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  3. Yeah agree with this. I still suggest that the sell horse code is the issue.
  4. It's normally if you dismount a horse and give it to someone else then you cant buy that same type of horse probably because it thinks you're trying to sell it, not 100% sure. Spamming F and walking around it normally fixes it anyway.
  5. You just can't buy the horse. I think it is something to do with dismounting. I would look at the code for selling horses. My feeling is that the system is trying to sell a horse, that either someone else is on or doesn't exist.
  6. Describe the horse bug
  7. I mean they can look it up in seconds... but cool.
  8. couldnt agree more lol
  9. Yep, I know that now. Didn't know that then. Tbh I would still remove it and force confirmation on the suicide. There is currently no way to stop suicide and it take 15 seconds before you get killed. It's not as if a double click is going to get in the way of a "quick" suicide.
  10. It is used in suicide too.
  11. Sir Addam can you add a hidden sergeant for outlaws like it was for commoners on Great Divide? i beg
  12. well, a master Smith is not a master if he doesnt know the recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no to gaggle of glue sniffers assistance on pw!!!1!!1!1!1!
  13. I am not offended man
  14. Dont be ofended but i dont really pay attention to the rest of the forum. When an idea pops up about the new mod i'm coming here. Of course this suggestion is about mapping but not only. And as said before, i recently saw polls about clan's sizes, i saw discussions about it too. Sorry if its the wrong place anyway! RP never killed anyone and could bring more players to your mod and i'm not talking about hardcore one, its just about mapping. Sadly, most of the castles looks like the same (Not esthetically ofc). Always the same kind of sieges, Nothing is new........ And tell those wooden PC boys to upgrade!!!!!!!!!! Sorry again if it offends you, i know you put time & effort in the creation of your map.
  15. When you fail to craft something it tells you "You do not have the right resources", this isn't very descriptive. It should tell you what items you are missing, maybe printing it in chat or something. I know this makes the recipe books useless but who the fuck used them anyway. Plus we have loppen anyway, so not as if people can't just look it up. Consult with the roleplay guys as well, I am not sure what they will want. They may want to be able to disable this.
  16. The main reason I personally never attempt anything like the capital on VoS is because it simply requires too many props. Tunnels mean that you need to make several layers, you need to use rock props, arabian_ground props, house props and all of that on top of your sewers so that people can't see them and fall in and all that. There's also the whole ''ninjacapping'' thing. On VoS you could enter the main keep without any ladders, fun for the RP nerds back in the day, but I doubt clans now a days would be happy if someone just sneaked in the back like that. Town watch is also useless, it will only be abused (it even got abused on VoS) and it's a waste of props. Anyway, this is a scene suggestion and not a mod suggestion, but I believe you're aware of that
  17. N'Kulus were born on the VoS! WE WANT VoS!
  18. It really would be cool, like back in VoS days with TW and shit Edit: When clans were smaller and more and there were less toxics and people had some common sense and wars lasted more than 5 mins and more than once a day..good times
  19. Well, i did see some polls, some arguing about the "size" of clans. If you make that kind of castle that regroup the best weapons/armors the big factions will want to take it because of his ressources. The alpha clan will have more difficulty to defend it, he will have to split forces and wont be able to do much. Its a way to balance forces in my opinion.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Well ninjacappers are cancerous and should be exterminated. Main points of the mod, at least for me, are proper sieges, field battles, some serfing done etc. We dont need some RP cities or anything like that. These maps could be made specially for RP servers, not this one
  22. Clan Name: Sangmeme Banner Description&Details: I need our cancer to spread to the new mod, the image size might not be correct as the most recent version was made for c-rpg. Banner Image (Optional):
  23. when the mod goes live is the PW server gonna go down?
  24. Feature Name: The mapping of castle/villages Detailed description of your suggested feature: I dont really know if its the place to but as the new mod is taking place; I know you put a lot of efforts & time into the creation of maps. But, i rarely saw since i play a castle/village made like New Zendar on VoS; The city has sewers, some Streets, a village, a shop, a port & even a town Watch. Its in fact a large castle for large factions and it does recquires a specific attention to defend it well against ninja cappers or sewers raid. Please make that happen by implementing more castles like this one! Thanks in advance for reading
  25. pls custom berserker things
  26. Last week
  27. Sorry i tought i did not post it, i went on the forums and had no notifications and the post was gone lol. But still, would be nice to see some modifications on that level.
  28. Still can't add the water. Since your last post I don't think international copyright law has changed.
  29. Feature Name: Upgrade the seas & rivers Detailed description of your suggested feature: By upgrading i mean, add 1 or 2 more ships; add more things to do with ships; add the water from viking's conquest. Maybe add a balista on ships; powered by wooden pole made by smiths.. In general, it would be nice to see some changes, pirates gameplay are really nice but its hard cause Nothing to do.
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