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    • Unfortunately there are not so many armors i could use for templars. For Saranid faction its different. Also swords, hammers and other stuff were tipical for templar knights. Scimitars, axes and bows for saracen faction. 70v120 was good balance. Unfortunately spawn time fucked us, we need to implement new spawn times for different factions...somehow.
    • All we need is to implement different spawn times for attackers and defenders, but not sure if its even possible here on pw/pk mod. About doors, we can just add more tp doors there, so its faster. About AoE event, years ago i made it and it was useless with clans. The only clans who supported it were bohemians, reynes, folkessons and idk who else. Map was set up so factions had to farm iron, wood and food to unlock next tiers of equip and other stuff ( 1-4 tiers if im right ). They also had to build their fortress, baricades, walls and towers. Well, if i remember, factions unlocked second tier ( leather armours, light weps ) and started fighting with each other, exactly stopped farming, trying to unlock next tier, or just build up fortress. Ended up like normal pleb war on PK phoenix  ppl are not farming on phoenix server at all cause every day is reset. Why would they do it on event...
    • Why don't we actually have wars on the main server, then everyone is happy 
    • Fix the damn spawns, arabs respawning in their own castle while we have to walk a minimum of 4 min(lets no mention the 2 min wait at door since saxonys are to fucking stupid the understand the principle of a line to go trough a door and insist on making a traffic jam), is just retarded. And dont give me this bs about oh u had more men, its completelly irrelevant how many men u have when the defenders spawn in the damn castle while the atackers have to walk 4 min to get there. Also the ladder points are just so unbalanced, you can literally killbox it with ease since the wall is not broken , there are bastions u cant jump on at both sides, and you can get shot to shit in the back making impossible to get on the wall if the people defending actually corelate the killbox with a group of 5 archers. Is there any chance to give defenders limited lives? The amount of yolo ramboing engeniers was too damn high.   For the next event i suggest 2 identical castles and 2 capturable villages, if you cap the villages u get acsess to higher tier classes  and gear, but then you have to atack. Or even better next sunday lets do a who daily AoE event. The one time we had an AoE event was so damn cool and that was a time when we didnt even have large organised clans. An aoe event would be so much fun with organised clans.
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