I'll be brief. You kept returning and failed to mention that on the complaints, you said the fighting was in the lower city despite plenty of evidence places you in the upper city where the fighting actually was. And honestly, everything you say has little backing due to your ban history and the fact you say they're invalid just shows you don't even respect the rules or staff enough to say I'm sorry.
  2. If this was to happen, it probably will be down to the discretion of the admin.
  3. This thread is so bad, it's an injustICE
  4. I would not count someone aiming at you as kill baiting. The fact is the player aimed his weapon and got killed. The same applies if you insult or shout halt without including a name. That player is killed, yes we can see in the logs by looking at previous conversations that it was not directed to the player, it's still a kill reason. Thats what is happening here, a player was threatened and legally reacted to it. And hes being punished because of "something" only an admin can see in the logs. Despite the plain fact he aimed at his horse, there is no buts or maybes, he aimed at the horse and was killed.
  5. So the first gate was completely broken and you said he hit the secondary gates? He says he only hit it 10 times or so. I honestly still don't see that as a serious offense. He didn't even break it, also it's difficult to pinpoint on the logs when it happened.
  6. Bare in mind, this was one gate. A gate comprised of two doors, crusher broke that one gate, I count that as one gate not two. I don't think for a second that making your entrance a little wider is griefing. If I was engaging Jerusalem, I would make sure both those doors are open. The fact it was reported was a bit petty, it is not griefing.
  7. Oh damn I just noticed this now sorry guys. As far as I'm aware Stefan, nothing like that has been issued to the staff atleast not formally. I standby my decision on the complaint, I don't view breaking the a full gate as griefing and didn't see any action to be taken for Crushers actions.
  8. Hahahahahhahah Sorry if I hurt your feelings guys :(
  9. 1. I actually like the idea of being unable to return unless you're being attacked. You'd have to convince the player base for that as I could see a lot of negatives to it. If a complaint that involved a skirmish like you explained, I would still count that as one skirmish as you are just restarting it. I would only count a new skirmish if it was some significant time after the previous one. 2. That would mean you'd want more of an NLR (New Life Rule) in place rather than NRR. New life is a little more complicated and as past servers showed has never really worked for the mod. It works closely with metagaming which I feel is a rule a lot of us really don't like. 3. I get that but remember you're faction can always pull out of a skirmish and just ignore any advancements. If they start smashing your gates and you obviously defend yourself, they can't return over and over again. I would count that as harassment and in past complaints we find players doing that are often breaking NRR. 4. Just to clear up your first sentence you absolutely are allowed to fight back. You're not forced to comply in that situation, in fact I can't think of any situation where you would be. Again I think you're sorta swinging towards a more NLR system in place, which would need careful thought and consideration before being put in place. On the current rule set, if a player keeps returning and being a pest then you're completely allowed to halt or imprison him. If he reports it, I would see it as ban baiting/mongering. TL;DR you seem to want us to start using NLR which doesn't really work. It would also require a some light metagaming which again, has shown to be really negative for the community.
  10. In all honesty that rarely happens. People who try to devise a way to get someone banned tend not to be so blatant. Your example wouldn't even be ban mongering really, it would be stupidity from the person reporting. Any admin could easily identify such a kill reason in the logs, plus the player defending would quickly shut him down. As I said in my previous post, players are using ban monger as a term for players who lack knowledge, or chromosomes rather than the actual meaning. Ban mongering is an issue yes, but I would be very hesitant to say it is a major one. Just like randoming, there are only so many times the same player can say it was an accident before being banned.
  11. The question is in place to save time. So if players say "I'll give you 20k?" or if an admin posts the logs and says "how much do you want for a refund" that can take an hour or it can take a few days for a response. So it is useful. I've said many times on complaints when accusations of banmongering were being thrown around, it is not ban mongering to deny a refund. That is only there to save the staff a day or two waiting for a reply. An admin may still take control and force a refund and at times actually reject one. I would class ban mongering as this. A player who goes out of his way to get randomed, for instance he could kick near someone then when they go to kick him, he positions himself at a bridge or edge where he would die. Being killed minute after minute to return to the exact same place, pissing the players off so much that they lose track of kill reasons so you report them. I could sit here and list them off all night, but I hope people get the idea of what a ban monger is.
  12. Players do get banned for ban mongering. Heck, I banned about 6 people for it last month. In the end of the day the admin taking control of the complaint is the judge, jury and executioner. That being said, not every decision the admin will make will be the correct one. So by all means PM the admin if you feel your complaint wasn't dealt with correctly. If that doesn't work, contact an SA and if neither of these work make an admin complaint. In the past I've made decisions on complaints then closed them, only to review them after a PM from the player involved. Sometimes the decision is changed, sometimes it isn't. May I also add many staff members add notes to GUIDs to say "Hey, Ellis said he didn't aim but turns out he did. Watch incase it happens again!" and if it does, further action is taken. Players can forget, while some do lie I don't feel comfortable banning active players for honest mistakes. To sum it up, the admin should know what hes doing. If he doesn't, politely and properly explain why you think that admin is wrong. If it yields no result take it further.
  13. I'm pretty sure I caught him and removed him you twat
  14. Ye it is! :)
  15. Yes guys that is right, being a Stark is the same or possibly worse than being a pedo or faking cancer!