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  2. yeah but Im here to wipe peoples banks
  3. If you mean the "hold c" and "drop armor" it was in global to a guy that asked how to drop armor i think, don't clearly remember but it was not to attilla.
  4. When a naked serf accidentally gives you a technical kill reason
  5. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Not_Autistic_Seal The person(s) you are reporting: Arborean_Mischief The time stamp; date of the incident (in GMT+1, anything else will be ignored completely): 12:16 - 12:19 What you are reporting them for: RDM The full story: I was in sargoth looking for serf pole to join plebhorde then arborean mischief killed me when i was training because he had war with pleb's but i was in commoners all the time Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example): Logs Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: no
  6. Without Ranged Class, i cant rage about Archerspam so No
  7. being specific means you don't lose gear
  8. I have 1 guild only and when my ban is open ?
  9. People who vote no probably gag themselves while brushing their teeth.
  10. @macapaca @Coen As you've already defended yourself with and I do not see any reason to let this complaint stay open any longer. macahildr is banned two days for RDM. Coen_is_Ninja is banned three days for RDM and illegal imprisonment. ~Ted
  11. And even when typing just 'die' you failed, because we did in fact sail away. I wonder what your definition of autistic is though.
  12. Today
  13. I didn't talk to him and it's obvious if you look at the rest of the chat I had an argument with another guy, I didn't say a word to him :-)
  14. *Disclaimer* The time is not exact, as I wasn't planning on making a complaint so I didn't write it down. This happened during the last 20 minutes(around that) of my last log out or my last death for the date 18/02/2017. If you do not wish to search this up I can happily receive the logs from the time of 3-6pm on the 18/02/2017 and pin point the exact start to finish. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: MachineGunIt The admin(s) you are reporting also include whether they are forum staff, Game Admin or a Head Admin: Hagaron (In game admin) The time and date of the incident (in GMT+0, anything else will be ignored completely): 18/02/2017 from 3-6 pm (minutes before my last log out yesterday. Sorry for not being specific) If I receive the logs for that time I can happily find out exactly where everything is, and help you out! What you claim the admin has done: Turned a blind eye against an RDMER. The full story: Admin turning a blind eye to multiple rdm: Hagaron arrives to the scene, the guy who rdm me claims we (my friend and I) rdmed him, he apparently shows screenshots to Hagaron (they didn't exchange steam names, they were already friends) couple of minutes later Hagaron says my friend rdmed him, ok fine, but blames me even though I didn't touch him (logs will show *or not as i didnt touch him aha*) This shows Hagaron did not look through the logs. Hagaron says he is going to ban me for 2 days (i say gr8 mate but let me report him first). We were in the shop at the time and THREE people including myself were attempting to file a report on the guy. (My friend, another guy, and myself). the RDMER began to punch the naked guy trying to file a report against him and killed him, Hagaron turned a blind eye and simply said "stop fighting" (Logs will show). Naked guy comes back, begins to get rdmed *again* and so I tell him to say help, he says help and so I killed the rdmer. His friend then comes seconds later and shoots me with a crossbow, even though the RDMER did *NOT* say help, because he was dead lol. I died in front of Hagaron. I come back, and Hagaron bans my friend permanently (as he was the one who rdmed the rdmer, not me), and tells him to appeal on the forums. I talk to Hagaron and asked him to look at the logs where the guy RDMs us multiple times. He said something along the lines of "I couldn't find any logs of him rdming 'you people'". I think I asked to speak to another admin. he said there wasn't any other admins online. Ok. He left, I was halted by the two guys who rdmed me after he left and was *fairly* killed this time. This was my last death on that day and before i logged off I said "i stayed online for long enough for you to ban me, so don't ban me forever after i log and claim "ban dodging"" *The story of me getting rdmed* Not relevant but in case you want to read. A guy (who's name I don't remember because I am new, but it ended with [GS] began to RDM commoners, I witnessed him RDM 2 commoners. He and his friend then rdmed me, even though they were commoners and he didn't say "help" (even though he was rdming me). I went back to get my armour, and I remember the STARKS were taking over the Rangers guild (orange faction) at this EXACT time (this is important as logs will show him attacking me not long after starks declared) As I rode with the starks towards the rangers guild (i had to cross that same bridge to get to my shop where i was rdmed) I noticed the player who originally rdmed, he began to follow me, I killed his horse in self defence, (he didn't halt me or anything, Ik the rules), he killed mine, then killed me again. I left my spawn in Nordheim and he enters nordheim. He attempts to shoot me but I matrix dodge it and we fight again. I die - AGAIN. He was then killed in the castle (nordheim) for trying to steal the chest (I assume). I pick up some armour from the war, and make my way towards the shop (crossing that long bridge again) player finds me with his friend, RDMs me, then they RDM a stark, who was in a war with the lorraines. Then I come back, cross the bridge, same guy began rdming someone else, he attempts to hit me as i ride pass him so i killed him, he then comes to the shop, wee tell him to leave, he doesn't leave as the gate wasn't opened properly (I didn't know) so my friend killed him. He contacts admin Hagaron and he comes instantly (never seen an admin get to a place so fast even though I made multiple reports minutes before) Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example): All this happened during/after the war beetween the Mormont/Starks and the Lorraines at around 3-6pm.
