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  1. Sorry for the delay. The player is not new and is also known as Hagen of Godwin. Bannermann_Kieinus_Marttell has no money and if I'm correct, it's all gone to Hagen. So I've taken the money from his bank.
  2. Admin complaint you fucking spacker
  3. Click PW Player, it does show doesn't it?
  4. A long time ago as in 6 months ago! xd soz to get your hopes up guise. @Shadow If you mean "BS" bans as in made invalid by a formal investigation from a SA/HA then do make them known. However if you just disagree with it, then they won't be removed.
  5. Gotta pay attention to the forum complaint section bud! Or read the actual warning.
  6. I have no recollection of that but it was probably like a one day ban. All bans and warnings get removed after 6 months(?) but we tend to keep note of the trouble makers. The majority of which tend to be Polish. However if a ban/warning is proven invalid by further investigation then it should generally be removed. If it isn't, pester Tommy or Bridge Troll till it is.
  7. HI Sorry for the delay, had some things to take care of. I'll repeat what I said, no damage was dealt between any of the three clans during the time period I provided in the logs. I'll also add that you killed a Lannister, not Starks. So whether they were shooting at you or not does not give you a right to kill Thoros. Josh & FriendlySerf will be banned until further notice due to both having quite an extensive ban history. They may of course appeal it.
  8. OH THAT, I asked Benji to do it. Lemme check fam Benji the inbred didn't do it. I've asked Tommy to!
  10. I should stop abusing my powers on the forums to my liking against a senior administrative supporter by editting his posts otherwise it will end very ill for me, as I, Scorpia, am inactive and used to abuse my powers.
  11. Am i allowed in yet?
  12. It will be lengthy, you're better off paying the refund.
  13. 13:41:37 - Ftm_Rowdent_Lorraine attacked Squire_Kevan_Lannister dealing 40 damage 13:41:37 - Ftm_Rowdent_Lorraine <img=ico_blunt> Squire_Kevan_Lannister 13:41:37 - Ftm_Rowdent_Lorraine killed a member of a friendly faction! 13:41:37 - WillTheSnake attacked Ftm_Mace_Lorraine dealing 0 damage 13:43:21 - Levy_Joshu4_Lorraine attacked Lord_Thoros_Lannister dealing 44 damage 13:43:22 - FriendlySerf_of_Richfield attacked Ftm_Levhan_Lannister dealing 44 damage 13:43:22 - Levy_Joshu4_Lorraine attacked Lord_Thoros_Lannister dealing 47 damage 13:43:22 - Levy_Joshu4_Lorraine <img=ico_blunt> Lord_Thoros_Lannister 13:43:22 - Levy_Joshu4_Lorraine killed a member of a friendly faction! 13:43:23 - WhoseDis attacked Levy_Joshu4_Lorraine dealing 55 damage 13:43:23 - WhoseDis <img=ico_swordone> Levy_Joshu4_Lorraine 13:43:24 - FriendlySerf_of_Richfield attacked Ftm_Levhan_Lannister dealing 59 damage 13:43:24 - FriendlySerf_of_Richfield <img=ico_blunt> Ftm_Levhan_Lannister 13:43:24 - FriendlySerf_of_Richfield killed a member of a friendly factio I couldn't see any fighting or interaction between any Stark, Lorraine or Lannister during those minutes. I don't see any evidence of a skirmish zone, even so you can't sit in a TP door killing everyone that walks through. Only a brain dead child would think that setting a kill box is a good idea when you're not at war. Anyone could walk through a door then be randomed. You have 12 hours to provide evidence of a skirmish zone.
  14. 19:34:24 - HighLord_Brom_Lannister attacked Ftm_Faith_Lorraine dealing 93 damage 19:34:24 - HighLord_Brom_Lannister <img=ico_swordtwo> Ftm_Faith_Lorraine 19:34:24 - HighLord_Brom_Lannister killed a member of a friendly faction! 19:34:26 - Vala_The_Sly attacked Horse (Ftm_Fallrach_Lannister) dealing 25 damage 19:34:26 - Vala_The_Sly attacked Ftm_Fallrach_Lannister dealing 0 damage 19:34:27 - Horse (Ftm_Maximus_Lannister) attacked Ftm_IndiaN_Lorraine dealing 10 damage 19:34:28 - Ftm_Vhasj_Lannister attacked North_Maester dealing 27 damage 19:34:28 - Horse (Levy_Shifty_Lannister) attacked Ser_Arthur_Lannister dealing 0 damage 19:34:29 - Ftm_Jeyne_Lannister attacked North_Maester dealing 58 damage 19:34:29 - Ftm_Jeyne_Lannister <img=ico_swordtwo> North_Maester 19:34:29 - Ser_Johann_Lannister attacked Ftm_IndiaN_Lorraine dealing 62 damage 19:34:29 - Ser_Johann_Lannister <img=ico_spear> Ftm_IndiaN_Lorraine 19:34:29 - Ser_Johann_Lannister killed a member of a friendly faction! 19:34:30 - Vala_The_Sly attacked Horse (Maester_Quincyus_Lannister) dealing 48 damage 19:34:30 - Maester_Quincyus_Lannister attacked Vala_The_Sly dealing 59 damage 19:34:30 - Maester_Quincyus_Lannister <img=ico_spear> Vala_The_Sly 19:34:30 - Maester_Quincyus_Lannister killed a member of a friendly faction! 19:34:42 - Ftm_Jeyne_Lannister attacked Knight_Rabadox_Lorraine dealing 65 damage 19:34:42 - Ftm_Jeyne_Lannister <img=ico_swordtwo> Knight_Rabadox_Lorraine 19:34:42 - Ftm_Jeyne_Lannister killed a member of a friendly faction! 19:34:42 - Horse (Smith_Black_Lannister) attacked KingsGuard_Preston_Lannister dealing 0 damage 19:34:42 - Ftm_Elron_Lannister attacked Baino_Is_Luv dealing 55 damage 19:34:42 - Ftm_Elron_Lannister <img=ico_swordtwo> Baino_Is_Luv 19:34:42 - Ftm_Elron_Lannister killed a member of a friendly faction! 19:34:42 - *LOCAL* [Ftm_Abborren_Lorraine] danke!! I'm not going to post any more logs. You're screenshot shows that the Lannister and Lorraines were skirmishing. You can't blame others for walking into that and being killed. It goes without saying you were there to help faction members fight, you don't have any other reason for being there. Don't get me wrong, you can't just kill everyone you see in a skirmish zone, however a clan member is not going to just sit and watch his clan fight. Marked invalid.
  15. Well it's been 5 days and no one has responded. I'm not going to deal with a complaint if players don't cooperate.