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  2. How long ago was this? Can't say I've seen you in-game aside from in the last week or two...
  3. And hey even if so, mister @Monsnic is even more RETARDED in his grammar. Actually hes just a fucking r.etard
  4. Well then ur RETARDED
  5. You guys are AUTISTIC then, also you STILL haven't unbolded the answers??? really...
  6. Can we get red ones too?
  7. Apparently so..
  8. am I the only one being able to see his RETARDED way of typing?!??!?!?
  9. Hes actually from UK you fucking glue sniffer xddd
  10. 1. Why so much aggression? 2. I am from England, I can assure you. 3. " you write your sentences in such a wierd way." Could you give an example so I could maybe improve?
  11. You're not from England with that retarded way of writing, my English is better than yours, and you're supposed to be from the UK? After looking at your application again, I don't know what the fuck to say, you write your sentences in such a wierd way. Put more effort in and make an application in a month, you would probably be accepted. (If this doesn't get accepted of course) prick
  12. I've been playing Pheonix since I first got the game as that was what my friends told me to get the game for..
  13. I'd recommend gaining some more experience with this particular community before applying for such a prestigious position in it. Not to say you don't have the capability to be a good admin, but your lack of experience in and around Phoenix is probably a hindrance rather than an advantage.
  14. 1 minute is not nearly enough time
  15. It says on your steam that you are from Russia ?
  16. I am.
  17. Are you born in England?
  18. England.
  19. Where are you from?
  20. Oh yeah you right that doesn't make sense. oops Edit: fixed the typo .D
  21. The problem is that you don’t seem to have put sufficient effort into your application. Well you don’t spell the words wrong but see something wrong here ? “ I am an active play before, during and after prime time.” AN ACTIVE PLAY?
  22. Pending. From now on involved community members have 24 hours to provide any additional evidence or hints that could be useful to the admin. Refrain from posting unless you add newly found evidence or a reasonable defence towards the complaint itself if you are the accused player. If you fail to follow the complaint rules admins reserve the right to give out warning points accordingly. [automated message]
  23. Hello, I will leave this here and wait for a response.
  24. I mean we have straw hat but nothing else to deal with
  25. Today
  26. Solved & moved. The complaint was solved by the admin and his verdict is the final judgement. If you have evidence that the verdict was given upon wrong proof, you may dispute the verdict by posting a ban appeal, message the admin on the forum or posting an admin complaint in this order. If you feel you were handled unfairly without valid evidence you cannot dispute the verdict. [automated message]
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