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  1. Spawn killing players is not a skirmish. You can willingly return to one, in this case new spawns were being forced into it. I'm not complaining about that though. My complaint is the fact I and others were spawning in to be shot by yourself.
  2. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Ranger_Harwood_Stark The person(s) you are reporting: Smith_IronCrew_Lannister The time stamp; date of the incident (in GMT+1, anything else will be ignored completely): 15:00ish What you are reporting them for: Randoming The full story: Starks were being raided in a joint attack by Ifeqevrons and Lannisters. We gave them demands to leave and the like so they started building ladders. They quickly overran us and killed us. Someone unrelated to the raid had placed a cart in the spawn, which we spawned on top off blocking us for some time. When we came out we were met by Lannister crossbows and infantry killing us. Some of it legal, some of it got illegal. The claim of it being a skirmish zone can't be made. People were being killed at the spawn point. I'm not going to report all the Lannisters and I'm not reporting on behalf of any Starks. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example): Screenshots show I was standing completely still fresh out of spawn. He took two shots, one missed one hit. It also shows him shooting new spawn Wizzard and another player. Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: I was killed legally beforehand so not really.
  3. @Midnight You guys can take over this
  4. They don't transfer everyone. Go appeal there, you're not being unbanned on EU.
  5. 22:25:20 - Mistwalker_Redswift attacked Junius_Brutus dealing 67 damage 22:25:20 - Mistwalker_Redswift <img=ico_swordone> Junius_Brutus 22:26:10 - Junius_Brutus picked up War Bow(ID: 306) from the ground. 22:26:11 - Junius_Brutus droppped War Bow(ID: 306) on the ground. 22:26:13 - Argath_HoImskyr attacked Junius_Brutus dealing 26 damage 22:26:15 - *LOCAL* [Junius_Brutus] rdm 22:26:20 - *LOCAL* [Junius_Brutus] see u on forums 22:26:27 - Argath_HoImskyr attacked Junius_Brutus dealing 32 damage 22:26:27 - Argath_HoImskyr <img=ico_spear> Junius_Brutus 22:28:08 - Player Junius_Brutus (GUID: 1761648) has left the server He is already perm banned for ban evading.
  6. 16:31:32 - Levy_Kevin_Lannister attacked Footman_IndiaN_Valoran dealing 41 damage 16:31:32 - Levy_Kevin_Lannister <img=ico_blunt> Footman_IndiaN_Valoran 16:31:32 - Levy_Kevin_Lannister killed a member of a friendly faction! There seems to be no fighting between any Lannister or any player for a few minutes before and after the kill. 16:33:09 - Horse (Levy_Baelon_Lannister) attacked GrandKnight_Zipp0_Valoran dealing 3 damage 16:33:19 - Horse (Levy_Baelon_Lannister) attacked xX_Knight_Xx dealing 0 damage 16:33:22 - Recruit_Fireblood_Valoran attacked Levy_Baelon_Lannister dealing 28 damage 16:33:25 - xX_Knight_Xx attacked Horse (Levy_Baelon_Lannister) dealing 31 damage 16:33:26 - xX_Knight_Xx attacked Horse (Levy_Baelon_Lannister) dealing 0 damage 16:33:26 - Maester_Jesse_Lannister attacked KingsGuard_Lerris_Lannister dealing 0 damage 16:33:28 - Horse (Levy_Baelon_Lannister) attacked Ftm_Trryk_Lannister dealing 3 damage 16:33:39 - Ftm_Trryk_Lannister attacked xX_Knight_Xx dealing 17 damage 16:33:41 - xX_Knight_Xx attacked Ftm_Trryk_Lannister dealing 2 damage 16:33:42 - Ftm_Trryk_Lannister attacked xX_Knight_Xx dealing 0 damage 16:33:42 - xX_Knight_Xx attacked Ftm_Trryk_Lannister dealing 48 damage 16:33:45 - Horse (Levy_Baelon_Lannister) attacked Ftm_Trryk_Lannister dealing 10 damage 16:33:46 - xX_Knight_Xx attacked Ftm_Trryk_Lannister dealing 60 damage 16:33:46 - xX_Knight_Xx <img=ico_axeone> Ftm_Trryk_Lannister 16:33:49 - Horse (Levy_Baelon_Lannister) attacked Recruit_Fireblood_Valoran dealing 5 damage 16:34:10 - xX_Knight_Xx attacked Horse (Levy_Baelon_Lannister) dealing 38 damage 16:34:11 - xX_Knight_Xx attacked Horse (Levy_Baelon_Lannister) dealing 31 damage 16:34:26 - GrandKnight_Zipp0_Valoran attacked Horse (Levy_Baelon_Lannister) dealing 53 damage 16:34:28 - GrandKnight_Zipp0_Valoran attacked Levy_Baelon_Lannister dealing 28 damage 16:34:33 - Dedicated_Doc attacked Ftm_Trryk_Lannister dealing 18 damage 16:34:35 - Dedicated_Doc attacked Ftm_Trryk_Lannister dealing 20 damage 16:34:36 - Levy_Tole_Lannister attacked Horse (Smith_Exhility_York) dealing 43 damage 16:34:37 - Dedicated_Doc attacked Ftm_Trryk_Lannister dealing 21 damage 16:34:39 - GrandKnight_Zipp0_Valoran attacked Levy_Baelon_Lannister dealing 27 damage 16:34:39 - Dedicated_Doc attacked Ftm_Trryk_Lannister dealing 22 damage 16:34:41 - Dedicated_Doc attacked Ftm_Trryk_Lannister dealing 20 damage 16:34:47 - Lord_Jaime_Lannister attacked GrandKnight_Zipp0_Valoran dealing 48 damage 16:34:48 - Lord_Jaime_Lannister attacked xX_Knight_Xx dealing 31 damage 16:34:59 - GrandKnight_Zipp0_Valoran attacked Lord_Jaime_Lannister dealing 0 damage 16:35:01 - Lord_Jaime_Lannister attacked GrandKnight_Zipp0_Valoran dealing 42 damage 16:35:01 - Lord_Jaime_Lannister <img=ico_blunt> GrandKnight_Zipp0_Valoran 16:35:01 - Lord_Jaime_Lannister killed a member of a friendly faction! Half of those logs seem to just be a doctor healing. Due to lack of evidence from Kevin and the logs of there being a skirmish he will be banned with no chance of appeal.
  7. He has been banned for one day.
  8. Good meme. I think i'll just lock it and make it an internal affair.
  9. Done. Thank you for resolving this between you both, makes situations a lot easier and benefits everyone.
  10. I already saw that, anywho Chidubem hasn't been making any responses on any of his complaints, so he will be banned for 5 days.
  11. Ban has already finished.
  12. You were banned on June, but I don't see how unbanning you could benefit the server. You didn't put any effort into your appeal, denied.
  13. I don't see how the Starks behavior in chat, behavior I don't participate in has any relevance to this admin application.
  14. You've been banned since November so please behave! Don't impersonate.