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  2. Your in-game name when you were banned: Essox Real Name NIXSIX Your GUID (not required): Dont know Why you think you were banned: Because admins are believed I glitch money Why you should be unbanned: Because I do not do anything illegal Any other information that might be useful: I used second account warband as a bank because there is a limit of bank in the server. Counting is my second count warband my real name is NIXSIX in this account in game i have 3 m on pouch and for that the admins believed its glitch money Sorry for me engish =(
  3. I know this is a really silly thing, but my engagement was not in anyway aimed to aid the outlaw, for a fact I did not even realise he was there. The stiuation was hostile, and as far as I can recall from my side, Branok made a demand to open the gates. BUT in the heat of moment I missread that as a valid demand, and since Montibel was our fac castle at the time his demand to open the gates caused me to react. Since a demand directed towards you or "your property" is a killreason, right? They also attacked Vala, my faction member, who I was riding beside from Vorn to Monti, since I never died nor vala and they continued the hostility on us, I suppose that gives us a killreason? Since Vala was a member of my faction, and faction members can help eachother? Please do enlight me if I am wrong.
  4. Poor Jammeh got overpolled.
  5. I refunded him anyways, it's sorted. I think @Ted forgot to lock it
  6. I just woke up, and need to read this trough thoroughly, and get some coffee. Reply will come later on.
  7. Hard to really see the whole story when you've posted only one player's part of the logs, which you shouldn't be doing for a complaint on you btw :P I'm just going off what's been said. From the looks of things though Ancient was explaining the situation to you and then attacked Eve in the middle of explaining. That would've been my signal to assume he no longer needs my help and can take whatever he needs to the forums. If it was Eve who made the complaint though then I could see the issue.
  8. There was an actual complaint on me on the old Phoenix forum exactly like this one. Someone was near our money chest and turned around and kept randomly swinging near me, then when I attacked (not even killed him, he killed me) he reported me and demanded a refund. I didn't have evidence but it was the same scenario as yours, where he asked if I had evidence of him aiming at me which I would class as evidence enough. In all honesty though, the rant is a wee bit pointless since the mod has gotten to that stage where such pettiness has become the norm. Admittedly I did take this cunt of a mod pretty seriously at one point. I've had rules broken on me so many times since coming back which I would've otherwise reported but just chose not to. I do find myself having more fun getting on with it and sorting it out myself. The second you do start taking this mod seriously is the second you should probably sit and reflect for a little bit. We're all still pieces of shit who should get our lives together though either way. xoxoxo
  9. Since i was just starting with mining i lost around 8 to 10 nuggets
  10. Today
  11. In our last year we were one of the few clans who appreciated the bigger picture, so no big surprise!!!
  13. Your in-game name when you were banned: Archer_Vader_Stark Your GUID (not required): Why you think you were banned: Because someone told I was combat logg Why you should be unbanned: Because I didn't combat log when I was trying to go towards Jerusalem banner point my electricity went off so I lost connection with my internet and my pc went off but it was about 2 seconds the delay then it came back and then I just joined again the game....I never break the rules of pw and I will never such as combat log Any other information that might be useful: Also I lost connection on ts and other stark heard and saw it...
  14. Well with the flaccid shadow that is the choice of clans now, may as well help the little guy.
  15. 15k refunded out of Kevin's bank. Cheers -Pepsi Solved
  16. Settled the point with Vala on Teamspeak.
  17. @Ted I disagree with your 1 day ban too. Will speak to you on TS about that though fag xoxo
  18. Since it's not me being reported but a minion who RDM'd in my name. Enjoy this collection of Go fuck yourself gifs No. along with a screenshot of me sending 60k blood money to Seymurman.
  19. According to the logs they clearly knew you were in a hostile situation.
  20. When eddard declared there was 3 people on the server in our faction himself & another at the castle while i was in spec. He posted the war reason & i spawned in saw one of them near me & attacked him with seymurman spawning in not far behind. Vala then keked me and seymuman when we respawned we went to attack jeru but our overlord vala kept us at bay and forced us to peace.
  21. vala your horse was wounded & at crawling speed & we was close enough to taunt you in local you knew we was there.
  22. Allow action to take their course? Everything was halted. I was there talking. I wasn't done. If you don't have the patience to wait for me to finish with the complaint, do not make a complaint to me in game. I am not going to allow you to interfere with something I am doing, that's one of the things that irks me. Attacking me or someone I am dealing with during a complaint. I am not triggered. If I was triggered, I wouldn't respond. I am however agitated at these stupid complaints. You are a liar Ancient, and I hope something is done about it. I have already pulled out three lies you have told within this complaint. I pointed out in the logs where he re-joined and joined the faction and then you had a conversation with him while you're also telling me he wasn't even there during my complaint. The logs clearly show him rejoin the game and the faction while you guys were talking in faction chat. He was there during the complaint and before I got there. I didn't take a video, but i saw him. ----------------------- He attacked the person in the complaint. Not some random enemy faction member. You dont attack people I am dealing with. It's the whole point of me standing there with admin armor looking at you to give people a clue we are busy, please wait. I am dealing with you and the person you complained on. It's not fair for you to suddenly attack him and get a cheap shot in and use me as leverage to get an advantage because you want his armor / gear. If you make a complaint you've made the entire issue my business. I am not going to half butt it. Now if you say nvm, or run off, that's fine. Cool. I'm done with it faster. If you don't actually want me to try and solve the complaint, do not ask for me in game to help you on a complaint.
  23. Needs a 'We Hate Vala' shrine.
  24. I can see where both parties are coming from with what they're saying. In the situation though you should've just TP'd away Cappy. If the person who made the report decides to run off/attack someone mid-complaint then you should simply TP away and deal with somebody else in need of assistance. In the scenario described I can understand the heals but in all honesty the situation shouldn't have become what it did and although not compulsory you should've allowed Ancient the opportunity to come and discuss it with you, not just out of common decency but because Bridge Troll has to now get off his ass and solve it. I say Bridge Troll cause Michael is just a meme in the team living the dream. Doing nowt.
  25. The shit hit the fan at Vorne. I escaped to Monti, they probably didn't know that you were trying to kill me. I just told them to let me in
  26. The ignorance is almost humorous at this point. You lack logic. Eve was in spectator not joining. You don't question why we were talking in faction chat not fighting when I was patiently waiting at the spot they logged out? Again regarding 'I reported this' I refer to the rule clarification regarding spelling. This one is more of a miscommunication I understand. As for the comment regarding healing, it's clear you're very triggered by this, another undesirable trait for an admin. The case is simple. As an admin you should allow things to take their course and make the necessary corrections after just as a player should rather than combat log if they think they're being randomed. Eve was not in some haven in a complaint as sometimes players are. They freshly spawned in as we still waiting by their spawn point and as they did we attacked. You interfered unjustly and swayed the result.
  27. i believe it would come under war to disguise RDM we were in the lorraines castle and a few we're breaking chests when Alice logged in with other lorraines and declaring on us to kill everyone inside then not too long afterwards peacing it.
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