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    • I mean. Getting arrow buying points outside of the castle would be intresting to see. Last time it happened (on oasis) both lorraines and starks refused to play on the server tho. But for the sake of this mod we have SO SA Tav that rules this server with iron but fair fist and so he would just wipe Benjamin's bank if he tries moving servers as starks tend to do when they don't get what they want but what can you expect from a clan that is known for constant combatlogging. (I myself am traumatized after witnessing so many levies combatlog and I have signed up for a weekly PTSD therapy)
    • said so by someone with an ARCHER as his signature     SHAMEFUR DISPRAY
    • or you could all stop being a bunch of pussys 
    • Admin meeting 18.02.2017 New regulations regarding the forum As most of the players that get warned on the forum repeatedly don't even care about it, repeated offenders of general forum and complaint section rules will be issued an in-game punishment, consisting of a bank wipe or if nothing else helps, even further punishments.   In addition No more refunds will be accepted from players that are not involved in the complaint itself. While there are special cases this can be allowed, it will be generally denied from now on. A refund is a form of light punishment. If someone else gives it for the one who actually did wrong, it completely fails its purpose. Also there were cases where the actual accused person did not even respond on the complaint itself. While we appreciate that you want to help out others, please no more "...take 200k from my bank. even tho I am not involved...". From now on, please refrain from offering refunds for a complaint you were not involved in.   Suggestions: We'll see if the actual software of the webpage actually allowes this to happen. Nevertheless, complaint rules are absolutely clear. I dare to say that 90% of the complaitns about receiving warningpoints can just be answered with a simple link to the complaint rules. I you want to "rp" with something like that, ask the player beforehand.     I apologise for the lack of recent news, we had other, more important issues lately. They shall now come more often. Kind regards, Bridge Troll
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