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    • The map will be on the server tomorrow. It is finally ready to be used and if there are any bugs or suggestions that you want to post please do so here:   
    • Replaced the wooden doors at outlaw camp with portcullis Pigs are now importable in Nordheim, Hakrholm and Richfield Added more gatherable herbs Fixed placement of gloves in all the castles Fixed serf training in Monti Added a ladder to Pordisett Added more ladders to Monti Changed stocks in richfield, replaced some of the armors Added more weps/armor to commoner shop Added cart horse stock and carts to commoner tavern Added more trees to the castles Replaced Monti ramp with a ladder Fixed the gold ore Changed Nordheim innerkeep Added 2 ladders to Monti Added a ladder to Hakr Added an arena 
    • wow finally proud of being polak gj heinz after the maps we gonna conquer admin seats and then we gonna conquer eu_phoenix and we'll rename it to "PL_Phoenix"
    • Commoner tavern: Add an arena with some relevant equipment Add commoner weapons Add commoner armour Add saddle, Sumpter and cart horse stocks Add 1 handcart, 1 horsecart, 2 saddle bags Richfield: Add commoner hats/boots Fix placement of gloves Reduce all stocks by half Gold mine: One of the gold ores is not working. Farm: Add some exportable pigs next to exportable cows to the larger pens Add gatherable herbs In general: There is empty space in some castles try to add something to them, suggestion could be choppable trees
    • there should be more in the collection, theres so many i would like to see (ofcourse apart from the ones you could obtain illegally)
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