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  4. Anyway, I'm going to lock this topic until a decision is made. Both sides have said their arguments and things are only going to get repeated more or go off topic from here.
  5. No Meli fuck you you lazy little scrub you should read the fucking names because you'd defintely be able to tell who is who in this
  6. Oh please, you realize how ridiculous that is. So in the absolute chaos that was that courtyard and the innumerable amounts of people that are running around me, I am supposed to read somebodies name (when I can't even read the names of the people right next to me) and deduce if they are an enemy or a friend in less than five seconds before they're close enough to attack me? And what if they're a pub? There were tons of pubs in the Whiterun faction and a decent amount in our fac, and when you changed banners they were indistinguishable from the rest of you.
  7. OK, glad to see we agree on some core issues xD As for "peacetime only", it did slip out of my mind while replying, but even so, I still disagree with your proposal. First, in my personal opinion, more inventive solutions to conjure up a quick TDM can be found. Maybe some small arenas on the map with NPC healers to whom you can pay a fee for heals, for example. Maybe sign into an arena, get some training gear and have some arena respawns once you lose a duel. Elaborating arena gameplay could provide a new mod experience... Other forms of peacetime TDM, like skirmishing and raiding, should IMHO remain subject to the strategic considerations I mentioned before... Secondly, it seems exploitable to have a clan very quickly healed up before a war. And finally, it gives the players the option to avoid doctors entirely during peacetime, since they might decide a quick trip to the graveyard is a faster and cheaper way. This would severely decrease the utility of the entire class during most of the in-game time. Doctors would become even harder to be found...
  8. It was looked at, but as far as spectating is concerned everyone is in the same faction unless I am mistaken.
  9. I do believe you didn't read the suggestion properly tho I want full hp during peace time only, so everything you say about organisation etc during war remains (rightfully so, I agree with you there) Its just that many people want that TDM as you call it during peace without too much hustle. Being able to look for fights right away, instead of doctors first. Doctors still play a big part tho, because after fights (peacetime) and during wars people will still need heals
  10. From my personal experience (over the last two years), most interactions between non-clan doctors and groups of two or more clan members (i.e. most players) usually goes along the lines of "Doc, Halt! Heal or Die!". My snappish reply is mostly due to witnessing such interactions. If I've been unlucky enough to witness a disproportionate number of such encounters, please correct me... As for balance during skirmishes/wars, I think the issue here might be different interpretations of balance. In my opinion, assuring accessibility to healing during times of conflict is a basic step all clan leaders should plan for and undertake. Any strategic inconveniences the clan suffers due to neglecting this is, IMHO, none other the result of poor planing... Whether they recruit doctors for their clan or establish friendly relations with roaming doctors, it's their decision to make. From my point of view, your proposal will remove a feature of PW which helps PW differentiate itself from Native, by removing a layer to clan strategy and making it easier for gameplay to regress into a mere Team Deathmatch... I personally don't think playing as a doctor is fun, but I like playing in a server where I know other players do like playing as Doctors and that I can interact with them when I'm in need. Sure, spawning with full HP is a faster way of returning to battle, but it removes the option of a potential interaction with another player. And the collection of all these little interactions is what makes this mod really a Persistant World.
  11. maybe you should just learn to read and see that they dont have Lannister / Whiterun tags???
  12. I was a maester for the siege and I died twice because somebody who I thought was a Lannister/Whiterun came up and smacked me while I was healing (not to mention the Lannisters around me didn't kill the naked because they didn't notice in time that he wasn't one of us). I also remember healing somebody capping and a naked ran up and killed the capper because other Lannisters and Whiteruns thought he was one of our newspawns and, again, did not kill him.
  13. And once again you try the ''what if you did it'' Well, we don't do it. And if in an imaginary world we would, then you would be in your right to complain about it. I don't know if the admin team would take it serious, but I think they would - given that they seem to take it serious from my side aswell
  14. if we lost for a similar reason (it wasn't why you lost, you lost because you did badly and it was your own fault) but lets say we (NSE etc) tried sieging you and you changed the banner near the end and we accused that of being why we lost and took it to the website we'd be rightfully roasted off the website by everyone and not taken seriously
  15. Omg For the last time I know it happened before, but not on this scale, while people were fighting. That never happened. Please stop bringing it up Hopefully that will clarify it, I am literally getting annoyed at this point. Can you please please please just read what I write
  16. Literally nobody said anything about it even though it happened alot said that iit happens often yourself
  17. Then we wouldn't have been affected by it, thus the topic would've unlikely been made. Shorty, I see what you're trying, but can you please cut the hypocrisy? Clan leaders have complained once affected themselves for years, being a scener I know all about it - it's simply how people work and I work the same way. It's not an argument, so I'd appreciate if you'd stop bringing it up. Only brought up because it hadn't happened on this scale before during war. Also, witchhunting? Am I trying to get people banned? Why do you feel so personally attacked? I never claimed Jelkala to be insane - try quoting me on that - I just said that it is definetly not a weak castle, especially with 70 people holding it. For that matter, barely any castle is shit with that many people holding it, but that is not the discussion here
  18. So if the lannisters hadn't lost this topic wouldnt be taken seriously?
  19. i already did saying that it's been in the game for ages and it's only being brought up now after years of PW it's clearly not enough of a problem and just looks like witchhunting lmao, no matter how much you try and claim jelkala is an insane castle but no one is wanting to take it xddxdxddxdd
  20. Happened more than once - no one said anything but now you are because you lost and it is unacceptable for the mighty house lannister to lose a siege so they must find any excuse possible. What if you want to cap with a different colour banner and dont want to buy a new one. Or is that abusing a flawed feature too.
  21. Would I have made the topic? Unlikely, that isn't even a valid argument, that would hardly make sense. That is how most issues get addressed, the people affected complain, not those who do it... However, would I have been against it had any of you lot made it? No, because I would be the biggest hypocrite in PW's existence and I genuinly think it's a simple change to a relatively small issue that was only made big because you lot seem to find it quite necessary to be able to use such tricks.
  22. I'll repeat what I said before; would the Lannisters be complaining if they had won the war earlier? x dddddddddddddd
  23. Same spawn size but the spawn is all the way at the back (further than the actual bannerpoint) forcing the attackers not to break the defenders once, but twice, making it practically impossible to hold given that you had 70 people, not to mention the spawn being relatively close to the bannerpoint which means that not having controll makes capping impossible, unlike Laszlo, where you can hold the gatehouse inbetween. Honestly, I made this map, you don't have to try and school me about the strenghts and weaknesses. Instead, why don't you try to tackle the actual arguments I have given? It's abusing a flawed feature which was clearly designed to tell players apart. Hence the option to show the faction name underneath, however, this can not be read during a large scale war. Armour does not do the job as there is not enough diversity and we can not all wear heraldic armour at the same time, atleast, that'd be boring and would require a lot more work than an extra line in the ruleset It's unnecessary and will not be deemed as ''banter'' by all people involved when done Adding one simple line to the ruleset will prevent it from ever happening again, given that the sentence covers the problem properly and does not create new problems It only happened once, but by adding this rule we simply prevent it from happening again. If it doesn't happen often, people won't miss it, no? Like, truely, try to counter them without making jokes, just to see where we get. Because honestly, Ragnosos, I have not seen you give any serious responces to the arguments given since you started posting.
  24. Seriously Dekkers. If you had still won or you had done this to us would your opinion stand the same??
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