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    • You can easily suppress the archers , if you look closer there isnt a wall where the archers can shoot at the gate . So just bring like 5-10 archers by yourself and you can break the gate very easy
    • Muslims only need 1 person to rekt all the vikings, just gib him a bomb and he will run with it into the vikings lines, then it will be an ALLAH AKBAR and gg wp.
    • Even today islam is taking over europe so the ayyubids would defo win
    • Im waiting to see the ladders points but for now... -Nordheim looks pretty interesting but second door has a good damned xfire but should not be a problem if enemy archers find a good stop like the first gate house to supress the archers defending -Jelkala looks a normal castle but i cant see exactly is this is a back gate or whats this https://gyazo.com/625b91f93e9eb48a2157c8c8246e796b anyway looks nice -Richfield is richfield xd -Praven, well, i expected a better castle tbh looks quite shit xd but at least is a cute port xd -Hakrholm... well what can i say, idk where's the spawn but seems OP as fuck, its Shariz 2.0, archer spam is an amazing way to defend this castle and that second keep looks rlly easy to be held -Monti seems a good castle but its not so OP, cant say nothing im waiting to see the ladderspoints -The new castle lokks pretty interesting as well, that ramp seems a funny place for an engage but once again the xfire in the second gate looks so hard, if defenders open that gate and start smacking the enemies while archers are shooting them from the right would be rlly hard to break that gate. The other stuff is rlly cool too but can't say anything more until you add most of the ladder points so good luck and keep going on! You ar doing a great job!
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