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  1. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Archer_Harwood_Stark The person(s) you are reporting: Templar_Initiate_Romero The time stamp; date of the incident (in GMT+1, anything else will be ignored completely): 15:55 What you are reporting them for: RDM The full story: I was an archer shooting Lorraine cav around me. Romero came up and tried to punch me and kick me and jump in the way. I believe he only hit me once or twice, but he was unarmed and trying to get involved. After I died, he picked up a weapon and just killed some guy standing there. His faction was not involved at all. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example): N/A Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: Don't really need one.
  2. No members of House Stark halted you, we don't have someone called Evie in the clan and you didn't provide any names. I told you to show your pouch and you didn't, you then tried to back away. When a Glover looked in your cart and took an item I shot him, killing him. So don't act like you were being totally bullied. I'm a fair guy.
  3. The average Archer is shit and poor and only carries around 5k. If you're in a siege then you're going to lose armour. Say the defenders push, some will die and have to buy gear. Eventually they'll run out of money since there is no other source of income, the banks aren't accessible and you can't make money in the castle. Thats what happened the other day, the defenders couldn't afford to gear it's nakeds because they had been completely cut off for almost two hours. Even today I ran out of money from buying bolts.
  4. Why not just make arrows more expensive? So if a faction is defending, they'll eventually run out of money. A siege is meant to take time anyway, it can't be an instant push and cap or fail.
  5. no really but at least were taught sticking your willy in mens bums is wrong.
  6. Starks were 70 defending against around 130 give or take. I counted during the whole siege the Starks only had 5 ranged. 3 Xbows and 2 archers. That isn't spam, I blame the small clans that can't fight like Mormonts xd. I personally wouldn't take it away. I play archer because I don't like melee, I find it difficult with the lag. These options for the stocks, will not only make it quite difficult to play as an archer, you're also effectively debuffing the only class people with lag or lack of skill can actually play, without being serfs, smiths or doctors. I wouldn't bother.
  7. 19:34:20 - *LOCAL* [Ftm_GiwrgosK7_Stark] INIT HALT 19:34:28 - Ranger_Dewclaw_Stark attacked Horse (Templar_Initiate_Aurion) dealing 36 damage 19:34:32 - Levy_Gadsby_Stark attacked Horse (Templar_Initiate_Aurion) dealing 44 damage 19:34:32 - *LOCAL* [Templar_Initiate_Aurion] the uck 19:34:38 - Levy_Zompz_Stark attacked Horse (Templar_Initiate_Aurion) dealing 30 damage 19:34:39 - Horse (Templar_Initiate_Aurion) looted a corpse. 19:34:39 - *LOCAL* [Templar_Initiate_Aurion] the fuck? 19:34:44 - *LOCAL* [Templar_Initiate_Aurion] nice rdm 19:34:53 - *LOCAL* [Templar_Initiate_Aurion] no lol 19:35:04 - *PLAYER* [Knights Templar] [Templar_Initiate_Aurion] Getting RDMed by Starks. 19:35:05 - Templar_Initiate_Aurion looted a corpse. 19:35:12 - *LOCAL* [Ftm_GiwrgosK7_Stark] INIT I HALTEDT U 19:35:18 - *LOCAL* [Templar_Initiate_Aurion] what the fuck is init 19:35:26 - Prince_Danisuper_Mormont attacked Templar_Initiate_Aurion dealing 6 damage 19:35:42 - Ftm_Pupilo_Mormont attacked Templar_Initiate_Aurion dealing 80 damage 19:35:42 - Ftm_Pupilo_Mormont <img=ico_blunt> Templar_Initiate_Aurio Giwrgos is a 13yr Greek who struggles with English and basic comprehension of the rules. Stereotypical Stark I guess. I don't see any reason to ban him for his first offense. He tried to follow the rules but didn't understand Init was enough, again due to his lack of English. I would suggest a full refund be transferred as well as a warning and we leave it at that.
  8. Oh ye, for some reason I read that as you continued to harass him He was on last chance so perm'd
  9. Turns out it's actually Wotsit who is currently banned. He has been banned.
  10. 11:45:02 - [Lord_RaVe_Lorraine] declaring on glovers reason uzbekistani fags . 11:47:27 - Player Parviz_Borg (GUID: 426993) has left the server. 11:47:27 - <img=ico_headshot> Parviz_Borg 11:47:35 - [Lord_RaVe_Lorraine] clog 11:48:01 - [Lord_RaVe_Lorraine] yes cuz i was there to cap As Tommy said he could of been anywhere in the map. And without evidence to show he was in the actual fighting zone then we can't do anything about it. Thats why evidence is so important in complaints. Thank you anyway.