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  1. Oh stop making yourself look stupid, for the sake of us all. We don't "need" him, this little deal you and Luxtor like to keep making always results in the same outcome. "I promise I'll behave! You won't here one problem!" "I know I randomed but It was an accident, I'm sorry" "If you don't unban my clan member I will move from this fucking shit server" "Fuck this shitty server I always knew it was bad!!" "Please unban me, I'll bring clan members" Your whole clan was randoming everyone that came near your village, they do not know the rules. Get the hint it's a no.
  2. I'll pass it on to you @Tommy
  3. Tavs just mad because Lord Rodedrous Stormhorse isn't loyal to House Lannister.
  4. Dion <3 @Rowan that shit is catchy af
  5. You're not banned on this GUID for the last time, go figure it out.
  6. I don't see an issue with I'm a gay faggot's actions. He posted his complaint and checked the logs to make sure it was valid, once he saw it wasn't he posted them leaving Rowan to deal with it. Admins will still search their own log file and make a conclusion on their own judgement even if the person making the complaint is an admin and has posted the logs. So really no harm was done.
  7. I think you've got Sipano confused with Vlades.
  8. We don't refund for combat logs and as Sednan said he doesn't want one, especially when you haven't made a public apology or acknowledged you've done anything wrong. If you wish to take your loyalty to Kronus by all means do so, we don't like to have combat loggers on Phoenix. You'll be issued a 7 day ban for second combat log offense.
  9. Fgt he isn't even banned. Unless your trying your third GUID which is perm banned. What name are you using?
  10. You're not on the banlist and I have no memory of banning that GUID.
  11. Players really wanted VoS and nobody wanted it and as Tavington said you all did the same with the North.
  12. Due to no response I cannot continue this investigation.