  15. oh yeah, another dishonourable little shit has been cleansed from phoenix
  16. Come on, its ridiculus to remove ranged classes cause many people will leave pw and the defences will be more weak. You just need to put a specific number of how many will train ranged classes. Cause with 90 people in a faction and 50 archers is crazy....
  17. mfw when retards actually think the thread is serious and offer up 10 pages of useless replies memed
  18. It is clear now that your halt was illegal. Thx for providing proof. Also on the screenshot you posted you can clearly see that we are to far away to see your message.
  19. Pascal, they were shooting each others horses but probably got them mixed up I was in the ts and they were just having fun between friends, if your horse did get shot I will refund for them as we were all messing around.
  20. Ah ok, that's what I missed, sry. I wasn't there yesterday or whenever this was so I didn't know. Ty for info.
  21. Removing archers in my opinion would do 2 major things 1. It would cause many players to not be able to play pw anymore, some are not very good at melee and are amazing at archery, and some have such high pings. 2. It would ruin a major aspect of the game, if you had to siege 90 sergeant it would be a mass blob at the gate. Ladders would be impossible to use because all those archers are now sergeants with axes ready to form a killbox so the only way in is through the gate. A better solution is to limit the amount of archers a faction can have is 1/4 or 1/5 of their faction as archer, for example yesterdays siege which was pretty fun we had 18-19 archers in a 90 man faction, it may have seemed like there were many because they were spread out, so limiting it I feel would work better. Or just make there limited arrow stocks so players have to craft arrows up before a siege. I really don't get why people get so angry over what happens in pw, its a game and a fun game at that, but the salt that happens after anything major really needs to stop. Some people cry over lost tincan and blame archer spam, the economy is ruined (in a sense) as people have so much gold so if you are worried about losing tincan then just go mine some silver or gold at night and then you have an endless supply of silver. And recently PW looks like it is coming back strong, the pleb faction has its own steam page and they call banners with it, the server was full yesterday with many more people queueing to get in, there is a 3rd major faction (Templars) and I know that some other smaller factions recruited 70 people in 4 days, So If we don't stop being so toxic to each other the game would be so much better. A bit of clan rivalry is fine and a bit of salt is natural but the amount recently is killing pw.
  22. @macapaca One more pointless "macapaca" on this thread will get you muted. I'll gather the logs after breakfast.
  23. Sounds reasonable. @Albaraa
  24. Your in-game name when you were banned:Levy_Anabel_StormSword Your GUID (not required): Why you think you were banned:For RDM Why you should be unbanned:Because one of the admins told me to create new topic after 1 week, so im creating this one now. and i think im not gonna rdm more, ill try anyway Any other information that might be useful:i'm really good guy
  25. The logs dont show the movement of players themselves. These 2 Waraegers were halted when NO hostiles were there AT ALL, and there was a certain amount of time that has passed since their last encounter. The thing is that when Plebs did come - it was already in the fight with us, that fight was pretty long, if you ask me. I had no clue of the fact that Plebs will be there somehow and for me personally that wasnt an advantage in the fight. Why do I think it was a legal halt? - No hostiles around, certain amount of time has passed since the fight (+ they had even a lot of time teling me there that its illegal, while it is not.).
  26. As i said snab put a gun to my head and told me to do it ;c anyway yesterdays war was fun i lost no gear and have no reason to be salty And hey i even gained a 50k money bag. hehe.
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