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  3. accepted in my head can lock this thread
  4. Yeah, tho still it is just stupid demands that i see no real point of making. (as show pouch actly do something)
  5. I mean these demands are easy to execute. For instance, you could still argue that if you demand someone to toggle his helmet while being halted, he is easier to kill in case he runs off or attacks you. Also almost everything(that is allowed of course) that stops the player from asking for help in faction chat seems reasonable, like telling someone to rear his horse.
  6. Just like showing someone your pouch, they are simple demands which can be followed
  7. Just a quick question. Is it anything logical to demand: Rear horse and toggle helmet? Other then kill baiting?
  8. More people to gas, also there is no House Bolton if you mean the old ones they have renamed to House Greyjoy.
  9. Clan's still going? I'd like to join. My English is bad but I hope it won't be a problem. (^^,)
  10. Was a cool event, enjoyed the siege, shame I missed the fieldbattle.
  11. Last week
  12. We have taken that castle by ourselves before, you keep mentioning us attacking you while outnumbered on every thread as it was an achievement but you forget you outnumbered us while we were attacking.
  13. Ez, HighGarden is shit against 1 proper cav push as keep and first gate is useless. Oh did i forget to mention it is spaniard proof? (Unless helped by the lannis, no offence)
  14. Don't edit my post cunt
  15. ALL Greyjoys stop posting on this thread you give me enough autism ingame don't want it on my own thread, carry on and you will see the punishment.
  16. only mistake is faith being an eventadmin fiks plis
  17. Overall the event went well. We had to fill up the server quickly, in order to not lose our spots and grayjoys didn't join in order to not loose stuff. Maybe if it was on a separate events server they would turn up?
  18. We weren't meant to be the ones seiging, You guys weren't coming to seige us, so we made it happen. You can't be upset at us wanting something to happen. Instead of wasting everyone's time. As for the field battle, it was even numbers - maybe you guys had a few more.
  19. How exactly did the sellswords have any major effect on that battle when i had 5 kills , markboy had 5 kills,chinkilla had 4 kills and the rest of the lannie cav had atleast 2 kills each, the sellswords had 7 kills between the 10 of them. You also outnumbered us. Also did you honestly expect us to atack a castle with 75 people in it with equal numbers? I was one of the people extremely hesetant about siegeing you but how you managed to fall apart so easly is beyond me. Any castle can be held with 75 people, hell it can be done even if the 75 people are pubies.
  20. The event took a long time to prepare for both the fieldbattle and the siege There was a clear bad balance in the team, sellwords were unnecessary. Changing the siege to HighGarden was a shit, and more sending the pleb to the lannister faction knowing how good the lannis are and their coordination being only 1 clan in the faction. Maybe without 15 sellwords chargers in the fieldbattle would have been better but that does not remove how well the Lannisters played. Fieldbattle: 7/10 Siege: 3/10 Name: CI_Abanderado_Aitorfema
  21. Only 3 cavs tincan (1 plate) push out, and as u can hear in my video if u want, the captain order is push, not leave the castle.
  22. If they are cowards WHy shouldnt they allowed to leave?
  23. Saw tons of CI Leaving the besieged castle with Tincans, even plate. as far i know you weren't allowed to leave the castle as defender am i right?
  24. I mean we sieged you 32 va 35 the first time and 42 vs 47 the second, Weezy has a video where you can check Im right. Attacking while being less is hard. Do you remember the fieldbattle? Where you were 54 and tried to surround us with the Milans while we were 30 and you still lost onoy killing 3 of us.
  25. Only mistake I saw was the confusion over when to come back, so maybe announce it more clearly other than that it seemed all gud to me
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