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  1. Lag

    Using Roy's NA server to test some stuff (who cares about NA), will unlock when/if there is any change in the situation.
  2. Lag

    Concerning the dedicated server. I will likely take it down on sunday evening and have a fiddle about with it, see if that improves it. If not, can always switch hosts. As for the website. I am pretty sure that is just due to load, as the memory is nearly always maxed out at 2GB. Is that really an issue though? Only seems to happen infrequently. P.S: For clarification, the server has been the same and unchanged since January the 3rd/4th.
  3. The point of the shop is to offer some stuff which isn't available on most maps to everyone and give people an incentive to donate. Also allows us to restrict how much plate etc can be in circulation. It won't be used to replace ingame armouries. That said, I might add non combat items, and maybe something like a khergit bow, if I can be bothered. But adding morning stars, maces and armour available on virtually every map seems counter productive,
  4. But if the forced spawn ever got removed we would have to readd the rule. You can't seriously expect that amount of work to be done by the admin team?!
  5. William banned for playing on another server
  6. It's not a random warning point. If you have multiple people reiterating the same points the complaint turns into a clusterfuck and noone wants to touch it. Only post on complaints if you have additional information pertaining to the complaint itself. If you think he was indeed randomed he can make a seperate complaint. Randoming also doesn't excuste combatlogging.
  7. Then I'd kill myself after 1 minute of being ingame. Ingame money, not real money. And would be 1 off, like maybe if you specialize as a smith you can buy 50% reduced crafting time on your character for x gold.
  8. Gunzo stop being a mong. Locked.
  9. Behave you numpties, perfectly reasonable idea to load multiple mods at once.
  10. *sniff* *sniff*
  11. Where exactly is the fun in changing your colour to be the same as the enemy's faction?
  12. Actually BT told him to make, haha rekt
  13. Why should we accept someone who knows nothing? Grandpa out.
  14. Rowan testing his new weapon of (m)ass destruction
  15. Good old days