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Complaint Rules

In an effort to stop the rise in flame posts and the derailing of topics, the staff team has decided to make things a little easier for you to understand.

This is regarding player complaints and admin complaints. However some rules will also apply to other threads but that is to be discussed at a later date.

⦁ Keep to the templates provided.
⦁ Do not derail topics or threads, keep them to what they were created for.
⦁ If you are not part of the complaint, don't reply or comment.
Insulting other players in complaints is strictly prohibited. Posts found to have insults in will be deleted and be ignored by admins solving the complaint, whether they contain a valid point or not. As a result, any defense you make within the post will be ignored and you may be punished as a result.
⦁ If you aren't going to post anything constructive towards the complaint then don't comment at all.
⦁ Keep to your own complaints, don't go interfering in others.

The rest is more or less common sense but it can be added if needs be.

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