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  2. Footmom of Lorraines? Shit man congrats on the promotion. Also did you read what I've been saying on this complaint? Or fart out whatever convoluted word vomit comes with having only a basic understanding of the English language?
  3. The fact you won't even respond to any of the points I've made shows you have no argument. You also forget this Complaints may not be made for someone else, make your own complaints. The only exception is if the person making the complaint has been banned on the forums. which is clear in the complaint rules. This complaint is already invalid by default.
  4. Im Ynot. Footmom of Lorraines. You said ''Im gonna look into the NRR part'' so do it.
  5. Again, still being petulant. Didn't respond to any of my points, said you're going to be thing that you railed against in this admin complaint, and starting to grade me on my effort? Who the fuck do you think you are? Fucking joke man.
  6. 2. No Trash-talk during duels (like "ez","rekt" etc.) Nahh.. not joining.
  7. Well now i know what to do when someone is halting, lets have some fun then. Oh, finally you did put some effort in typing atleast.
  8. Today
  9. more cringe (Right I'll stop now)
  10. Cringe!
  11. I have been told @Arno wishes to donate all his bank money!!!
  12. Here is their known history Here is their relevance
  14. Sad but true :) I'd expect more from a person called Manfred Damn didn't know that thanks for remminding me :)
  15. Yesterday
  16. I will donate 1 gold for the almighty German Empire !!
  17. Will a staff member read this and resolve the issue please? And you only have to read Scorpia's first reply since he keeps making the same argument ... but oh wait, now he knows he was wrong so he says it was skirmish/insult. But that wasn't why you locked the post for invalid was it, you said it was common sense to attack someone from a faction because his friend attacks you.
  18. if i was a proper greek , id expect germany to pay for my donation
  19. You sir are a Forum Admin!!!!!!
  20. Lol you are pathetic. Keep repeating that you are innocent, maybe it will make you feel good
  21. That's a lot from a wanna be greek ! just kidding I love you :)
  22. pls no abuse pls manfred pls
  23. nu board for yu eksdededede jk
  24. Gib board plis so good server
  25. What I said is exactly what happens in a skirmish. You attack the threats. Tyget broke no rules, even if the kill reason wasn't a skirmish Imry gave him a kill reason by insulting Beethoven. In many cases players start skirmishes because they see faction members come down and almost always it's to fight. It is a fighting game. The logs show no damage was dealt in less than 30s before you attacked Tyget, in my book that shows that the skirmish is on going. This is the last time I'm going to say this and the last I'm going to post. The skirmish at your castle Mount Hellstone was on going. By matching the feed on the video with the logs, it shows no one dealt damage for under 30 seconds. You and Imry walked down during these 30s/1min in the direction of the people that attacked, you then attacked. A skirmish does not end in mere seconds. And for argument sake say it wasn't a skirmish, Imry insulted Beethoven Lannister granting Tyget Lannister a kill reason. So please will you for the love of God get that in your brain, don't know how many times I have to repeat it.
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