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    • Training room of Iron Abbey is closed at server start, please repair it sire
    • Back in Nexus they weren't useless. What would make them useless now?  Also you rarely see any outlaws robbing armour from people, unless its a few clan members with pub tags going around has outlaws robbing armour from people.
    • Outlaws would be useless if everybody could rob armour
    • On the other hand it could actually lead to people buying tin when they log on and selling it again when they log out. Considering they lose money every time they do this, they will eventually run out of money and will have to serf again, which would make the server a bit more populated
    • This is how it´s gonna end up: Clan A gets up early in the morning and caps the main castle of Clan B. Clan A then proceeds to wait for Clan B players to log on in their newly captured Castle and tell them to drop their armor. Making any wars (especially pleb wars) basically useless
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