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  2. When and where? First time its for free
  3. You got me i would love to eat you out
  4. ????? Excuse me??????? It has been proven that ppl from sudetenland are more german than slavic so eat my ass. I know you would like to do it ))
  5. You are a slav as well.....
  6. This is just a request, is it possible to use the older version of the map where Iron Abbey was a castle? I really miss that castle :(
  7. Yesterday
  8. bullied people bully others
  9. That's cyberbullying
  10. @Scorpia
  11. 5euro and you get a sucky from @ggikec?
  12. Phoenix pushed a clarification about the ToS over the use of maps. While dealing with that TW then announced they were going to clamp down on donations too, or should I say actually enforce the policy that was already there.
  13. I have more evidence of this madness. Him having 186 rep this week. Only having 68 in total WTF. This is a clear attempt to lower his popularity by the evil ted.
  14. Well, I didn't in the first place and put him on the moderated list, but the public pressure is with ggikec here
  15. Wtf even is this? ggikec is a person with shit on his stick that doesn't deserve anything, and you lot keep feeding him. Ted being a massive cocksucker to gain likes aswell. Is this realy what Phoenix turned into? A fucking shitfest of fashion conscious individuals trying to get likes out of every bullshit?
  16. Omg everything makes sense now But.... he ahs a lot of money in his bank I call it, it's the Jews trying to take over Phoenix again
  17. If you were paying attention you would know he keeps getting RDMd before he can make his money!!!
  18. I think he gives it to his savior michael
  19. What does he do with all the money anyways He's mining and mining and mining but never stops to spend the riches
  20. Ggikec asked me to mine silver with him when he was on a pub tag! I shouldnt have refused his honourable request
  21. Justice for our lord and saviour ggikec!
  22. im afraid when it comes between sexuality and God, i'm going to have to follow the light of ggikec. ban ted now!
  23. IN MY DEFENCE The complaint actually was invalid, so I was very generous when I refunded him his 0 gold
  24. You ask the wrong ppl about this Ellis
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